1. G says

    I really miss The Outs. I don’t love “Whatever This is” as much i had wanted to; even though i still try to watch it hoping the series will get better. Five episodes in and still not sure where these characters are going; they just seem to continue wandering in their own misery like zombies.

  2. TRH says

    So many of us fell in love with ‘The Outs’ which was bright, witty, very New York, and on par (in my opinion) with Seinfeld, Sex and the City, & Friends. And with the added gay themes it was a real home run for me. But I have yet to determine what ‘Whatever This Is’ is. Love the actors, the characters, the production values…..but despite some good moments, overall the pace and script fall short. The scene in episode 5 where Ari is stoned and meandering through the woods seems like a metaphor for the series thus far. While ‘Whatever This Is’ may pay homage to the many low-budget film production crews that struggle in NY and elsewhere, the topic may be too insular for a broader audience. But yes, I will continue to watch the series and have faith that Mr. Goldman will produce many wonderful things yet to come.

  3. jason says

    Loved The Outs. Hate WTI. Feels like a bad Girls rip-off. There’s something so obnoxious about trust fund brats making “art” where little white kids are putting dollars in a jar for rent and scraping by to get kale. It just feels completely unrealistic and insufferable. You all went to rich people liberal arts schools no? And mommy and daddy are always going to bail you out. So make something a little more true that addresses that lifestyle.

  4. BenR says

    @Merchants This is “pushing” the yogi? No, it’s insulting him. Also, you’re claiming that Jews specifically push non-Jewish religions too much? To what end would they be doing that to their own selfish benefit?

    Also, what is a “foreign” religion? Anything that isn’t Native American religion and Mormonism?

  5. gino says

    I think it’s brilliant!

    I am their age, going through similar experiences so I relate to it a lot. A LOT.

    It’s very obvious Adam Goldman is trying new things. He is in the process of becoming and it’s AMAZING.

    I love Sasha Winters. I love them all!

  6. alrighty says

    Refreshing to watch real characters dealing with real problems–I can only take so much (none) of Diane Keaton/Winona Ryder/Jude Law type characters & their entitled wealthy yet hopeless w/o true love issues. AG is good watching, can’t wait for more :)

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