Right-Wing Hindu Group Wants Liquor Ban, Mandatory Moral Education to Stop ‘Imported Disease’ of Homosexuality

Like the west, India has its nutty right-wing religious groups and they're just as insane against same-sex marriage and homosexuality. Vishva Hindu Pariṣad, a Hindu right-wing group, is petitioning the government to take action to enforce the recent Supreme Court ruling there:

VhpIn a memorandum to President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, VHP said that the government should treat the spread of the "imported disease" by putting a complete ban on liquor and making moral education mandatory.

Ridiculing the widespread criticism of the SC order which had struck down a Delhi High Court order decriminalising gay sex, the right-wing organisation said homosexuality was "against Indian culture and values".

BJP has also favoured the verdict upholding Section 377 of the IPC, saying it would not support any "un-natural act".


  1. andrew says

    Right Wing Hindus, Fundamentalists Christians and most Muslims may be able to find peace and unity among themselves in their common hatred of homosexuals. Doesn’t it renew your faith in religion?

  2. MaryM says

    Yet I suppose this group supports the public gang-rape of women.

    That’s what India should be best known for – its utter hatred of women and its primitive desire to remain the backwater hellhole that it is.

    India is a fetid dump of a country.

  3. bandanajack says

    i was just gobsmacked by the claim that same sex love is a western import. have these people NO knowledge of their culture? their art and literature refer to same sex love predating the arrival of any “explorers” from the west, predating even the roman empire. kama sutra anyone?

  4. Gregory In Seattle says

    @bandanajack – Just like the right wing, self-proclaimed Christians in the US who denounce Pope Francis as a Marxist for having the audacity of believing and teaching what Jesus said about wealth and caring for others.

    Apparently, being a fundamentalist means being ignorant of your own scriptures and history.

  5. jamal49 says

    @BANDANJACK It is a very interesting question you pose. If any Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, et al were to honestly investigate their social and cultural histories, they would see that same-sex love is a firm part of those histories, particularly their religious mythology.

    Hindu reaction, nationalism and xenophobia have been on the rise in the last decade or so in India. It is probably a response to the rise of Muslim extremism and terrorist attacks that have occurred in India in the past few decades.

    Religious reaction has become the real threat to world stability and peace. It is a mental disease, a pathology, a decadence. Religion always provides the easy answers and the easy out for governments, politicians and their citizen sycophants who have failed to address their social and economic inequities head-on.

  6. q says

    “…saying it would not support any unnatural acts…”

    Yeah. Like believing in Six-Headed Sky Fairies is ‘Natural’?

    Time for religions to sit down and shut up. We humans have a planet to attend to.

  7. Rick says

    You can’t blame the vocal minority for standing up for what they believe in. Gay men abuse and spread like no other population in the world. They have a knack for it it. Aids and alcoholism is the gay man’s legacy.

  8. Unicorn says

    I’d actually argue that homophobia is against Indian culture and values simply because the entire concept of “gay” is a western import itself.

    India always had its own historic queer group in the Hijra, who recognize themselves more as a 3rd gender. If it wasn’t for British colonialism, India (and a lot of Christianized African nations) wouldn’t be complaining about teh gays.

  9. rroberts says

    @MARYM : are you seriously that bigoted and hateful? If you are, indeed, a gay person, your primitive, fetid attitude is even more shameful.

  10. Tyler says

    RRoberts, of course MaryM is that bigoted and hateful. She’s an alias if Rick, the most bigoted and hateful troll Towleroad’s ever known.

    Look at the comments he posts under his disqus profile that Crispy linked to: disqus.com/brianapple

  11. Rick says

    First of all, the comment beginning with “You can’t blame….” was not from me, the real Rick.

    As for the issue at hand, it is correct that homosexuality has had a place in India, as it has in Muslim societies, for a very long period of time.

    So what is being rejected here is not homosexuality, per se, but the Western culture of “gay”, with its associations with feminism, “gender-non-conformity”, and the culture of effeminacy.

    That rejection is just further evidence of the serious damage that is being done by proponents of this culture of “gay” all over the world, including in the West itself…….by taking a movement that once stood for what was right and just–namely, the eradication of homophobia–and turning it into a movement that seeks to feminize men, attack masculine values, and contravene nature on all levels.

    If it continues, there is unfortunately a high likelihood that we will see a return to the kind of extreme homophobia that past generations knew–all over the world. That is what is at stake….and we had better make the right choices or we will all be doomed in the long term.

  12. Rick says

    “That’s what India should be best known for – its utter hatred of women and its primitive desire to remain the backwater hellhole that it is.”

