1. tranquilo says

    After everything, it took this long, but it’s official: she annoys the Hell out of me.

    Go away, and take Miley with you.

  2. Fenrox says

    Oh wow it’s so cool that you made it EXACTLY LIKE THE FACTORY VERSIONS OF THOSE. How in the hell can she claim design here?

  3. Mellotron says

    The hate she gets is kinda stupid.
    She may do some ridiculous things, and have questionable talent, but at least she’s above sex scandals and cheap personal drama to get attention.

  4. tinkerbelle says

    Is the quote a real one? Because the syntax is just terrible, and it kind of doesn’t make all that much sense. Also, I have a hard time understanding why this is a “dress”, as it is obviously a vehicle that happens to have a non-naked person inside it. Not terribly original, but I guess she has to keep pushing the envelope somehow.

  5. Jollysocks says

    I actually think as a whole her new album is so much better than “Born This Way” and is a great EDM party album, which is what she should be doing. All the people saying she’s too “over the top” — ok, it’s Lady Gaga, I don’t want her strumming a guitar and going all acoustic. And if you don’t like her music, that’s fine too. And if you don’t like the crazy outfits and flying dresses, you probably never liked her to begin with so she certainly doesn’t need you.

  6. redball says

    +1 Jollysocks.

    And the person who said she “may” have “questionable talent” has no f.cking clue about the vocal chops Gaga brings to the table. Even her haters acknowledge that the b.tch can blow–just look up the duet she did with Tony Bennett; that one always shuts the haters up GOOD!, even though personally that song is not at ALL the type of music I enjoy.