1. pete n sfo says

    Incredible. If he were my guy, I think I would have appreciated a little more comforting and a little less camera-work, but I’m sure it’s part of his charm. lol

    An incredible glimpse of something I hope to never, ever, experience.

  2. RONTEX says

    Having survived two tornadoes as a child in Texas, one that destroyed out trailer while we were in it, this is exactly what it feels like. Watching that, I was flooded with all the feelings he was expressing. We all suffered from PTSD for months afterwards.

  3. I wont grow up says

    Amazing video and at the same time very moving. It’s hard to know how any of us would react in such a situation. His concern for his family and his neighbors is understandable. What do we do now? Be thankful you survived, things can be replaced, a human life is irreplaceable.

  4. Kurtis Edwards says

    Did anyone else think the Dad was Tom Arnold? His demeanor makes complete sense when you think of it that way ; ) Love Roseanne. That was eye opening. One minute everythings normal and the next its all gone. I think the Dad was completely fine, BTW. Sometimes guys just don’t vocalize the “caring” but he made sure his family was okay and started to the neighbors. ITS THE ACTIONS NOT WORDS.

  5. anon says

    The father/husband seemed to be enjoying that a little too much.

    Suburban track home construction is no better in the Midwest than elsewhere, which doesn’t make sense. And no one builds storm shelters anymore.

  6. Fenrox says

    Oh man, I laughed out loud when the wife yelled “noooooooo” after he said their house was destroyed. It’s not funny but the build up to it was really obvious and made for a strong case of schadenfreude. I’m glad they are ok.

  7. Matt says

    I hope everyone reads Fenrox’s comment carefully. Fenrox is the sock puppet account of a trans activist. This is what the heart and soul of a trans activist really look like. Don’t forget it.

  8. Marty says

    The daughter is terrified, yet daddy keeps on rolling the video. I’ve been through a nasty California earthquake, and the last thing on my mind would be a camera.

  9. Chris says

    Poor Buggers. I’ve been through the Christchurch Earthquakes, and this video brought back the feeling of total helplessness, and the destructive power of Mother Nature. I wish them well.

  10. Kipling says

    Why not document it? Does anyone think he was not doing something he should have been that he was not doing because he was filming?

    I will say I thought he was a little quick to leave whatever shelter they were taking. Tornados are unpredictable. But I suppose the risk of the house falling down on top of them was more pressing. Terrifying either way.

  11. Karen says

    Agree with you Matt. Here we have a terrible tragedy and about 2 dozen comments. Most are expressing sympathy or are getting into some detail of the video. Only 1 comment expresses glee and happiness at the suffering of other human beings. And of course that comment comes from a trans activist. 99% of them are sociopaths.

  12. Robert says

    He goes in the house, tornado moves through in five seconds, he leaves the house, and his neighborhood is completely destroyed. I sat through this storm in my basement, 150 miles away, as the same tornado headed right for me.

    I was fully prepared for damage and destruction, but seeing the first-hand perspective….if that had happened to me THAT quickly, I think I would have had a nervous breakdown. Jesus Christ. The guy filming did a remarkable job keeping it together.

  13. Fenrox says

    @Matt and Karen, Look up the word schadenfreude and practice reading comprehension.

    BTW, what did or have you done to help? Commenting online isn’t helping buddy, try donating money to the red cross or joining Team Rubicon.

  14. Tatts says

    That jackass didn’t do one thing to help calm that little girl. What a fool. Not one bit of calming advice, no reassurance, nothing–just ordering her around. His video was more important than her. Really lousy parenting.

  15. trg says

    I agree he should have been with the daughter for the whole episode. But give the guy a break. He’s obviously young and not the most experienced at child rearing. He was overcome with the horror. Logic is impaired. I’m grateful he recorded this.

    We see it on the news, after the fact. Everything is silent, people picking up their pieces.

    This brings it home. God bless all of you in Illinois. You will prevail.

  16. Randal Oulton says

    I’m gonna get slapped for this, but that girl is annoying, did he really bring up his daughter on purpose to be such a hysterical whiney weakling? Girl, show some backbone!

  17. BobN says

    “Does anyone think he was not doing something he should have been that he was not doing because he was filming?”

    He wasn’t protecting his daughter’s body with his own.

  18. Erik says

    As a Californian, I may never know what it is like to live through a tornado. While you may criticize this man filming this, I think it is really good for those of us who have never experienced this to have an idea of the horror and destruction. I hope that more people can empathize and catalyzes them to help out anyway they can.

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