1. MajorTom says

    Russell Tovey is not just one of the hottest out gay actors on the planet, he’s one of the hottest men period, IMHO. [Insert juvenile torpedo straddling joke HERE]

  2. Nelly_in_SJ says

    Hopefully this will be good. I hope it does not become annoying in the way that GIRLS became annoying because it was just unrelatable and not convincing at all. Hopefully we will see something entertaining and stuff we can relate to in a convincing way, cuz I’m eager to see if its any good.

  3. Felix says

    I’ll watch. Tovey is adorable. However I feel compeled to quote a scene from ‘Will & Grace':
    “Let me start by saying how gratifying it is to see so many white faces here tonight.”


  4. uptownroger says

    I keep seeing all these “all white guys” posts on here. Is Frankie J. Alvarez white? Because I’m pretty sure he’s not. I could be wrong. But I don’t think I am.

  5. TonyC says

    Russell is totally sexy .. thought i was the only one who loved his cute ears!! Didn’t know he was gay

    Yeah no black guys!?!?

    If that nitemare GURLZ can work, this will be a hit

  6. UFFDA says

    God this looks cute! It looks like a model for how gay men should and could behave – no fats, no fems, no fruits. Hallelulia. Just men who go for men.

    And Scott Bakula, this is a guy with a very special form of charisma in all he does, a comforting masculinity, friendly, unspoiled and warm. I admire him by an extra league for playing a part.

  7. rascal says

    @UFFDA (or Rick) – if you’re not being facetious (and I don’t think you are), you have to know what a despicable and provocative comment yours is. Nothing like a little prejudice and fascism to prove that gays are no better than anyone else!

  8. says

    Tovey is one of the most adorable men on the planet. That he’s also a talented actor, gay, sweet, and charming… makes him a perfect 10 in my book.

    Bakula has always been handsome… and he hasn’t lost a thing getting older.

  9. ScottL says

    A general recommendation to all of our series producers on here, your audience could be widened a little more by taking the great background soundtrack down three clicks and making sure your sound engineers, along with the actors/tresses, see that the enunciation is crisp enough to be heard over the music. Although music can add to the depth of a scene/series, it is the emotion conveyed in the speech of your characters that carry the piece. Such consideration would make the enjoyment increase. Rewinding (is that the term on these internet things) repeatedly to catch a word does not make for a good experience.

  10. Moretruth says

    Already the chatter in SF is how unrealistic it will be. Will there be an Asian-American or Filipino-American/Pacific Islander? And even if, do you first see one in the, like, eighth episode? And he’ll be a hairdresser or a bitchy retail clerk, I’ll bet. More likely, I suspect it will be all-white (played by half Australian or British actors, naturally) with a token African-American male and probably a black/white lesbian couple. Of course, that’s not SF. It’s Pittsburgh. The SF gay scene is variations of white,Asian (chinese, japanese, SE asian, Korean, etc.), filipino/Pac islander, latino, South Asian (India, etc) and African-American. Will be interesting to see if that truth is represented at all.

  11. crispy says

    “Will there be an Asian-American or Filipino-American/Pacific Islander? ”

    An actor named Justin Chao has a 3-episode arc beginning in the first episode.

    It’s amazing how much easier it is to google than post ignorant, bitchy comments.

  12. Moretruth says

    Wrong, Crispy, it’s not my obligation to dig for information. One would think the trailer would do that..wonder why it didn’t? Hmmm. Given they have folks related to the show trolling her (like you, presumably), I suspect it’s a touchy subject. The chatter I spoke about should not be the least bit surprising, or unwarranted, given the publicity efforts for the show so far….or for past efforts of this kind (including Tales of the City, Queer as Folk, etc. or most any movie or TV set in SF)

  13. John says

    I’m not so keen on all the beards. It is a taste and age thing, I know. Of course, Russell and Scott make up for a lot in the other departments. I do like my soaps to be filled with hotties. I’m shallow that way.

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