1. Francis says

    The world is becoming more queer. Even in rural Alabama. And the heterosupremacists and homophobes can’t handle it. I love watching their tears and seeing them uncomfortable.

  2. woody says

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, Alabama once again wants to bury its collective head in the sand. This wouldn’t raise an eyebrow in New Orleans, or even Mobile for that matter.
    This mom should realize how tame and good-natured this guys are. Open her eyes up the the beautiful and entertaining world.
    Kids will see a lot more on the internet.

  3. CD in DC says

    not sure which is harder to understand, having batons and not twirling them or the bored looks on sign carriers faces but either way, hope Miss Mariah Carey bundles them all up for Christmas and gets them out of Alabama fast as she can. Worked for me.

  4. Rick says

    Black gay men will undoubtedly be the very last to surrender the culture of effeminacy…..precisely because the community they are a part of is the most homophobic of any in society.

    The culture of effeminacy–being a product of oppression and the internalization of the ideology of the oppressors–thrives in the most oppressive of environments……so it will most likely survive among blacks in the Deep South long after it has been abandoned by every other group.

  5. disgusted american says

    whats so bad about this – they’re dressed- and in holiday garb- and talented….soooooo..? Ohhh yea – its the south’s racism + Homophobia!!!

  6. says

    It’ hilarious and sweet! No doubt the folks complaining would have loved a float featuring Patriotic Second-Amendment Fan Americans, toting their guns. which is everything wrong with culture.

    violence = yay! the only people who’d have a problem with this are folks who could best help America by adding a spoonful (or five) of strychnine to their eggnog this season. 😀

  7. Derrick From Philly says

    Wow. This is pretty insulting to them. They seem like a good group of girls. OK, so they may not be the most attractive women you’ve ever seen. I don’t think that’s any reason to call them an “all-male” team. Jeez, Towleroad, how rude!

  8. Dave says

    @Little Kiwi:

    1. There is no evidence that any of your adversaries here are closeted.

    2. There is no evidence that you are happy. Your own posts suggest deep-seated bitterness.

  9. Jackson says

    Its kind of sad that these guys are going through all this effort just to put down themselves and gay people. If they dressed and danced as males, most of the objections would vanish and people could focus on their dancing talent. They could do something positive for gay people in a hostile state like Alabama. Imagine how great it would be if they were talented male dancers who were cheered at their appearances.

    instead they go out of their way to promote a terrible stereotype, confirming in the minds of many Alabamians that gay men are really sort of failed men who want to dress up like women. Shame on them. I hope they fail and are forgotten.

  10. Tony says

    Funny how the “effeminate gay” haters are quick to judge. Whenever there is a fight for equality, it’s the ones who are dubbed effeminate marching, challenging the laws and sacrificing their well-being, not the so called masculine closeted trolls who enjoy the freedoms gained by the non-straight acting gays they look down on. At least these men are brave enough to march in a rural Alabama town.

  11. Mary says

    I agree with those who say this was over the top. Personally I think anything suggestive with a Christmas twist to it is inappropriate – straight OR gay. Christmas in any form – religious or secular – is not supposed to be about sexuality. This unnecessarily antagonizes religious people and those who although not religious enjoy the “peace and goodwill” emphasis of the holiday.

    That said, gay people have every right to celebrate Christmas as they see fit. In private, things like this really aren’t inappropriate. But not in a public parade in Alabama.

    In a similar vein, it’s inappropriate for people to be giving out Christian evangelical tracts at a gay rights march or gay pride parade – no matter how much they are motivated by the desire to see gay people “saved”. Gay people know about Christianity and don’t need to have it shoved in their faces at their own events. Jesus will also be available to people tomorrow when the parade is over. So tract-giving can wait.

    Sometimes evangelicals get overly zealous and need to be reigned in.

  12. AmericanDreamer says

    I am a very liberal minded gay man with kids of my own

    Quite frankly I think their outfits and dance routine were a little too risque for the audience.

    They should have had the common sense to tone it down for this audience.

    Save the short shorts for more mature audiences in a different setting.

  13. KidJ/NYU says


    “Whenever there is a fight for equality, it’s the ones who are dubbed effeminate marching, challenging the laws and sacrificing their well-being . . .”

    Mmm, yeah. Except for the soldiers who risked their careers to end DADT, the plaintiffs in Hollingsworth, the lads who take male dates to their high school proms in states like Georgia, and the athletes who came out this year. You’re either a liar or a fool.

    The difference b/t the examples above and the “Prancing Elites”? The guys in the examples above conduct themselves with dignity and are fighting to make things better for themselves and other gay people. The “Prancing Elites” just get a thrill out of being a public spectacle of self-degradation. They couldn’t care less how their actions reflect upon or impact other gay people.

  14. Tony says


    I can gaurantee that if you ask any of the “masculine police” what is their definition of a masculine gay person, the soliders, plaintiffs in Supreme Court cases, male high school students and recently out athletes would not make the list. They would nitpick about their voices being to high or hairstyle or something else. Just read the comments, it’s all there.

