1. Dearcomrade says


    Same old tired stuff from Hollywood. Remember when they used to make original movies? It must be too hard for today’s crop of hacks.

  2. David From Canada says

    Is James Franco going to be in this sequel? I didn’t see him in the clip. He was in the original.
    I have a pet cat named Caesar, but in so far as I know, he is not leading a revolution against mankind. His sister’s name is Cleopatra. She’s also fairly unarmed and not dangerous. I’ll keep an eye on them.

  3. Macguffin54 says

    I have been a fan of the entire Apes saga since I was a kid. I was THRILLED when they made the last sequel, especially when it was actually pretty good. I saw the film three times in the first 48 hours and I will be there on opening day in July to see it in 3D. Stop with the negativity and save your yawns for the cookie-cutter “bored” responses people like you spew on these comment boards. THAT we ALL must be truly tired of. You don’t like it? Don’t watch it! Bring on more Apes sequels!

  4. Macguffin54 says

    Btw- Franco is not (reported) to be in this movie. But Gary Oldman, Jason Clarke, Keri Russell, Andy Serkis and the yummy Enrique Murciano (as of the last casting update, anyway) from that show Without a Trace, are in it.

  5. Joe De Hoyos says

    I agree with MACGUFFIN54: Loved the APE movies as a kid. Loved the last Remake. Hated the Tim Burton remake. And can’t believe people don’t have better things to do than spew negativity on these comment boards. You’ll be happier if you just stay away from the things that displease you. And so will everyone else.