U.S. Customs and Border Protection Expands Filing of Joint Customs Declarations to Include Gay Couples

U.S. Customs and Border Protection will begin recognizing same-sex couples as families during the customs declarations process for those entering the U.S. Metro Weekly reports:

Customs and border protectionUnder the broadened definition of "members of a family residing in one household," long-term same-sex couples and other domestic relationships will allow U.S. citizens, along with residents and international visitors, to file a joint customs declaration for required items when they enter the U.S.

According to Customs and Border Protections, the change in regulation will "more accurately reflect relationships for U.S. citizens, residents and international visitors who are traveling together as a family." The move is also expected to reduce paperwork and increase the processing of passengers.

The official change in policy regulation is scheduled to take effect 30 days after its publication – expected next week – in the journal of the federal government, the Federal Register. The rule change was first proposed in March 2012. 


  1. says

    Interesting, we’ve been using a single form since Obsma took office without complaint from Seattle-based CBP officers. Glad to know it’s truly official. Again to the Cabiners: which R president would do this?

  2. miami says

    I got rejected once, and my married spouse was told to go back and wait in the line so we had to go individually. It was a particularly odd and mean calling out. I never pushed that I was married, it was the officer who asked all the questions. Otherwise, it was an easy entry. