Michigan GOP Refuses to Condemn Vile, Anti-Gay Comments Made By RNC Committeeman

Dave AgemaLast week, Michigan RNC Committeeman (and noted homophobe) Dave Agema came to the defense of 'traditional marriage' at a GOP holiday reception by saying that gays falsely claim people with AIDS as their lovers in order to cheat the system and get free medical benefits.

Disgusting comments right? Well the Michigan Republican Party doesn't seem to think so. ABC 13 reports that the state party held a meeting on Saturday in Lansing and chose to ignore a proposed measure that would have disavowed the party of "demagogic rhetoric that is incendiary and unbecoming of civil discourse." Although the measure didn't mention Agema by name, it was widely interpreted to be in reference to Agema's incendiary comments. But neither the measure, nor Agema's comments, was addressed publicly at the meeting.

Agema also made no mention of the controversy when he spoke at the meeting. He did, however, promote the party platform, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman and urge party members to avoid "the quagmire of political correctness."

In a Facebook post, Equality Michigan managing director Emily Dievendorf denounced the party's decision to ignore Agema's comments:

Today was more than a missed opportunity, it was a slap in the face to all those who are harmed enough by an almost complete lack of basic rights in Michigan for LGBT people," she said. 


  1. asamb says

    And yet Towleroad fails to criticize Lady Gaga for collaborating with TI, a singer who has made homophobic statements.

    Towleroad also failed to criticize Katy Perry for presumably allowing Roar to be used by NBC in its coverage of the Sochi Olympics in homophobic Russia.

    Towleroad has failed the consistency test on gay rights.

  2. DannyEastVillage says

    ASAMB obviously has his own agenda when it comes to visiting Towleroad – and it isn’t to stay informed.

    He reminds me of those tiresomely humorless lesbians of the 1970s who felt it was their duty to call out anyone who had stepped a hair’s breadth outside the latest boundary of political correctness.

    Yes, they were often organizing and giving directions at ACT-UP demos, but they were impossible to be around. ASAMB seems equally astute at enumerating others’ malfeasance. I bet everybody he knows crosses the street when they see him coming.

  3. David says

    ASAMB: When did we start holding entertainers to the same standard as political figures who, y’know, craft laws that affect everyone and determine how our tax dollars are spent?

  4. David says

    ASAMB: “Entertainers make a lot of money off us. The standards we apply as a community should be the same regardless of whether it’s a politician or entertainer.”

    So we should hold Justin Bieber to the same standards as President Obama? That’s absolutely ridiculous, and you know it.

  5. *****overTX says

    Do some of you have nothing else to do other than find ignorant crap to argue about in the hope of making yourselves look important and intelligent? Learn to bake cookies and take them to your local homeless shelter!

  6. andrew says

    @DannyEastVillage, @ Patrich, @David. @Ernie: You may not be aware of the fact that ASAMB is the notorious RICK. He constantly post bigoted and hateful remarks about women and “effeminate” gay men. You are wasting your time on him. He is not a person amenable to rational discussion of anything. He is a deeply troubled individual. Nothing you say to him will alter his narrow bigoted view of the world.

  7. jjose712 says

    asamb: Sorry, but i don’t understand the connection between what pop divas do or chose to collaborate, with polititians who have the power to make your life a lot worse

  8. q says

    Here ya go ASAMB;

    Katy Perry “PRESUMABLY” …

    Right there. Did ya see how ya did that, Punk?

    Just like a FOX Troll.

    The only false moral equivolency we have here…

    …is between YOUR EARS.

    Now Eff off, Liar.

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