1. Michael W. says

    It makes me mad that these guys endanger not only their on lives, but those of innocent people on the ground as well. Do that stuff over the desert!

  2. steve says

    I know so many of these outdoorsy-adrenaline junkie type people…and some of them a real buffoons… I hope this was an innocent mistake and not a pattern of reckless behavior.

  3. Geoff says

    Went skydiving myself (once). Innocently, but well-trained. Never imagined an accident or near-catastrophe. So lucky. Won’t do it again, though. Only jumped from 3,000 ft. – not 12,000. – although a few thousand feet doesn’t really matter. It all happens so quickly. Actually, the plane was really noisy. Was glad to be away from it!! Har!!

  4. Seattle Mike says

    The wreckage could have killed people as well. What the hell were two planes doing that close to each other? I hope the FAA investigates and throws the book at the responsible pilot(s).

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