1. Derrick from Philly says

    The first time I became aware Jared Leto was in the Jodi Foster movie “Panic Room”. He was wonderful in that movie. He’s obviously a very dedicated artist.

    He’ll be carrying home an Oscar next February.

    Oh, and it “Panic Room” he had the cutest butt.

  2. Patrick says

    @litper haven’t you ever heard that the most beautiful thing about a man is something feminine and the most beautiful thing about a woman is something masculine? I’m gay.

  3. Tyler says

    Litper, I thought Rick had retired you? Rick, I thought you had taken a break from posting outright insulting comments and instead went back to posting rants under your more common aliases. Guess I was wrong.

    Isn’t it funny how Leto has the courage to portray a Trans woman in front of the whole world while Rick can’t even muster the courage to come out to his family and friends? What a pathetic troll.

    Litper (aka Rick), get a life!

  4. Robert says

    There’s just something about him. Such star quality. And he’s probably the best vocalist in rock music.

    He’s just one of those entertainers I will always be drawn to. Juliette Lewis. Jennifer Lawrence. Jack Lemmon. Maggie Smith. Patrick Stewart. Stevie Nicks. Certain people can do *anything*, and it works.

  5. Mike Ryan says

    Jared Leto is 42 years old. You can only wish and dream that you will or do look that good. I will see the movie altho having lived here in SF as an openly gay person my whole life, I know it is going to be difficult because I have lost so many friends and acquaintances. And it hasn’t always been from AIDs. Just before Thanksgiving a former boyfriend woke up to find his new boyfriend of eight months was dead beside him. What a stunner, huh? How do you even cope with that? SF Coroner still hasn’t released a cause of death but did say he died around 3am. My friend did not awake until 7am. He was just 38 years old.

    Here’s hoping Leto walks off with an Oscar. I will be pulling for him.

  6. Bill says

    It must be hard for a normal man to play a tranny. It is more than just putting on makeup and false boobs. You have to really get into the severe mental disorder that is tranny-ism. You have to not only have the delusion that you are a female but you also have to believe that you look like a woman when everyone around you can see that you look like Frankenstein in a dress. Finally, you have to develop a sense of rage and self-righteousness, directing all your anger and hostility outward as you blame others for the failure that is your life. It is a big challenge for any actor, especially a normal, healthy human being like Leto.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Finally, you have to develop a sense of rage and self-righteousness, directing all your anger and hostility outward as you blame others for the failure that is your life.”


  8. says

    It’s a wonderfully nuanced performance, actually. The film is full of sterling performances. I was in the Daily Show aud yesterday (WOOHOO!!!) and it was a thrill to see Jordan Catalano in the flesh. I love how he’s always leaning. Against stuff. He leans great. 😉

    But D.B.C. is a good film and the acting is riveting – Leto’s commentary on how the character’s physicality becomes you is spot-on.

  9. Leah says

    if he really wants to get in character, he will need to cut off his dong, pay a bunch of doctors to carve a fake vag and then start hating on real women for having what he will never have. when is towlroad going to cover trans activists assaults on women??

  10. Jim says

    Reading these comments here on Towleroad is depressing. I thought nasty, angry, vindictive people only posted on Breitbart or other right wing sites. Boy was I wrong.

  11. Thedrdonna says

    @ Leah: care to provide some (linked) stories of trans activists who have assaulted cis women? Please provide actual links, because just saying “someone did something” means nothing,

  12. Marc says

    I can’t wait for his Oscar acceptance speech. Or, at the very least, a nomination. His portrayal was equally fierce and heartbreaking. I was in awe. Such a beautiful, tender performance. Truly spectacular. (And damn, he makes a beautiful woman… and man!)

  13. Leah says


    sure tranny. you want links about trans violence against women? you got it. go to this page and you will find a list of 100-200 links to news reports of from all over the country. links also include violence against children and even a few men.

    dont whine that the page is on a feminist blog. a feminist may have gathered them but the links are to regular media. after you read through all the links come back and let us all know if the trans activists plan to do anything for any of these victims or when they have ever said one word about this violence.

    happy reading you misogynistic loser.

  14. Derrick from Philly says


    what about biological woman violence against biological women? It happens.

    Also, what about biological woman violence against Transwomen?

    Your point is silly.

  15. RICK says

    Shhhh Leah, don’t you know those aren’t actually trannies? Just ask the trannies, they’ll be the first to say so. Anytime one of them rapes or assaults someone then all we hear is “They aren’t really trans!” but the second anyone is the victim who is remotely gender nonconforming they instantly make the person a martyr of their cause whether the person wants to or not.

    The truth is that these crossdressers and shims are widely criminals and sexual predators but we can’t talk about that ugly truth because it’s not “PC”. I’m sick and tired of them trying to compare their fetishes to who we love. What about you DrDonna, are you a sexual predator or just trying to cover for them?

  16. Mike says

    “Reading these comments here on Towleroad is depressing. I thought nasty, angry, vindictive people only posted on Breitbart or other right wing sites. Boy was I wrong.”

    A single troll with many aliases is not indicative of an entire blogs readership. Trolls gonna troll. Just look away and don’t toss them the attention they so desperately desire.

  17. Thedrdonna says

    Hahaha Leah really? Equating crossdressers with trans women, and lumping in people who are not being overseen by psychiatrists and didn’t pursue transition until later, is pretty intellectually dishonest. But really, if someone is trying to figure out who’s on the wrong side, look at the vitriol. Look at who is slinging insults.

  18. RICK says

    See Leah, told you. DrDonna’s response was “Oh well THOSE trannies aren’t REAL trannies.” They’re so eager to coopt people when it makes them look like victims but expose them for the predators they really are and they plead innocence. Anything to shift the blame.

  19. FFS says

    I’d hit it.

    Well, well. Female-hating Rick is now posting under supposedly female sock puppet aliases. And posing as a militant feminist, no less.

    Now, I’ve seen everything.

  20. emjayay says

    OK,I can’t think of the film or the guy’s name, but some I think Irish guy did some similar (but not with AIDs I think) role in a film a few years ago, but it was somehow awful and I didn’t watch more than 15 minutes of it. DBC in general and Leto are fine. Anyone remememer it?

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