1. DrJWL says

    Compact and cute and with a very nice c*ck, if those pics are really of him. TERRIBLY episode last night, though.

  2. av control says

    it was a lot of not funny last night for me. i changed the channel multiple times and kept going back hoping the next skit would get me to laugh. mostly nope.

    the outfield/your love skit was the best thing i came away with.

    oh well, the last few new episodes before this were better than i was expecting so maybe next week.

  3. northalabama says

    snl if falling fast. in the past, it’s steadied itself before hitting bottom, but i’m worried for the first time. if it doesn’t self-correct soon, this is the beginning of the end.

    with bad writing, cute guys only help if they’re shirtless…

  4. Mike says

    Yes, the Your Love skit was best, but Girlfriends Talk Show was enjoyable, as was the Animal Hospital. I dunno, maybe I’m super forgiving, but I rarely hate an episode. It’s my DVR’d thing to watch on Sunday mornings.

    As for “snl sucks”, “snl is on its last leg”, etc., people say this every week, every season. i don’t think it’s going anywhere.

  5. emjayay says

    I just watched it online and laughed out loud at my computer a bunch of times. The news and baby boss and subway “entertainer” skits were also hilarious. The bug interview was not great but that guy did really funny videos before SNL and maybe they he or they will figure out how to use him better.

    If naysayers watched some SNL from the glory days of their youth when they thought it was so great they would probably find it was pretty lame then too. Also to a great degree it has always been topical and of the moment and that doesn’t have a long shelf life.

  6. av control says

    i’ve been an snl viewer since the original cast, and imo this is not the worst group, by far. this season’s been a lot better than i thought it would be with so many changes.

    i just didn’t like the show last night.

    i’m looking forward to seeing how some of the cast members develop. for instance, kyle mooney. he does a series of commericals for comcast/xfinity ( not my favorite company ) the one with the nascar driver cracks me up every time, and they show it multiple times a day. ( but the mindy commercial i don’t like so much. ) hope he develops on the show.

    and i think snl will be around for awhile longer.

  7. says

    I can’t even handle how freakin cute he is. He’s like the most adorable little McNugget ever. And he speaks out for pitbulls and LGBT people. Me happy :) more plz