  15. dam846201 says

    Guess it’s a good thing those offended weren’t in Elizabethan England. They would never have seen a Shakespeare play since all women’s roles were played by men “in drag.” For Heaven’s sake Alabama grow a pair & tuck ’em!

  16. Mike says


    Yeah yeah yeah to tolerance and equal rights and all.

    But you also have to remember good taste. This show is so NOT what I’d want to see, especially if there were small children around.

  17. KidJ/NYU says


    I dunno. Maybe “Rick” would have that ridiculous attitude, but I think most of the people here just want to see gay men conduct themselves with dignity as men.

    Take NPH for example. He’s not stereotypically masculine. He sings and dances and loves Broadway musicals and he told Conan O’Brien that he never played sports as a kid. But so what? I’ve never heard anyone, not even the judgmental “Rick”, put him down for a lack of masculinity or manliness. Probably that’s because he conducts himself with dignity and respect, and while he’ll go pretty far for to make his audience laugh, he won’t degrade himself as a gay man or as a man. Could you see him participating in this group? No way, unless it was part of an SNL comedy skit or a scene from HIMYM.

  18. puhleeeeze, Blanche says

    Dignity means not living in fear of what bigots think. This is something confident and empowered people understand.

    Dignity does not mean “doing what anti-gay bigots want” – that’s the exact opposite.

    Just because your parents think this is “undignified” doesn’t mean it actually is, Kid.

  19. Frank says

    So let me get this straight. Everyone has a problem with the “prancing elites” marching in a Christmas parade and complains about the skimpiness of their outfits, but when it comes to events like the Santa speedo run, nobody has anything negative to say? Nope. No double standard there.

  20. Prancin' For Baby Jesus says

    These guys are not exactly my cup of tea, even though I do deeply admire their chuptzpah to perform like this.

    As for those saying this was too sexual…..have you ever been to a small-town Deep South Christamas parade that didn’t have majorettes in tight, sequined hoochie-girl singlets? If that wasn’t “too sexual” 40 years ago, there’s no way in he11 that these guys are too sexual in 2013, unless you wanna try to deep-throat that hypocrisy dildo.

    I do wish the one in front could lose that gut and maybe the piercing too. Otherwise, as performers, impressive. Would love to give them all big hugs, and maybe big kisses for a couple of them.

  21. Jeff York says

    It was a good “Shock to the System” for Alabama’ homophobes. That includes those of you that have a problem with effeminate guys dancing. Get a grip, these are guys kicking down closet doors for us to walk through.

  22. Concord says

    The fem bashing in the gay community has GOT to stop. We have feminine gay men part of our LGBT. Get over it and accept that fact. We’re a diverse crowd.

  23. Rito says

    It’s often the fake masculine gays with the most self hate in our community, and often denouncing an judging gays who aren’t exactly like them. Masculine machismo type gays are actually NO different than the worst homophobe. Except they can’t fight their urge for cock.

  24. Luke says

    Hyper masculine gays are no more dignified than the biggest fem queen. That fem queen who struts his stuff and is unapologetically himself is far more of a hero for me than any masculine type fixated on an unnatural (and fake façade) of male masculinity that he puts up as a front.

  25. Two trey says

    Machismo gays, just join the ex gay program already. You know you want to. LGBT OTOH will always be about embracing non conformist members of our community, if you can’t deal with that, again, join the ex gay conversion already. Be done with it.

  26. Ricardo says

    Wow. The gay community wants respect and rights but is the FIRST in line to blast feminine members of their own community. What hypocrites. You want to be accepted for being different, but can’t accept members of your own community for their difference and being fem.

  27. KidJ/NYU says

    @Puhleeze Blanche:

    I agree that they shouldn’t refrain from degrading conduct in order to placate bigots. They should refrain from degrading themselves because they deserve to be viewed with dignity and respect regardless of context. So they shouldn’t degrade themselves before a jeering crowd in Alabama AND they shouldn’t degrade themselves in front of a cheering crowd in West Hollywood.

    You may think that dignity has no substance, that it is just a word that your parents use to control you, but you are very wrong. It is about how you see yourself in relation to other human beings and the universe. It is a terrible thing when people are denied dignity by others, but it is 1000X worse when people deny themselves dignity, as is the case with these prancing men.

    BTW, it is interesting that you use “Blanche” in your name. Why do you see gay men as quasi-women? What is it about homosexuality that leads you to conclude that non-trans gay men should be called by the female name of a character played by Betty Davis or one of the Golden Girls? You have real issues of internalized homophobia and sexism to deal with.

