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Here's the First Trailer for Jonathan Groff's Gay HBO Drama 'Looking': VIDEO


The highly anticipated gay HBO drama Looking which takes place in San Francisco and is set to premiere in January dropped its first 30-second trailer last night.

The series stars Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez, and Murray Bartlett about "three friends in San Francisco who explore the fun and sometimes overwhelming options available to a new generation of gay men."

The show was created by Michael Lannan and executive produced by Andrew Haigh (Weekend) and Sarah Condon (Bored to Death). Special guest stars on the show include Russell Tovey and Scott Bakula.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...



The show's stars were in NYC last night for the OUT100 and posted this cheeky photo to the show's Instagram:


Here's the trailer:

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  1. Yes but as you may well know Hispanics have assimilated into Caucasian American Culture and some forget their Latin roots in search of the perfect white man. This show is like all the others, devoid of REAL DIVERSITY. Gays scream loudest, but readily discriminate as well!

    Posted by: ReHashed Crap | Nov 16, 2013 2:22:35 AM

  2. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and more yeses shooting all over my face, yes!

    Posted by: Marc | Nov 16, 2013 4:14:50 AM

  3. Well I will say that this trailer looks to give an accurate depiction of gay life in San Francisco, I can say that as I once lived there over a decade ago.

    However the hyper-sexualized atmosphere of gay male life there was a serious turn-off for me, and the primary reason why I left. And before the labels start, I am most definitely not a prude and have my own sex life thanks ever so much.

    Back on point, would anyone have wanted to watch Sex and the City if it was set in a smaller more Midwestern burg? The same rule applies for this show, yes it is NOT an accurate depiction of gay life in the greater U.S., but this show IS looking to be an accurate depiction of gay life in San Francisco, warts and all (both literal and figurative).

    Sure, I'd prefer to see a show like this in say Minneapolis, which per capita is the fourth largest gay population in the US, but that isn't the 'glamour' that the Hollywood market ever wants to depict. They don't want to show a program in Minneapolis where there is both a greater bear population as well as higher rates of monogamous couples, they want to depict a city of salaciousness that regularly deals with polyamorous relationships, and where there are literally night classes on master/slave dynamics.

    And this is because this is more eye catching than a "boring" drama about monogamous family minded gays in a different city. Now, I'd LOVE to watch this type of show a LOT more than the one that seems to be coming out of SF soon, but that's not what the majority of the US market wants to see for their tv.

    Only after they get exposed to the more salacious aspects of gay relationships will the American audience get bored with this and want to see gay relationships that are deeper with more meaning to them someday down the road. And in the meantime we the gay audience that simply want something MORE in our gay romantic entertainment are still going to be stuck with indie movies for at least another decade most probably.

    Posted by: Ian | Nov 16, 2013 12:11:35 PM

  4. Greg.. sorry. the L in makes Seattle the highest concentration of LGBT folks.. We surpassed SFO last month.. I guess the space needle will be the turn on background eh? LOL

    Posted by: Jim | Nov 17, 2013 8:34:58 AM

  5. I really enjoyed Tales of the City and the 2008 movie Milk. Setting it in San Francisco 2013 is a great idea though I think HBO could create a gay show set in 70s San Francisco and it may turn out more interesting. Some diversity would be great but would prefer the characters not be cliches or stereotypes. That's all I ask

    Posted by: Stan Schulz | Dec 6, 2013 3:15:30 PM

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