‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Releases Statement About Robertson’s Suspension


The Robertson family has released a statement about Phil Robertson's suspension over anti-gay remarks:

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support.  The family has spent much time in prayer since learning of A&E's decision.  We want you to know that first and foremost we are a family rooted in our faith in God and our belief that the Bible is His word.  While some of Phil’s unfiltered comments to the reporter were coarse, his beliefs are grounded in the teachings of the Bible. Phil is a Godly man who follows what the Bible says are the greatest commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Phil would never incite or encourage hate. We are disappointed that Phil has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith, which is his constitutionally protected right.We have had a successful working relationship with A&E but, as a family, we cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm.  We are in discussions with A&E to see what that means for the future of Duck Dynasty. Again, thank you for your continued support of our family.


  1. jjose712 says

    He was not punished for expressing his faith, he was punished for spreading hate.

    For once, a company has the guts to take action when one of their golden boys do something wrong.

    I want to think that it’s because homophobia is not tolerated anymore, but i think A&E knows they will lose sponsors if they didn’t do anything.

    The excuse of the Bible for hate speech is overdone

  2. JackFknTwist says

    What a tragic self serving anodyne statement…..a lesson in how to avoid the issues.
    “We all follow Jesus and the bible……we must be good.”
    It is vomit inducing .
    The offensive comments are racist and homophobic……..and it is wholly irrelevant what the bible says about anything in this issue.
    This bunch of haters ought to be removed in disgrace and their values shown for what they are , uneducated, squalid, backwoods, ignorant and racist and homophobic.
    “Old Jesus wuld just puke”…..thank you Holden.

    Now isn’t that a nice pic. of all those Christian white ‘family’ people ?
    What’s in their closet ?

  3. anon says

    His constitutionally protected right to free speech has not been harmed in any way. The constitution only protects him from censorship or interference from the GOVERNMENT for his speech. The government has not come after Robertson in any way. So, his free speech rights are completely intact.

    Why is it that so few people in politics and the media actually understand this concept?

    Free speech has nothing to do with how your employer or fellow citizens react to what you say using your right to free speech.

  4. dave says

    support phil and the faith he has does nothing wrong I believe that this program was put on for a reason to spread the gospel.it seems lately that everybody is afraid to say anything it is are right and freedom,GOD bless

  5. Jaker says

    getting him suspended, brilliant move.

    watch obi wan’s law of “strike me down and i will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine” come to fruition very shortly.

    congratulations pc knuckleheads, you just created a national antigay folk hero.

    and just in time for xmas. rejoice.

  6. JackFknTwist says

    @ JACKER :
    Seriously ?

    We get our philosophy from a Star Wars movie ? ….thanks for your contribution.
    What an idiotic comment.

    No homophobic slur must be let pass…..none.
    ” Let him that has no stomach for the fight now quit the field”.
    No, that’s not from Star Wars.

  7. Preston says

    what all these right wingers forget is the first amendment protects you against going to jail for what you say. that’s it. end of story. free speech is not consequence free speech. you can say whatever the hell you want, but be ready to face the consequence of your actions.

  8. MikeKV says

    Looks like towleroad must have made it onto a conservative mailing list if we have people like “DAVE” bringing their ignorance (and terrible use of the English language) to our comment section…

  9. Vint says

    I missed the part of the Bible where Jesus says, “This is the truest expression of your faith: ‘It seems like, to me, a vagina would be more desirable than a man’s anus’. This is the Word of the Lord.”

  10. JohninBend says

    I wish that we could just make all of the reality television shows go away. They pander to the worst elements of American society, be they teen pregnancy shows, real housewives, redneck hunters or the Kardashians. It’s an indicator of how low we’ve descended as a culture over the past thirty years. That they are featured on channels like “Arts and Entertainment” and “The Learning Channel” is beyond ironic. Perhaps America has already collapsed and we are living in a zombie culture?

  11. BuckeyeWxGuy says

    Free speech is one thing, but the man is just an idiot. Thinking hate is one thing (and an abomination, as well) but giving words to that hate, especially in a public venue, is just plain stupid in this day & age. It’s the 21st century equivalent of a klan meeting in the information age. And to think there are millions rallying around this dolt…just disgraceful! Same thing should happen to Robertson that happened to Paula Deen.

  12. jeo says

    I agree with Jacker above. We’re jumping the shark. This is a beloved show by lots of people, including many of my straight friends. We shouldn’t silence critics, we should engage them.

  13. JackFknTwist says

    @ JEO :

    Have you just landed ?
    We have a history which many of us will never forget.
    We have had generations of “critics”……..look up the examples, I’m bored.

