1. Seattle Mike says

    “Universal Soldier”, an early JCVD movie, has the most insanely hot segment where the camera lovingly and slowly pans up the backside of a completely naked sweaty JCVD, from foot to head. Good lord, that man was and is hot.

  2. UFFDA says

    It was real. His shirt tail in front was swaying with wind and the velocity. Always a classy guy, and authentic.

  3. Rockstar says

    I JO’d SO much to this guys movies when I was a kid. There was always something vaguely homoerotic in his action films. Long loving shots of his body and ass and that one scene where he’s about to get head while wearing this pink shorts…oh crap. As far as this commercial, in no way would any insurance company allow that to really happen.

  4. Jack M says

    Anybody with the type of martial arts training that he has had can do that. You practice your stretches to increase the distance of your kicks. Still pretty amazing, though!

  5. Dback says

    Always like JCVD more than Stallone or even Schwarzenegger, even if “Double Impact” remains the only mainstream movie I ever walked out on. Still a likable and very sexy man. (Oh, that “Timecop” jump and split in his undies…)

  6. YSOSERIOUS says

    I saw this video the other day, I was very impressed with how well the drivers maintained their distance.

    JCVD is, as always, more flexible than anyone has a right to be. He’s 53 and able to do those side splits which requires actual flexibility in your groin that most men never achieve.

    That and he’s never been shy about being a hot tamale.