1. AriesMatt says

    Well, now we know why Roberts wanted to go to Russia. Good on him for shining a spotlight on this humanitarian issue. Hopefully, all the naysayers will respect his decision to participate as a judge for the pageant.

  2. Mike Ryan says

    I completely disagree with the failure of the U.S. to boycott the Russian Olympics. Money makes the world go round and rip that Olympic money out of Russia and they will crumble. Thomas is there for the publicity and nothing else. He is HOPING to be arrested but he won’t be because the political fallout would be too explosive for Russia. To be frank, Thomas disgusts me for his decision to run to Russia and be the “gay” reporter. Totally disgusted.

  3. northalabama says

    i apologize up front for my thoughts, but i can’t see how the firing of a media personality, as bad as it may be, rises to the same level as the abuse, beatings, and torture suffered by russian gays at the hands of law enforcement and clergy.

    if mr. roberts is trying to defend his actions (and income) by appearing in russia, he needs to score less self-serving interviews, ones with victims suffering more than a career blow and loss of a tv contract.

  4. Eugene says


    The main issue is homophobia, and to a large degree it’s singular. The firing of a media personality represents it as well as any other example. More importantly, abuse, beatings and torture are obviously against Russian law and can be easily blamed on a few thugs. Law enforcement, politicians and clergy would certainly condemn the beatings in a passive-aggressive manner, acting like they’re totally innocent.

  5. Sargon Bighorn says

    Give him some time. We have no idea what he plans to do next. He just might interview some Gay activists and he just might denounce the horrible law. He might even get arrested while you dizzy bitter queens sit at home in safety and being all judgmental and indignant. Everyone does what they can in their own way. You do what you do self serving or not. Allow that same opportunity to others. Your lofty expectations of others does you no service.

  6. Geoff says

    Great! I take back my misgivings about Roberts trip. He IS actually shining a much-needed spotlight on the injustice and horror there. This is only the tip of the iceberg, though. I’m hoping for more.

  7. Rowan says

    ANKERICH lmao!!

    How timely after Roberts is vilified that he does damage control with this gem? Please, this guy was fired ages ago and it took him THIS long to interview him? As a news person? Who need to get news/interviews like yesterday to be…relevant?

    Damn, you gays are so gullible and easy. But at least it’s good damage control.

  8. Tyler says

    Asam is just trying to deflect from the fact that he’s actually Adam, which I guess Rick misspelled in the rush to type in one of his aliases. It happens. But at least you made it obvious elsewhere on this site that you’re just a troll.

  9. says

    He didn’t need to go to Russia to interview Krasovsky. Krasovsky was in New York a week or two ago as the best man at the wedding of another Russian TV personality, Oleg Dusaev, who came out and got fired as well.

    Did nobody cover that in NYC? Two Russian men getting married… Should have been on the news.

  10. db says

    Mike Ryan, did you read this or watch the video? I seriously doubt it. The worst thing we could do to the GLBT people of Russia and their supporters right now is isolate them.

    And KEVINVT–kind of missing the point. The story isn’t just about Krasovsky–it’s about what’s happening to GLBT people in Russia.

  11. RexT says

    Thank you Roberts for sharing Krasovsky’s voice with more of the world. His conviction and emotion remind me of life here not all that long ago, Coming Out still very much a risk. Being in Russia, working in Russia even for a week, ten days, is not without unusual challenges. Looking forward to you finding more opportunities to share real people with us, your sideline assignment!

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