1. Martin says

    Guys, I had a big fight with my boyfriend earlier. Really big. He left and here I am all alone waiting for him to return.
    Just woke up from a dream.
    Dreams are good for tricking one to think that everything is either ok, or something else.
    I don’t know what’s going to happen when he gets back, and this is my life.

    Be nice. Be good to others and you will always have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    Now I feel like a fool, but I don’t care.


  2. queenrosered says

    I am sorry Martin.Now I have one more reason to be thankful. I’m thankful I’m not you today.I hope you patch things up. Holidays ARE stressful and the time when a couple is most likely to fight.Take a deep breath. Refrain from making irrational, hurtful statements to your partner. Express your apologies to him in a sincere manner and agree to move on. Good luck and hang in there regardless.

  3. BETTY says

    UFFDA/RICK showing once again he hates everything and has no sense of humor. Will you be thankful for anything today or just sitting in your basement apartment (alone because nobody wants to be around you), in your underwear, eating a cold tv dinner spreading your bitterness around the comment sections of the internet? Sad, really sad.

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