1. Derrick from Philly says

    Very nice. But if I could live out the rest of my days without dealing with snow again I’d be happy.

  2. Merv says

    It’s kind of strange that a company that during the last decade has exercised hegemony over mind share in the consumer technology industry is still trying to present itself as representative of the lonely, misunderstood minority. I wonder how long they can continue to pull off this sleight of hand.

  3. Seattle Mike says

    Definitely tugs at the heart strings. Now if only that’s what teens who are glued to their iphones were actually doing.

  4. Nat says

    Cool video but I call some BS, unless Apple changed something about how the iPhone takes video, it looks like he shot everything in portrait but everything came out widescreen/landscape.

    I don’t have an iphone myself but can you now take a video that’s widescreen while the phone is in portrait orientation?

  5. Zlick says

    Curmudgeon alert: So the miscreant all-too-typical kid who ignores his entire family during Christmas and probably does the same to everyone in his entire life at every waking moment to keep his nose inside his Wall-E World Making device was really just recording everything from his detached observational loser loner status to contribute love and joy to his peoples? Uh-Huh, yeah. Sorry to be cynical, but making lemonade from the lemon of this horrific modern lifestyle didn’t work at all for me.

  6. Pablo says

    Cute, but 99% of those who won’t get off their phones during group functions are not simply creating something touching they’re eventually going to share. They’re mindlessly and selfishly ignoring others to cycle through social media feeds and apps.

  7. FernLaPlante says

    Nope. If we are to take this at face value then this kid still managed to miss most events since he had his head buried in his phone. He could have just put the device down and experienced it with his own eyes.

  8. peterparker says

    I love my iPhone, iPad Air, MacBook Air and MacPro…almost as much as I love my Apple stock which has *soared* since I bought it years ago.

  9. zabar says

    I dunno, it kind of felt like it was endorsing people who are completely disassociated from their surroundings and are buried in their smartphones. Its nice the kid made a video but JEEZ!

  10. Joey Y says

    Look at this parade of annoying queens who whine about even a nice holiday message for a family. I suppose unless the commercial includes footage of some “diva gay icon” it’s a waste of time.

  11. Joey Y says

    Okay, after I actually watched the commercial myself, I really don’t see what the big fuss is either. Nice enough, but pretty ho-hum for a supposed “creative” company. I guess it wouldn’t have killed them to have Beyoncé. But still, why does everyone have to be so negative?

  12. CAM says

    Dunno, I liked it. Though, the dad looks about 37 and the kid is about 16…. Perhaps he is sad and introverted because his parents had him before they were ready for children and the weight of having ruined their youth and options falls on his shoulders like so many bricks… or it was just hard to find a hot dad that looked 45?

  13. Seattle Mike says

    Isn’t somebody supposed to be complaining about how there are no people of color in this?

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Isn’t somebody supposed to be complaining about how there are no people of color in this?”

    Not necessary. There are some people of color in that family. They’re PINK from the cold and all that damn snow.

  15. Ian D says

    This was filmed a few blocks from my house in The Highlands, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada… And yes, it did make me cry… So I guess it was effective, lol…

  16. Christopher says

    This is what my family should have been doing when my father was alive and the kids were young, unconditional love and togetherness. However for my siblings, that would have meant attending my parents church on Christmas. How would they explain this to their respective congregations? You know on Christmas, “…We have to go to OUR church.” Family gathering don’t go well when family members don’t want to relinquish control. Christmases aren’t enjoyable when family members can’t look past differences. Maybe they should get iPhones…
    So happy to have new traditions with my husband and our new expanded family. I look forward to the day when we have our children in the mix, playing in the snow and decorating the tree.