Queer Nation Protests Gay Figure Skater Johnny Weir Over NBC Gig at Sochi Games: PHOTO


The activist group Queer Nation protested an appearance by gay figure skater Johnny Weir at Barnard College in NYC last night over his gig as an NBC correspondent for the 2014 Sochi Games.

“In advance of its broadcast of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia, NBC has embarked on a disinformation campaign to minimize the plight of LGBT Russians in order to justify its involvement in the Games,” said Duncan Osborne, a member of Queer Nation.

“NBC has had the openly gay Johnny Weir, a former figure skater, and Thomas Roberts, the openly gay MSNBC anchor, make public comments that suggest that Russia’s anti-gay laws are not harming LGBT Russians,” Osborne continued. “But those laws have led to the arrest and imprisonment of LGBT Russians, and have resulted in de facto state-sanctioned beatings, torture, rape, and murder of Russian lesbians and gay men. NBC should stop deceiving the public and tell the truth.”

Weir was speaking at an event at Barnard College called "The Sochi Olympics and the Role of Athletes".

(image: versha sharma twitter)


  1. QJ201 says

    This is why I hate gay leftist politics (and PETA). Going after Weir DOES NOTHING to change Russian Law or LGBT Russians. But hey you got on the news right? And you all feel so good about yourselves today. UGH.

  2. GG says


    It won’t change Russian law, duh, but most Americans will hear him speak glowingly about Russia and how gay Russians are fine, nothing to complain about. He is the face for the Olympics regarding the gay issue in Russia and was hired only to disinform viewers about the situation there, you effin wretch.

  3. MaryM says

    Of course this is effective campaigning.

    Uncle Tom Weir and Uncle Tom Roberts have been hired by NBC to fool people into thinking everything is OK for LGBT Russians.

    These protests do nothing immediate to help the victims of the fascist persecution in Russia but leaning on NBC and the sponsors in this manner will force them to pressure the Russian dictatorship into changing the law.

    The Putin dictatorship is desperate to show the world that Russia is more than a fascist hellhole. That’s going to be hard to do when the entire world and lots of huge corporations are wary of dealing with such a monstrous country.

  4. Fenrox says

    So to the people who hate trans activists, do you now hate gay people? Gay people are here doing something gauche, which we know you all can’t abide, so that means you should hate all gay people like you hate all trans people for a small and vocal minority pouring glitter on people.

  5. Abiemisterposterior@yahoo.com says

    I don’t think the Johnny Weir or Thomas Roberts have ever made “public comments that suggest that Russia’s anti-gay laws are not harming LGBT Russians”. They have only said that they don’t think that boycotting Russia is the best way to affect change in this situation. In fact, when Roberts was there to host Miss Universe, he also filed stories showing how Russian gays were being affected by the laws. Weir has said that he will go to Russia and just be his regular gay self and let the chips fall where the may.
    There’s a place for all kinds of protests, but Queer Nation should do its homework.

  6. Dan says

    When has Johnny Weir and Thomas Roberts said that LGBT people in Russia are not being harmed? Never. They only mentioned that boycotting the Games will harm the athletes that have been training their entire lives for that moment. It’s better to let our LGBT people go to Russia and show them that we’re like everyone else. It’s easier to change minds when you know somebody that’s gay, especially since most Russians say they never met a gay person. Attacking Weird over a computer screen does nothing but divide our community.

  7. Edgar Carpenter says

    Attacking Weir and Roberts and other gay men like this is close to cannibalism.

    They are not supporting Russian gay bashing, they are attacking it, but attacking it in ways that are outside the narrow vision of a lot of shallow thinkers here.

    Weir going to the games and being his openly gay self IS attacking Russian gay bashing. Roberts doing the same thing is also attacking Russian gay bashing. It’s providing public repudiation of the smear campaign that’s been going on in Russia.

    The Russian Orthodox Church, with the help of American evangelicals, has put together a massive multi-media propaganda campaign to convince the Russian people and Russian legislators that we are all monsters. Why aren’t you spending this energy to counter that propaganda, rather than attacking Weir, Roberts or Elton John.

    Of course, opposing the Russian Orthodox Church and their American supporters is VERY difficult. It’s much easier to post attack comments tearing down other gay men. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

  8. ReHashed Crap says

    This is the problem with Queer Nation, They complain about not having rights but readily trample on the rights of others. They are a self righteous group of hypocrites!

  9. Robert says

    Everyone needs to step back and look what is happening here. One of the most visible gay athletes in history is being blamed for furthering homophobic abuse in a country 10,000 miles away. Yes, that’s right, JOHNNY is the one that makes all of the homophobes in Russia rise up and beat gays.


  10. hephaestion says

    Thomas Roberts and Johnny Weir have both spoken out against Russia’s anti-gay law. And they’ve spoken out about it IN RUSSIA, where they could’ve been arrested for doing so. What the hell are these protesters talking about?

  11. hephaestion says

    Queer Nation should protest the Russian embassy in DC, not two talented out gay men who did NOTHING wrong. Thomas and Weir have done far more than Queer Nation to fight the anti-gay law in Russia.

  12. Todd Anthony says

    I’m openly gay, in my early 50’s and Johnny Weir makes me so upset when I see him. He perpetuates the stereotype that gays are flamboyant. He sets us back a decade overtime he appears on TV and opens him mouth. Jesus, Johnny, really? Or better yet, . . . gee NBC, if could you not have found someone else, anyone else. Johnny is the reason that folks still think folks like us should not get married. Thanks Johnny, thanks for nothing.

  13. Ben says

    It’s fantastic how Johnny pushes your buttons. He’s what queer is, not some cardboard cut out man. You all deserve your discomfort.
    You tried to bury your past, but it was “live on NBC”

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