1. MaryM says

    Francis remains a woman-hating, child-hating homophobic bigot.

    He uses nicer language than the Nazi who preceded him but make not mistake – he is an evil, hate-filled ugly monster who is fueled by moronic bigotry.

    And he believes in ‘god’. How can someone so wilfully stupid as to believe in mythical sky-fairy be regarded as a positive influence on our world.

  2. Daniel says

    Pope Francis, Snowden, and Windsor were the only people on this list who caused a major cultural shift that is likely to impact future generation.

    Miley Cyrus is an attention-baiting nominee, right? Right? Ugh.

  3. MaryM says

    How did Frankie Pope cause a major cultural shift that is likely to impact future generation.

    So far he has confirmed his hatred of women by stating categorically that their vaginas preclude them from being priests. With regards to gay people – all he has done is to say to be more discreet about hating us but never fear – we remain evil.

    Francis is an improvement on the vicious monster who came before him, but the bar is so incredibly low when it comes this pack of child abusers that this is hardly praise.

  4. crispy says

    TIME got this one way wrong. While some of the new Pope’s words have been admirable, his influence has yet to be felt.

    Snowden, on the other hand, impacted a broad swath of areas from government to technology, business to entertainment.

    But at least it wasn’t Miley.

  5. pete n sfo says

    Well, we knew it would be the Pope, didn’t we?

    I’m glad that Edie received #3 and true to form, I love her gracious comment that “The Gay Community” is her Person of the Year.

  6. Frank says

    Time is all about selling magazines. It’s not about who REALLY is the person of the year…it’s about who they can put on the cover and have it sell. Jesus and/or Mary have been on the cover of Time at least a couple of dozen times. The whole “person of the year” is from a bygone era anyway.

  7. David Drom Canada says

    Yay Pope Francis! The People’s Pope.
    In a way, he reminds me of Princess Diana – so down-to-earth, very well loved and benevolent. A force for good in the world.
    He’s all about the sprit-of-the law, not the letter.
    May he prosper always!

  8. Joel says

    The pope is a delusional idiot who believes that he is infallible (but only when he is sitting in the right chair). It is amazing that anybody pays any attention to him at all. But such is the power of superstition.

  9. Jack M says

    Pope Francis is, in his way, doing his best in trying to move the Catholic Church and the world into the 21st century. A good choice.

  10. anon says

    The Time editors board is probably very drunk when they make these selections, or they throw darts at the wall, or both.

  11. Perry says

    I love all the anti-religious bigots on here. HA! Yeah it is a dumb choice to pick the religious leader of 1.2 billion people world wide. A guy who does more good in one day than the majority of readers will do in their entire life. SO DUMB of Time magazine to do.

  12. Joel says

    The Pope does good? By spreading the delusion that he is infallible? By telling gay people that they are sick and sinful? I cannot think of anything in my life or the life of anybody else that has been made better by this delusional old man.

  13. says

    Was expecting Snowden because his influence was so of this year, and he would have been a controversial choice. The Pope’s words have certainly been newsworthy, but how they will filter down is a story for the future. Whether he is good or evil isn’t really the consideration–he’s still forcing Catholics and others to think about where they stand.

    I love that Edie was right behind them. Quite the trio of the year. May Cruz be a historical footnote.

  14. FFS says

    He talks a good game, at any rate.

    “Time” should put a copy of this issue in the hands of every Catholic priest. So far, their reception of New Pope’s admonishments towards less crapola has been, “Sorry. What was that?”

  15. Brandon H says

    A pope who has said a few tiny semi-kind words (and granted is a huge improvement over his predecessors) or a woman who helped change history and right an injustice for an entire people? Great choice Time.

  16. redball says

    I’m sorry but NO. Marym got it exactly right with “Francis remains a woman-hating, child-hating homophobic bigot.”

    When this b!tch starts denouncing the homophobic Vatican doctrine, lets women into the priesthood, and does what needs to be done on the child-molestation-by-priests front, then we can have a convo about him being SOOOO GREAT.

  17. andrew says

    Don’t let Francis fool you. He is a nice man who leads a fairly humble life. His firmly held views on every major issue are exactly the same as Ratzinger and JPII. The first major appointment he made to be an Archbishop in Connecticut was a bishop who had led an investigation of American Nuns, and condemned them for concentrating on the “social gospel” and not speaking out about the “evils” of homosexuality, divorce, abortion, contraception etc. A condemnation which Francis stated that he agrees with. He has also venerated the Shroud of Turin, a 13th century hoax and recently carried, in a ceremony, a box of bones, which he claims are the bones of Peter the first pope. LOL! He is substantially no different than his predecessors. Just a more humane looking package.

  18. simon says

    Well if the requirement is popularity, why not choose Confucius. You know China’s population is 1.3 Billion plus Japan which will outdo the Catholics. If Jesus qualified, then Confucius also should. By the way Hitler won the title in 1938 and Stalin won it in 1942. That shows Time magazine really got good taste.

  19. simon says

    You are right. There are many bigots here.
    The biggest bigots are the religious bigots. They are not only bigots. They are stupid bigots.

  20. Bill says

    @Simon: the criteria they use is based on who/what had the most influence on events “for better or for worse.”

    The new pope probably got it because of the influence on all those reporters trying to read Vatican smoke signals when they were electing him, plus those covering the ceremonies.

    According to the wikipedia article on it, “The tradition of selecting a “Man of the Year” began in 1927, with Time editors contemplating newsworthy stories possible during a slow news week. The idea was also an attempt to remedy the editorial embarrassment earlier that year of not having aviator Charles Lindbergh on its cover following his historic trans-Atlantic flight. By the end of the year, it was decided that a cover story featuring Lindbergh as the Man of the Year would serve both purposes.”

  21. simon says

    If that is the case, then Obama or any US president should be the person of the year. As the sole superpower, his or her actions will have the most impact. On the other hand, the Catholic Church is a dying institution. It has even failed to stop all the gay marriages in Western Europe which it vehemently opposed.

  22. simon says

    On second thought, who cares? The person they chose is as irrelevant as the magazine itself. They can choose Harry Potter and no one will give a darn.