1. Hey Darlin' says

    When someone speaks of “Traditional Values” I can’t help but think about the Native Americans and the traditional values of this great country of theirs.

    Don’t delude yourself into thinking your values are preferential to anyone else’s. Also, don’t think that when the international backlash begins for imposing “Traditional Beliefs” on the rest on the world we won’t point them in the right direction.

  2. Hey Darlin' says

    Do we not wonder what Fox gets in return for the advertising they do for these organizations. They are getting paid well, you can trust that. Bill O’Reilly is no more than an infomercial moderator for Fox and the organizations they choose to promote.

  3. Lucas H says

    Ahhhhhh, the annual one-sided “war on christmas” gag. It’s like a holiday tradition now! I can’t wait to see Colbert’s skit this year.

  4. Bernie says

    what is really maddening about the supposed “war” on Christmas is that the folks complaining about it NEVER take into consideration there are other religions, cultures and other celebrations in December…ie..Hanukah,Kwanzaa, etc..NO ONE is stopping YOU from celebrating Christmas in your own way and style except YOURSELF

  5. says

    *rolls eyes* This “War On Christmas” cr*p is just more stupidity created by Fox News to get the Hover-round Brigade all lathered up and feed the persecution complex of the Religious Wrong.

    No one is stopping them from celebrating Christmas the way they want to, and Obama is not going to send Seal Team 6 to bust down their door if they pray to little baby Jesus.

  6. jakeinlove says

    The War on Christmast, ha, while he blithely ignores Black Friday and Cyber Monday as it exemplifies America’s mostly true definition of Christmas; a time we can extend our gluttony and share it with others.

  7. BETTY says

    WILL: A made up “boogeyman” to get a certain segments panties in a wad over nothing. You know what the real “war on” was this year? Thanksgiving. We turned it into another shopping day instead of a holiday to spend with family and to give thanks for what “God” has given us. It’s funny, you would think Republicans would have been up in arms over the destruction of this TRADITIONAL holiday for FAMILIES? Oh wait, when it comes down to $$$$$ or families we know what side the GOP always chooses. They never practice what they preach to the rest of us.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    “@ What exactly is a ‘war on christmas’?’

    I’m not sure, Will. I guess if we invaded Antarctica on December 25th. There would be a lot of civilian penguin casulties. But that’s war.

  9. BETTY says

    It’s hard to claim a war on Christmas when radio stations go all-Christmas music November 1st and retail puts up Christmas decorations mid-November, etc, etc.

  10. james st. james says

    “War on Christmas” makes as much sense as “Take Back America” which only makes sense if you’re an American Indian driving around on a reservation.

    The only ones who can complain about Christmas being under attack are the Pagans who used to have this beautiful Solstice celebration to themselves.

  11. anon says

    There’s no doubt that having a manger with Christ Child, Mary, Joseph and some animals, along with the reciting of biblical passages in live action theater is a statement of political power. Basically, they are saying they have the political power to command the public square and use the power of the state to broadcast their religious messages. This would never happen in a predominately Jewish or Muslim town, but there might be some other holiday or religious message broadcast. So, while there are innocent aspects to the tradition, it is first and foremost a display of political power.

  12. says

    Here we go again, Fox trotting out their tired old meme about how “persecuted” Christians are when a salesclerk wishes them Happy Holidays instead of their preferred salutation.

    The poor things! *rolls eyes*

    Of course it never occurs to them that not ALL customers are Christian and neither are all of the salesclerks. Or that there are multiple holidays (including New Years).

  13. says

    Oh, and a few years ago the Daily Show showed Fox News OWN “Christmas” card that they sent out.

    It said “Happy Holidays.”

    They’re just whipping up their core audience, getting their Depends in a twist!

  14. jamal49 says

    Bill, honey, other than in your pathological fantasies, there is no “war on Christmas”. There never was. Bill? Sit down and shut up.

  15. walter says

    what does orally know about war ? didn’t he avoid vietnam . also hasn’t he heard the popes cries against capitalism doesn’t he think they mean him too. who actually cares whether someones says happy ho;idays or merry christmas especially to people you don’t know . you don’t know whether they are christian or not

  16. FFS says

    He also brought that Waters creep on to giggle and titter at gender reassignment being considered legitimate medical treatment, so that Bill could try to look “tolerant” by saying, “Hold on. We’re not laughing at that. We don’t make fun of that.”

    The old “I’m not saying these people are a joke. Really, I’m NOT saying THESE PEOPLE ARE A JOKE,” canard. He’s disgusting.

  17. Rotundra says

    There are indeed individuals and organizations in this country which would try to deny us the Christianity in our culture and history. Your opinion of that religion is irrelevant , the fact is that it’s part of our American culture and our mother countries in Europe and the British Isles.

    Many of the same people who blitch and moan about the creche or other decorations on public lawns or buildings, come back from vacations they designed for their cultural enrichment and on which they intend to dine interminably. So they think it’s wonderful to see some heathen festival in Botswana, and visit Switzerland while it looks like Gump’s windows, but God forbid that there be a creche at the town hall. Screw such people, with Derrick’s nasty little bits.

  18. Chadd says

    He really should investigate the War on Thanksgiving. Why is that tradition not worth protecting? In 10 years, its going to be just another shopping day…

  19. andrew says

    @ROTUNDRA: We should follow the example of “our mother countries in Europe and the British Isles” and celebrate the cultural aspects of Christmas and other Christian holy days and enjoy the religious myths but recognize that they are no more real than the pagan Greek myths and the
    gods of Olympus. They are all part of our rich cultural heritage but they are beautiful myths and should be celebrated as such.