Anti-Gay Former Senator Bob Smith to Challenge Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire

Former Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) announced his intention to get his old job back and challenge Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Think Progess reports.

SmithAlong with Smith's opposition to abortion rights, background checks on gun purchases, and support for abolishing the U.S. Department of Education, Smith is also a virulent homophobe.

TP writes up his anti-gay history:

As a Senator, Smith opposed LGBT equality at every opportunity — voting to keep anti-gay employment discrimination legal, opposing hate crimes protections, and refusing to even institute a non-discrimination policy for his own employees. Worse, he joined with Helms to oppose any federal funding for schools that “encourage homosexuality,” by teaching about LGBT families in an inclusive way. Calling such messages “trash,” he asked his colleagues in 1994 why federal tax dollars would be spent to “advocate and encourage the homosexual lifestyle in the curriculae of public schools in this country?” He proposed that “if a public school decides and the parents in that school district decide that this is appropriate in their school system–I cannot imagine why they would–but if they did or they do, fine. You just do not get any federal dollars.”

He also joined with Helms to propose special protections for the Boy Scouts of America’s right to discriminate, warning “Rome died from a lot less than this. When you dilute your moral code to this extent, and if this keeps up, the obituary for America is going to be written.” He opposed confirmation of openly LGBT nominees, saying that sending Ambassador James Hormel to Luxembourg was “like sending Louis Farrakhan to Israel,” and that confirming Roberta Achtenberg as Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development could lead to America becoming “a society cast off from our moral underpinnings and set adrift.”


  1. Stevo says

    NH is really not conservative, we are one of the purple states. Gay marriageis legal here and all of our top elected officials are women, and mostly dem. I am confident Shaheen is safe.

  2. Sam says

    From Wikipedia:
    “Smith ran for re-election to a third term in 2002, but was defeated in the Republican primary by Congressman John E. Sununu, winning 45% of the vote to Sununu’s 53%.[10] After his defeat, The New York Times reported that many Republicans were “relieved” that he had lost, having never forgiven him for leaving the party in 1999.[11] He subsequently moved to Sarasota, Florida to sell real estate.”

    This does not sound like a strong candidate.

  3. Bob R says

    I remember this twit when he was in Congress. He used to be known a Boob Smith. Or to quote a line from the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, “the wheel’s still spinning but the hamster is dead.”

  4. UFFDA says

    Apart from everything else how can a man that ugly even go out of the house, let alone run for any office.
    Maybe a janitor on the night shift, maybe he could do that.

  5. jjose712 says

    “saying that sending Ambassador James Hormel to Luxembourg was “like sending Louis Farrakhan to Israel”

    He doesn’t seem to know absolutely nothing about Luxembourgh

  6. Jim says

    This is a political version of Norma Desmond trying to get back in the movies. Bob Smith wasn’t popular even in his heyday in the 90s. Now he’s a fossil. His candidacy(if you can call this little piece of playing for media attention that) will go nowhere. Why do these washed-up has-beens keep thinking they can resurrect their long dead careers?

  7. says

    “Anyone over 50 should be disallowed from being in politics.”

    It’s not his age that’s a problem (Sens Leahy and Sanders next door are 2 of the Senate’s best; Marco Rubio on the other hand …); it’s his Republicanism. And he’s a washed up Republican at that. Jeanne Shaheen is an ally, and I see no reason why his issues would fly against her.

  8. billyWb says

    hte hate group FRC tried in early 2012 to undo gay marriage in NH where the conservatives had a supermajority who could have over=ridden a veto

    They lost 2 to 1 in the repub 2-1 dominated legislature

    NH is not a typical repub southern baptist hate everyone not the same as themselves state

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