    Actually, India and other patriarchal societies are well-positioned to eclipse the West in the 21st century, since the West is in decline due to its misguided embrace of feminism, with all that has entailed in terms of falling birth rates, dysfunctional family structures, and the falling standards of academic achievement that have been a consequnece of all that.

    Feminism is the real Western “social disease” that the rest of the world should reject–and is rejecting–and the rejection of the culture of “gay” with its feminist/gender-non-conformist mindset goes along with that.

  13. Tyler says

    What’s that, Rick? Women are terrible. I couldn’t understand your point because I was blinded by how much of a horrible, mentally-ill loser you are, as revealed by all of your comments on this site, on disqus, and on Queerty. Please get the mental help you’re begging for in the comments you leave all over the internet. Your JimBryant persona on Queerty, your disqus.com/brianapple and the comments you post here under your name and dozens of other aliases indicate a great need for proper mental health treatment.

  14. says

    Tyler, I suppose we can take solace in the reality that RICK is too much of a coward to have any legit or impactful presence anywhere that actually matters. His insecurities keep him closeted so we can breathe easy knowing no gay people will ever have to actually interact with him in the real world. His existence is to impotently rage on the internet, anonymously.

    That aside, I’m terrifically moved by the outrage in India and the galvanizing movement that their recent throwback to Inequality has inspired.

  15. Rick says

    ” I couldn’t understand your point because I was blinded by how much of a horrible, mentally-ill loser you are, as revealed by all of your comments on this site, on disqus, and on Queerty”

    I have no aliases and have never posted a comment on Queerty and I don’t even know what disqus is.

    And the reason you cannot understand my point is because , like other effeminate gay men, you have so deeply internalized the verdict of the larger society that your homosexuality makes you a pseudo-woman that you have begun to think of yourself as a woman and act like one…..which is as deep-seated a mental deformity as I can imagine.

    And your constant projection of anger at my comments only underscores the fact that you know deep down that I am absolutely right.

  16. says

    But RICK – you’ve called me “effeminate” and if you look at my life, which i shamelessly share online, you’ll see that My Effeminate Self has inspired my non-gay family and friends to be visible, vocal and championing advocates for our community.

    And you, in all your hidden-away anonymous cowardice, don’t have the support of a single person in your own life 😀

    In reality you prove yourself wrong every day you come on here and type your hate from a place of completely anonymous cowardice 😀

    My life and everyone in it proves you wrong. Your inability to do what I do proves me right :)

  17. Tyler says

    Oh Rick, now you’re going to lie? Just nut up and admit you’re a troll. It’s not a question of whether those posts on other sites are written by you or not. We know it’s you. Lying will do you no favors.

  18. Bernie says

    omg! an “imported disease” …………I guess I can suggest the “vaccine” against catching the gay virus for the people of India

  19. BlueBindu says

    I hope Kali cuts off the heads and drinks the blood of the members of Vishva Hindu Pariṣad. Then I hope she does the same to Rick and all the other trolls out there.

  20. Fish says

    Anti-gays can’t blame a voval gay minority for standing up for what they believe in. Gays can, however, blame anti-gay bigots for trying to cause harm to gays through aggression (passive or active, direct or indirect).
    Anti-gays abuse and spread like no other population in the world. They have a knack for it it. Letting aids and alcoholism thrive and spread is part of the anti-gay legacy.

  21. andrew says

    If we would all just stop responding to the deeply, deeply troubled R..K, he would be a far less evil presence on Towleroad. Certainly everyone must know that he is not rational, so reasonable arguments have no influence on him. There is no need to challenge or contradict his posts, just reading them tells all sane folks that his opinions come from a soul filled with confusion, bigotry and hate.

  22. Kev C says

    – Find right-wing group of homophobes
    – Ignore left-wing homophobes
    – Oh look, a straw man for us to bash!
    – Homophobia isn’t curtailed until ALL homphobes are exposed

  23. andrew says

    @KEV C: Most liberals are not homophobic. They are the very people in Congress and many State Legislatures who are leading the fight for equality for LGBT people. Those opposing our equality are mostly conservative Republicans and Fundamentalist Christians. Just a few weeks ago the U.S. Senate approved ENDA by a vote of 64-32. All 32 votes against ENDA were cast by conservative Republicans. It is in the more liberal states in the USA that LGBT folks have greater equality. Not straw men. Reality.

  24. todd says

    I couldn’t agree more with this group. Our culture of tolerance is in complete opposition to the female gang raping and under aged sex trafficking that India now holds dear. I say lets grab our western assets and just let those bitches implode.