South Carolina Sees Major Shift Toward Acceptance of Gay Marriage in New Poll

A new Winthrop poll out of South Carolina shows that attitudes toward same-sex marriage in the conservative state are shifting, The State reports:

SouthcarolinaMore than 52 percent of S.C. adults, polled by Winthrop, said marriages between same-sex couples should not be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as heterosexual marriages.

But nearly 39 percent said same-sex marriages should be recognized by law and carry the same rights as marriages between a man and a woman.

The paper looks at how things have changed:

A 2011 poll from Public Policy Polling showed that 21 percent of S.C. voters said should be legal, with 69 percent saying it should be illegal. In December, another Public Policy poll asked S.C. voters whether same-sex marriage should be allowed – 27 percent said yes, while 62 percent said no.


In 2006, S.C. voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment stating that the only lawful, recognizable marriage in the Palmetto State is one between a man and a woman. The amendment passed, 78 percent to 22 percent.

A 2006 Winthrop Poll, taken before voters cast ballots on the constitutional amendment, had results in line with that outcome.


  1. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Even though they haven’t come down on the side of the angels quite yet, a 12% shift in just two years is pretty dramatic. Politically, SC remains bad for dark-skinned minorities also, so pace of change has been slow. However, people are dying there just like everywhere else, and a lot of people are moving there from other places to work in hi-tech manufacturing and other industries. Obviously it has helped. I have to say also, in passing, that I stopped in a Starbuck’s along the interstate highway in a rural area of SC last year and was waited on by two tall, cute skinny out gay white boys of the type one sees in Starbucks in any urban center. I found it oddly thrilling to realize that even in Southern rural backwaters, gay kids are refusing to be afraid.

  2. disgusted american says

    this country remains a bastion of Hatred and blatant Bigotry….Pathetic Merikkka,PATHETIC!!!

  3. Hey Darlin' says

    The bull of change charges forward no matter how tightly the bloody hands of the bigots clasp the ever sliding rope.

  4. Francis #1 says

    Not perfect, but it’s good to see that there’s movement occurring everywhere. Remember though that polls tend to underestimate how many people are homophobic because people don’t want to admit their bias.

  5. says

    Moving here from New York I can see a shift over the 10 years my partner & I have lived here. But attitudes vary widely depending on where in the state you hail from. Horry county (Myrtle Beach) Georgetown county and of course Charleston county (all on the coast and heavily populated by transplanted Yankees) are more progressive than the Upstate (Greenville). But poverty and poor education take their toll on the Southern psyche.