1. MIke says

    Did she talk about the probable implosion of ObamaCare by the weekend? That over 50 percent of the country now considers Obama a blatant liar? That 3/4’s of those polled thought his “I’m sorry” was political bullsht?

  2. Xavi says


    So, you believe some IT glitches and poor communications management from the current administration will sink a DNC presidential candidate in 2014? Does that make any sense at all?

    What is a “probable implosion of ObamaCare” anyway? Are you predicting the law itself, the ACA, will somehow “go away”?

    Your entire thesis is risible…

  3. Xavi says

    Of course, presidential elections in 2016, not 2014!

    Although, the mid-term elections in one year will certainly provide us with a good idea of the nation’s political mood.

  4. MIke says

    Xavi, you might want to tune into Obama’s press conference today at 1230ish to attempt to stop the hemorrhaging and shut-up the likes of Bill Clinton, Mary Landrieu, and Dianne Fienstein. Who basically have said “Hey, jerk, if you SAID 26 times they could keep their insurance plans if they wanted, then they get to keep their insurance plans if they want to!”

  5. Mike Ryan says

    Republicans are dead in the water. Christie’s anti-gay position has ended any chance he had for national office.

  6. simon says

    All these so called hopefuls will fizzle out like Bachmann and Perry. They finally will pick a “moderate” if that still exists.

  7. e.c. says

    Mike, the topic is “2016 GOP Presidential hopefuls and Gay Marraige”. At leat try to keep your obvious trolling vaguely on point.

  8. Xavi says


    No matter how ineffectual and weak the current administration’s damage-control efforts are, no one believes these mishaps will influence the electoral process in 2016…

    Execution is very important, obviously. This administration has executed this law very poorly. Nonetheless, the law has been ratified and its constitutionality has been affirmed by the Supreme Court of the U.S. The ACA is here to stay and the nation will recognize the value this law provides to society.

    The ACA implementation will influence the 2016 presidential election as much as the Benghazi “cover-up”, i.e.: no influence at all.


  9. Fenrox says

    @Mike, I dunno, a lot of people know that most problems that exist when Obama’s name is invoked are really just Tea party/gop BS.

  10. simon says

    Barbara Bush is still saying :”Are these buffoons all we got?”
    “it’s been the worst campaign I’ve ever seen in my life,” in 2012. She ain’t seen nothing yet.

  11. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I hear the Koch brothers are considering paying their trolls at extra nickel for every post that ends up first on a thread on Trollroad. If you’re giving your trolling away for free, you’re passing up an extra fifty cents or more a day. Fifty cents! With the Koch brothers taking care of you, you’ll be rich in no time!

  12. oncemorewithfeeling says

    And thank goodness this thread became all about the troll. That doesn’t happen enough on Trollroad. It’s very refreshing!

  13. Trolliollio says

    The trolls like Mike eat your energy and defecate more lies through their crusty brown mouths. No one’s that interested in moving off topic when they click to make a comment on a thread.

  14. Mike says

    Can’t wait for the presser! “YOU get ObamaMoney and YOU get ObamaMoney and YOU get ObamaMoney and YOU get ObamaMoney and YOU get….!!!”

  15. Roger says

    Why are we not hearing from insurance companies in response to their decisions to not offer specific coverage post-AFA? Why has this been left to malcontent trolls? Mike, you working within an insurance company PR department?

  16. Xavi says


    You exhibit a complete lack of knowledge regarding the ACA and its workings. You know nothing and it appears you hold a personal disapproval of the current administration and our president. Your bias clouds your ability to evaluate this issue objectively.

    You are a fool

  17. Mike says

    This POS.
    Notice how we don’t have an Affordable Legal Act for lawyers.
    He just can’t fathom insurance companies are in business to make a profit and now with all his BS the only people profiting are his govt cronies.
    What a disgraceful fraud. Where’s your grades transcript, moron.

  18. says

    I’d like to think that the selfish anti-American GOP members who contributed to the gallingly useless Shutdown would have their actions and inactions come back to haunt them come election time, but I keep seeing, time and time again, that the GOPs base doesn’t care about things like facts.