  28. Tom in Lazybrook says

    I’m from the area. Before you judge them for being scandalous for their outfits, please note that the area is famous for its Mardi Gras (which predates New Orleans’ celebration) and which prominently features troups of middle and high school girls dry humping the pavement while bands play songs like “Back Dat Ass Up” or other suggestive lyrics. I wasn’t at the parade in Semmes, but I’d be willing to bet money that Mary G Montgomery HS (the local HS in Semmes) sent its dance troupe and they probably were wearing fewer clothes than the Prancing Elites. They are part of the community. They weren’t doing anything other than dancing fabulously and looking awesome. I’m hoping we see them at Mardi Gras.

  29. Rick says

    “”Dignity means not living in fear of what bigots think. This is something confident and empowered people understand.

    Dignity does not mean “doing what anti-gay bigots want” – that’s the exact opposite.

    Just because your parents think this is “undignified” doesn’t mean it actually is, Kid”

    What you don’t seem to understand is that these “men” are not confident and empowered……they have capitulated to homophobic straights by internalizing the view that those homophobes have of homosexuality. Their view is that male homosexuality equates to deficient and/or non-existent masculinity–in effect, to making yourself into a pseudo-woman.

    So the way to demonstrate confidence, self-respect, and empowerment would be to contradict their view by behaving in a naturally masculine way–which would frustrate and anger those bigots to no end.

    But instead, those who behave effeminately are essentially waving the white flag of surrender, acknowledging their inferiority, and legitimizing the views of homophobes… behaving in totally unnatural ways.

    Far from being defiant, they are as conformist–and as pathetic–as they can possibly be, the gay equivalents of Uncle Toms dancing around to please the master, as one observed in one of the scenes in “Twelve Years a Slave”

  30. Jaker says

    @tyler. nope. believe it or not, not everyone agrees or walks lockstep with the pc left. even liberals like me.

    i also take great issue with rick’s attacks on effeminate men in general.

  31. CB says

    A Christmas parade is suppose to be for the kids. I know that I will take heat for this, but I think this was unacceptable. I would also think the same if the NRA marched toting guns.

  32. andrew says

    The dancers seemed very polite and respectful of others in their comments. They intended no offense and from what I saw on that clip, no offense should have been taken.

  33. simon says

    Hope you are man enough to say that in the face of some tough drag queen. You know there are boxers who are also cross dressers. There is a movie called Madam Sata about a Brazilian drag queen who happened to be also a gangster.
    Sometimes appearance can be deceptive. Hope you don’t get yourself into trouble.

  34. Damian says

    to call them “pathetic” & equate femininity with “inferiority” is really more of a comment on yourself & your own self-hatred.
    As a mature gay man who’s been around for all the struggles our diverse community has endured for the last 4 decades…I thought they were a blast!
    Best of the season to all.

  35. Rick says

    ” “I’m not ashamed to dress like a woman because I don’t think it’s shameful to be a woman.” ”

    It’s not shameful to be a woman if you ARE a woman. It is shameful and ridiculous to try to act like a woman when you are not one–and virtually all women would, themselves, agree with that statement, which is why few of them like or have much sympathy for men who engage in such behavior, including, by the way, lesbians.

    “to call them “pathetic” & equate femininity with “inferiority” is really more of a comment on yourself & your own self-hatred”

    Femininity is not “inferior” if you are a woman, because feminine behavior comes naturally to women. Femininity in a man is unnatural and effected behavior and is deliberately engaged in by men with low self-esteem as a way of expressing their own sense of inferiority and failed masculinity–which makes them inferior AS MEN.

    And just to be totally clear, when I say femininity, I do NOT mean having an interest in cooking or liking show music or having a “gentle” side that allows you to express emotions rather than deny them…

    What I DO mean is having so little self-respect that you run from fights rather than trying to defend yourself and adopt the mannerisms (and style of dress) of women, not because you actually like them, but because you are trying to distance yourself from anything male.

  36. simon says

    It is not shameful if you are yourself. You must be shameful that you are a man but you don’t sleep with women according to your distorted logic. That’s what you should do. Join the ex-gay movement so that you can live up to what the majority’s expectation regards as “normal”.

  37. simon says

    You are full of sheet? Are you?
    You said:
    “What I DO mean is having so little self-respect that you run from fights rather than trying to defend yourself and adopt the mannerisms (and style of dress) of women, not because you actually like them, but because you are trying to distance yourself from anything male.”
    What made you think that those drag queens in the video will run from fights? If you mean physical fights, dressing up as women has nothing to do with their physical strength. Many of them will beat your axx up.
    You know nothing about what these people like. It is really none of your business.
    Isn’t it obvious that dressing up as women is by definition not male.
    If you don’t like gay marriage, just don’t get gay married. If you don’t like dressing up, just don’t do it or just look the other way. It is that simple.

  38. Armando says

    You don’t fight racism by making everyone white. You don’t fight homophobia by making everyone act straight. They’re not asking my permission to be who they are and I’m not asking for theirs. We are all free to be who we want to be, short of breaking the law.

  39. stanhope says

    The woman giving comments has to worry about her daughter’s sensibilities, after all that little girl is going to grow up to be a Walmart check out clerk whose contributions to the world will be epic just like her mama’s.

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