  14. bobbyjoe says

    Notice how all these Phil Robertson defenders never address his racist comments. Because while they can try to run and hide behind the bible for the anti-gay bigotry, they don’t even have that leg to try and stand on when it comes to Robertson talking about how he thinks blacks were happier before the Civil Rights movement.

    They should be constantly confronted with that, too.

  15. Paul says

    “We want you to know that first and foremost we are a family rooted in our faith in God and our belief that the Bible is His word.”

    Perfect reason to cancel this trash.

  16. anon says

    You can tell by the photo above and other photos that they are in reality, a rich yuppie and modern family that normally hangs out at exclusive country clubs and plays golf.

  17. Mike says

    This story will be over in a few days and the show will be canceled and everyone will forget about them. Remember carrie Prejean was slated to be the next Vanessa Williams by the right? NO ONES heard from that witch in 5 years!

  18. Robert M. says

    He’s a repulsive man, they all are. But nobody (and I mean nobody) has hit on why he was really suspended. It’s corporate risk management that’s at fault. They want a show about rich hillbillies but they don’t want to actually explore their whole lives, just the parts that they find funny. When hillbilly reality crashes head long into corporate risk aversion, this is what happens. If A&E wanted to truly have reality shows about reality, they would explore all aspects of these hillbillies lives and then show how their world is rooted in deeply ingrained ignorance that was out of step with a modern understanding of the world. That, of course, is, way too much “reality” for A&E..

  19. Bill says

    @JohninBend : TV has gotten so bad because of all the channels. The promise was that a large number of channels gives you more “choice.” That means each channel gets a much smaller audience, so the advertisers pay correspondingly less as well. To compensate, the fraction of the time spent on commercials has gone up substantially and the budget per program has probably dropped as well. So we have more “choices” but those choices are generally between bad and worse, and that is in comparison to what we had when TV was first called “a vast wasteland”.

    These “reality” shows are popular with the networks because the production costs are low.

  20. Ryan says

    No, crazy bigots, you do not get to wrap your bigotry around the bible and declare yourselves the victims here. One of yours compared gay people to *terrorists* and you have now firmly agreed with him.

    May A&E nip this whole thing in the bud and cancel the whole program — the family is in obvious agreement with the nut who thinks gay people are like terrorists.

  21. SpaceCadet says

    I’m not a fan of this show nor have I ever watched it but I can’t see it being cancelled. Its ratings and viewership are much too strong and it is multimillion dollar merchandise cash-cow. If A&E were to cancel it then another network would snap it up in a second. I know the show’s supporters are already massing boycotts of A&E through Facebook. I say let this demographic have their TV show. They are the type of people by and large that will justify their beliefs in the Bible and Christianity and won’t budge in their thinking. This controversy is just serving as a rallying cry to support their hero, the Duck Dynasty guy. I think the positive that will come from all of this is that people that were fans of the show but are gay-friendly will no longer watch it or at least know where this guy stands on homosexuality.

    Personally I can’t stand most reality TV crap. It appeals to the lowest common denominator. And there are plenty of people who do watch but recognize it’s trashy and just treat it as a guilty pleasure or don’t let it influence their lives in any way.

  22. EchtKultigToo says

    In 50 years, this incident and the Chik-Fil-A one will be studied by business school students as a innovative form of “hot button baiting” marketing. A&E knew exactly what they were doing. This is ALL about the bottom line. If you’re a liberal and you’re (for some reason) surprised by what the old racist hillbilly hick said, or if you’re a right-winger angry at A&E denial’s of “free speech” you’re just a pawn in the game. Sorry to break it to you. It’s called being played. Sales of Duck Dynasty related garbage will soar among the tea party pea brains and that’s all that A&E cares about. You had to appear outraged to get A&E to make a move to make other people outraged to make them go buy stuff. Call it…Rube Goldberg capitalism.

    Posting under another ID because it seems my comment was blocked? WTF Towleroad?

  23. David says

    Gays will not be helped by this man being censured (not censored, there is a difference). It makes us look petty and small. It makes us look like we’re focused on shutting people up and silencing them instead of engaging in dialogue. Ultimately, who cares if he is homophobic, many people are (and will remain so) long after the gay cause has won the historical fight. I fear we’ve lost a chance to dialogue with the fans of this show (which number in the millions) about things like gay love, sexuality, the bible, religion, and how civil rights can co-exist with freedom of religion. The fans of this show are people we should be engaging with, not just labelling them “hateful” (what does that even mean?) and shaming them into being quiet. Then they just take their views underground and a chance is lost. This “you can’t say that!” mentality is immature and small-minded. Words are not “hate” they’re words and this man doesn’t have a monopoly on them. He isn’t silencing you, so why silence him?

    If Ellen were fired for expressing her gay identity it would be called fascist and homophobic. How is this different?

