1. MIke says

    OK, but I’ve seen better collections on YouTube. There have been ship launches that have capsized and the best comeuppance was some teen girl doing her “yo, jealous biches, you can’t touch this ” talk into her web camera as a huge portrait of herself behind her comes crashing down on her head.

  2. anon says

    Except that you get the chance to do-over when making videos and other recordings. Professionals have long known that you need multiple “takes” to achieve perfection, so why is this a secret to amateurs? Everyone knows the difference between amateur and professional quality when it comes to performance.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    All of these clips are as old as the hills and have been around the bend far too many times. The most annoying thing about many clips are the jerks behind the camera with laughs so ridiculous you want to shut the clip off as quickly as possible. I have spent many an afternoon on YouTube watching “Fails” “Pranks” “Road Rage” and (Russian) “Car Accidents” because they are addictive. For some reason it seems every vehicle in Russia has a front facing camera and worse yet is the driving by these people. They will fly at 80MPG down a residential street, come to a 4-Way and never bother to break of slow down – they just plow horrendously into each other.

  4. Kevin says

    LOL, this was funny. I’m not someone who scours youtube for fails, so I had never seen any of these … and the recurring theme of the guy just trying to float in his pool amidst all the crashes, knockouts and OMG’s was the best part.

    Lots of people on this site could stand to lighten up a bit when it comes to things that aren’t so serious … not everything needs the fire of a thousand activists. :)

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