1. Adrenan P says

    Oh, please, this woman appears to be as fakes as a three dollar bill. She changed her name from Amanda Rogers to Portia di Rossi. How phony can you get? Must have taken her a few brain cells to come up with a European-sounding name, I’ll grant you that.

    Her whining also sounds phony in my opinion. Isn’t living in the lap of Ellen’s luxury enough to ease her pain?

  2. jjose712 says

    Adrenan: You are a little bit judgemental, don’t you think?
    Change your name is something that a lot of actors/singers do. And frankly, she wasn’t an unknown when she started to date Ellen

  3. says

    many actors change their names when they enter the biz. Julianne Moore changed her name from Julie Smith. #calmdownblanche

    kudos to Portia for sharing her story with everyone.

  4. Adrenan P says

    There were a number of out women at the time Portia was growing up. Her whining about a lack of role models does not appear sincere. I would say her ‘lesbianism’ has helped her rather than hindered her in Hollywood. Women have it much easier than us guys.

    This promotion of Portia seems to be tied in with this new show that Ellen is developing for the ABC. It’s apparently about a lesbian falling pregnant to a straight guy. How progressive…not.

    Portia and Ellen can vamoose. They are not good reps of the gay community.

  5. K in VA says

    How the hell can anybody hate on Ellen and Portia? I mean, really, Adrenan, get yourself some therapy.

  6. says

    They’re better than you, Adrenan. You can always put your brave face to youtube and become the “better rep” that you think you may be.

    So, let’s see you in all your grandness.

    You can also list the large number of openly-gay women who were around and Out and visible when Portia was growing up.

    Oh, who am I kidding. You don’t have the balls to be a visible role-model. Thank god, though. Guys like you are better left ignored.

  7. says

    Oh, you’re just trolling. I’m sorry Portia is happy and your daily dilemma involves getting Cheetoh-crust off your c0ck because you can’t make up your mind whether you should finish wanking or finish snacking. Thanks for playing. wimp.

  8. says

    Can you imagine if towleroad finally just blocked these trolls from being able to comment? without this distraction they’d finally off themselves and not a tear would be shed, by anyone.

  9. says

    Because I’m a happy, Out, openly gay man who prefers to eat my gay male lover, thankyouverymuch.

    you should try it some time. we all know you hate being a gay man – Portia’s story should be inspiring you to love yourself instead of being such a resentful and reluctant homosexual.

    Now, I shall leave you. I’m sure you’re used to that.

  10. Mike says

    ADRENAN P is a well known troll to Towleroad! (Think of him as the super EVIL grandfather of name changing Internet trolls everywhere.) Am CERTAIN that if Portia de Rossi is good enough to be the wife of Ellen DeGeneres and ALSO weathered international press scrutiny for many years in good shape that SHE IS MORE THEN JUST FINE! You can trust that she was meticulously examined and well vetted far more then someone like “Adrenan” could EVEN dream of . . .

    Simply ignore him!

  11. AngelaChanning says

    I think it is difficult for some people to understand when another person’s coming out journey is different than our own. It did surprise me that the sex hungry part of her character on Ally McBeal bothered her so much. We often take it for granted that actors view those parts as fun but it can really bring up a lot of painful issues. I hope She and Ellen continue to have happy times.