  24. says

    “If Ellen were fired for expressing her gay identity it would be called fascist and homophobic. How is this different?”

    Completely different, David. Ellen’s “gay identity” does not denigrate anyone, any more than the Duck Dynasty guy’s or Jimmy Fallon’s “straight identities” denigrate people. But if Ellen suddenly starting making racist or anti-Christian rants, you can bet she’d put her show in jeopardy and, of course, it would be the same people defending the Duck guy that would be calling for her firing. That’s how it works: you’re free to say whatever you want as a TV personality but if you make inflammatory statements (even if that’s what reality stars are all about), you may have to pay the business consequences of those statements. Alec Baldwin, Martin Bashir, Paula Deen, Michael Richards etc. have all learned this lesson. People are just hypocritically selective in their outrage–you didn’t see the right upset when Bashir or Baldwin were fired.

    Also, while GLAAD and other groups have exercised their free speech rights to call out Robertson’s bigotry and, in some cases, to have him off the air, it’s A&E who made the quick call to suspend him. That was their business decision, not ours.

  25. Contrarian says

    Roll in the mud with pigs and you end up looking like swine. A&E was happy to get ratings and mucho revenue promoting this self-declared “redneck” and his backwoods clan. Now when the inevitable happens (like the producers didn’t know who they were dealing with? Com’on) suddenly A&E gets all virtuous. I’m upset with A&E more than the redneck fundies here. The latter are what they are, and the patriarch calls himself, in earlier times, “white trash”. Why give them a platform in the first place? Oh right, the Hollywood sophisticates heavy with two traditionally hated groups (Jews and Gays) just love to gawk at the rubes and feel superior. But when they get all mouthy on you, who is to blame?

  26. anon says

    There is an increasing important issue of creeping corporate censorship, but it’s generally of their customers, not their employees. Corporations that respond to any and all complaints about content, particularly anything Internet related, have become the invisible hand of censorship immune from the first amendment but not immune from political pressure. Blogs such as TR are at risk because of their content of losing their Internet hosting rights, but this is a customer-vendor issue, not a contractor-client issue.

  27. andrew says

    In the 1960’s Phil’s mind was clouded by alcohol and drugs. Now his mind is clouded by the primitive teachings of an ancient people. A people who believed in slavery, the subjugation of women, that those who work on the Sabbath, commit adultery, curse their parents, worship gods other than Yahweh etc should be stoned to death. If that weren’t bad enough, they believed diseases ere caused by evil spirits. Yep, this Jesus, that so many acclaim, actually believed that diseases are caused by evil spirits.

  28. UFFDA says

    David and Ernies exchange was telling and valuable. Thanks gents.

    I had never heard of this Duck show which with its audience sounds too vomitatious to countenance in any way. No one should know about it or, most of all, indulge it with any form of attention.

  29. Christopher says

    The issue was not his expression of faith. Every episode showed the expression of their faith. They were hired to express their faith, Christians for $$$$ is what this is all about.

    He was put on hiatus because his hateful words do not align with A&E policies. Read the whole GQ interview, he has some negative issues on race as well.

    He was also put on hiatus to make some more money, it’s a calculated marketing move. Someone took the “Paula Dean” issue and learned how to make it work.

  30. David says


    Excellent point about Ellen. However, there is a perception problem at the center of this all that we just have to accept. Certainly all of us here agree that this man is “denigrating” gays with his comments. Ellen being herself is not the same as someone spewing these hurtful, damaging ideas about gay people. That is the truth. But to this man, from his point of view (and the many other that think like him) he is expressing a deeply held religious belief. There are even people who support gays that would still see things that way. Not everyone sees our point of view as the only truth. We have our emotional response to the words he expressed because of our experience of homophobia. But not everyone has that experience. What I’m saying is, sometimes we need to take the higher ground and be the adults in the conversation. We’re big boys now, after all, and we can “use our words” instead of invective. We can disagree, offer evidence to support our claims, and express our experience. We can even speak passionately and personally while remaining civil. We can reach out and engage in dialogue. When we resort to name calling, for instance the word “bigot” we’re hurting our own cause. It’s no fun having to help these ignorant straight people think, certainly. It’s a burden. But we have allies now who help us. We can calmly say, “I don’t see the bible that way and here’s why….” If instead we label people bigots we’re seen as merely the flip of homophobia. They call us sinners and faggots and deviants. We call them bigots and homophobes and repulsive. Everyone is just labeling each other instead of engaging in the ideas. In addition, in order to be seen as fair we have to suffer a certain level of this nonsense in order to keep good faith as members of a democratic, pluralistic society. We gain when we’re perceived as being able to reasonably disagree.

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