1. Cantus Firmus says

    They are amazingly gifted and I admire how perfectly well they harmonize with each other. But I am not convinced of this rendition. They’ve turned this carol into an act of showmanship. It seems like they rather enjoy their own skills than the song itself. In my opinion, the performance should serve the music and not the ego – especially when it comes to Christmas music.

  2. Howard says

    I am so happy for their success. It’ so nice to hear singing in its purest form rather than the electronic , over produced “product” that passes for music today. The Sing Off is the best singing competition on TV.

  3. Michael says

    The use of beat boxing seems to have become a required part of a capella music today. It can augment a song, but, like this one, overpower it. I wish that groups would back off of its use…i like me some old school a capella like New York Voices and Manhattan Transfer!

  4. jjose712 says

    It’s nice to see that something so out of mainstream like acapella group in a very small discography are getting that success.

    They only need (i think Scott say something like that in a interview) to reach radio (wich is probably the most difficult thing for someone not backed by a big company). But with the right material, they are perfect for AC and HOt AC

  5. Ricco says

    I agree, CANTUS FIRMUS – Frist this is not one of my favorite carols, but that’s all subject, as, “I suppose” my opinion that their vocals were overwoked, and overshadowed the melody.

    Little Drummer, one of the sillist Christmas Carols about a kid who comes into the manger banging a drum just after Mary and Josep spent many hours traveling on a donkey through a desert, and who knows how much time trying to get a room, just to sleep in a smelly, poopy manger, go through the ordeal of birthing a child, just to have some well intended come in banging on a drum! I Don’t think so . . . but as silly as I always thought the lyrics, it is one of the most melodious and beautiful Christmas Carols, and Pentatonix did a BEAUTIFUL job, not trying to do vocal acrobatics, but just a straight forward, yet interesting interpretation of the song.

    I do not know why they did not do the same here.

    But I do hope to hear more from them.

  6. Sean says

    Sorry, but I couldn’t get through it. I’m confused why a capella singers would try to sound like they were some kind of studio-produced sound. But it’s all derivative, right down to the ubiquitous hand gestures.

    Cantus Firmus nailed it.

  7. says

    Wow! Way to spread the Christmas cheer, grumpy, old bitches! Those who left nice comments; good for you. Don’t know why I bother reading comments on this site. Most are hateful, toxic posts by what I hope are trolls. It’d be so sad if that level of bile really represents our community. Merry Christmas!

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