1. Rick says

    Look what the liberal lobby has done. What was once a wholesome place for families to acquire their wares has now given into the perverse and rather obscene desires of gay men and sex-crazed women. The holidays are meant to be a time to cherish your loved ones, not worship the sex organs of masculine men on TV. And just because Kmart used masculine men won’t disguise the root influence on this commercial: insatiable liberal gay men. Shame.

  2. Mike in the Tundra says

    This is longer than the one I saw yesterday. I’m not entirely certain, but I think I saw it during the Ravens and Cubs game. It doesn’t really matter, because I loved it.

  3. Rexford says

    @Rick. The celebration of the Winter Solstice was stolen by the Christians. In forms of Wicca, it represents the return of The Great Horned Hunter God associated with nature, wilderness, hunting, male sexuality, and the life cycle.

  4. Andrew says

    @Rexford. Right on! So many people forget that most of our holidays have pagan roots, stolen by Christians. So much of our collective history predates the previous 2000 years. Pretty sure that Kmart wouldn’t compare their jingle bells (balls) to ancient Winter Solstice rituals but love that you brought it up. Nicely done.

  5. SteveP says

    Better than a Victoria’s Secret commercial! I’ll take the second from the right (blue boxers).

    Can we have a boxer briefs or briefs version? 😀

  6. Fox says

    @SteveP – I’m not sure a guy would be able to swing his bells enough to ring ’em if he were wearing any kind of brief.

  7. Moz's says

    rexford dont forget the gathering of mistletoe via a golden sickle and caught by virgins in white cloth to be divided up amongst clans members in remembrance of baldar (the sun) and the hope of his resurection ( the sun returning from its death during winter)

    happy pagan holidays rick, every bit of your xtian celebration is rooted in paganism

  8. redball says

    after seeing the photo, i was about to excoriate this ad for perpetuating white supremacy and normative whiteness. but after i pressed play, it became clear that, YES!, there is a (fine-azz) black man in there and–even more!–he had the LEAD ROLE.

    pretty damn nice, kmart.

    he coulda been darker or had a darker black man up there with him. that would’ve made it even better.

    oh, and throw in at least 3 of the following next time instead of all those whities: an asian, indian, native american, and latino.

    i wanna see the f.ckin united colors of benetton up in this bytch, the full colorful diversity of the human race. YES, GAWD!

  9. Jack M says

    I think it’s funny. Guess Rick doesn’t have the balls to make any kind of sound at all, that’s why he has to post on here.

  10. AJ says

    I actually thought it was stupid. But I can hear the clacking of OMM clutching their pearls right now. I think Kmart figured out with the “ship my pants” stuff that this is the only way they can get any publicity, besides making their employees work on Thanksgiving.

  11. Jenny o says

    Of course ‘Rick’ is gay;

    C*#ksucking F*^gs is his very favorite things to do.

    And it’s what separates him from most Christians.

    …and why we love and value his opinion so much.

  12. jamal49 says

    @RICK Perhaps an increase of 50 milligrams might help you cope with your condition. I wish you well, honey.

  13. Dan Cobb says

    Rick, your GOP has worked for decades to make everything “about money”. Today we are in the complete corporate society. Humans and their traditions don’t mean anything any more unless they can be used to make money for corporations –the highest aspiration of American society. Therefore, people are incarcerated for life for small offenses .. more money for the prison-industrial complex.
    People are rewarded for being massive consumers, regardless of need. Bankruptcy is easy, consume and struggle to make the minimum payment on your credit card… and then file for bankruptcy -you’re still paying $500.00 for that $80.00 garden hose.
    Education is not for-profit even in elementary schools… so even though your kid might not get a good education because the for-profit corporation that runs your kids school is slashing its costs to cover teacher salaries and teaching accessories, at least the shareholders are making big bucks.

    Rick, your party created the situation. Period. Money, money, money, the mantra of the GOP, and now, more recently, the mantra of the Democratic party as well.

    And NOW you’re complaining about a commerical entity spending its money the way it wants! Wow… why do you hate America and the right to free speech?

  14. AriesMatt says

    I think I recognized one of the models from Dexter. Didn’t he play the last serial killer on the series? The psychologist’s son?

    Cute commercial, although WAY too early for me to hear anything remotely like X-Mas music. Ugh!