Sarah Palin Supports Gay-Hating ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson


Moose-shooting enthusiast Sarah Palin has weighed in on the Duck Dynasty controversy on her Facebook page.

Said Palin:

"Free speech is an endangered species. Those 'intolerants' hatin’ and taking on the Duck Dynasty patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us."


  1. Karl says

    Sarah loves her some free speech until someone speaks some about herself she doesn’t like, or something she disagrees with. Thank you John McCain for giving us this blithering idiot forever.

  2. Markt says

    She’s all about free markets – but when the market says you can’t keep saying stupid, hateful crap on TV – then apparently she changes her position. Of course, she’s a victim of her own mouth in the same way – so no surprise that the free market doesn’t enter into the discussion.

  3. First time caller says

    I’m sorry did the government arrest him for saying what he did? I thought a private company could set their own rules regarding conduct and behavior of an employee?

  4. Markt says

    Thank you 1st time. The 1st Amend. is a contract between the government and individuals not individuals and corporations. He’s had an opportunity to publish his “beliefs” into the “market place of ideas.” No one has to keep bank-rolling the publication of his insights.

  5. Don R says

    Since when did the 1st Amendment mean freedom to speak one’s mind without repercussions, good or bad? Mr. Robertson was and is absolute free to speak his mind. Unlike being gay, he had a choice whether to temper his words and ideas or speak his mind freely. Now he is reaping the rewards of his vocalization. Actions have consequences and those who are crying 1st Amendment foul are proving again they have no concept of what it entails. Every work place has rules as to what is acceptable and what is not. If Mr. Robertson’s vocalization of his insights offended A&E, then as a corporation, they have every right to take action.

  6. Hey Darlin' says

    Not surprising, if you aren’t generating enough of your own publicity ride the coat tails of someone else’s. The choice of coat tailed steed (STEED I said) is surprising though, considering he’s on his way down and not up as is THE rule for coat tail riding.

  7. Terry says

    Oh, ok. When Martin Bashir of MSNBC made his comments about her (which resulted in him losing his job), that was ok. But now, with this Phil Robertson person being disciplined for his comments, it’s a horrible abridgment of the First Amendment. Selective outrage.

  8. Jack M says

    Sarah and that chick from Faux News are a perfect match for Mr. Duck. They all believe that expression of hatred is a Constitutional right, and they are all dirtbags.

  9. jjose712 says

    People still don’t know that free speech is not that free.
    You are free to say what you want, but that doesn’t mean that you have the right to avoid backlash.

    Of course Sarah Palin is not smart enough to know elemental things

  10. Andrew says

    She wasn’t so fond of “free speech” when she got Martin Bashir fired from CNBC. She was doing cartwheels.

    And “free speech” doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. Anyone is free to say what they want, but that doesn’t mean others have to shut up, and it doesn’t mean companies aren’t also free to employ or not employ those who say it.

  11. Jeffro says

    Wait? Your header is misleading. Phil Robertson didn’t say he hates gays. In fact, he said he loves all people created by God.
    Don’t like what he said, fine. Don’t mislead what he actually said. It makes your argument pointless.

  12. TheHappyGayman says

    Nothing is more beautiful and more natural then two men shoving their sausages up one another and two women like Rosie O’Donell and Chaz Bono going to town on each other. Shame on you duck dynesty for not seeing this and you do not have freedom of speech in america, go live in Russia.

  13. Noelle says

    Free speech seems to be only for people who like to hear that they’re not doing anything wrong.The first amendment rights have been taken away here.Jesus said that when we as Christians are persecuted in His name to consider yourselves blessed. Gays are not born gay,there is no gay gene. God would not deem this act as an abomination and then create people this way.This outcry for acceptance is the only way that they can make the world ok with their sin. It’s disgusting to think that someone would have sex with someone in an area where you take a crap.Because that’s what it’s for,to excrete feces. Not to have babies or to have intercourse.And yes,I can say this because that is my right as a human being.This is my first amendment right to have free speech.Phil Robertson and anyone else who believes this way is 100% right. It’s not hate,it’s just being told that you’re lifestyle is wrong and sinful. And that insight’s anger in people who don’t want to be told that they are living wrong.They have made up this excuse that satan is feeding them,and that is that they are born this way.You choose to have sex this way.It is the same as a pedophile or serial killer having a desire to do something sinister and then say that they can’t help it. Well guess what,God will not be mocked. He doesn’t hate anyone ,He only tells people these things for our own good because He loves them.Since when is hearing that you’re wrong hate????.Thank you Phil and Sarah for not being afraid to express God’s love to people and the truth. AMEN!!!!!

  14. Alex Parrish says

    @NOELLE “Because that’s what it’s for,to excrete feces. Not to have babies or to have intercourse.” Yeah — I get that — and the penis is just for pissing — not to have babies or intercourse.

    Thus proving that your ignorance of biology is just as thorough as your ignorance of the bible and the 1st amendment. Wow! You’re stupid in a trifecta! Congrats!

  15. ToThePoint says

    The far right twists the meaning of free speech when convenient. Free speech just guarrantees that you cannot be prosecuted by law from your opinion but DOES NOT guarrantee you from private repercussions. If you speek harshly against your employer that is out of line with their tenets, then you may get fired because you don’t share their cultural stance.

  16. friend says

    disagreeing on the flavor of ice cream doesn’t make people of different flavor preference into haters. disagreeing on what is preferable for ones sex partner doesn’t make you a people hater. If you think same sex is better, and I think opposite sex is better can we not both have our own opinion?
    If God says one is wrong is it not OK to say what God said? God also said to love everyone even the ones who disobey his word. Phil follows that path.

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