1. MIke says

    So, ObamaCare’s implosion never mentioned, I take it. From what I understand they may vote today to kill it, vulnerable Democrats leading the charge.

    You’d think it would have come up.

  2. Lars says

    Ugh this is such a stupid argument. Chicago-style and NY-style are nothing alike, and are both delicious. Isn’t the world big enough to let two radically different styles peacefully coexist??

    People don’t argue over whether Coke is better than Sprite, despite the fact that both are sweet, fizzy, flavored beverages. Why? Because we recognize them as totally different animals despite both being soft drinks.

    As an aside: it is possible to get decent NY-style in Chicago, while the converse is NOT true. I defy you to find quality Chicago-style in NY. (Don’t you dare bring up that crap Uno’s). As a Chicagoan relegated to NYC for a spell, I find that disparity unfortunate.

  3. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Whenever a political troll posts on Trollroad, a Koch brother’s bank account loses five cents.

    Shut up, ma — I’m making the laundromat money!

  4. Roger says

    Why are we not hearing from insurance companies in response to their decisions to not offer specific coverage post-AFA? Why has this been left to malcontent trolls? Mike, you working within an insurance company PR department?

  5. ny2.0 says

    As a proud NY’er I will admit, the Sears Tower ( yes Sears) is taller. This whole thing of including masts at the top of buildings in the overall height is beyond ridiculous. If they wanted the building at 1776, then build the roof to that height. This decision is purely political.

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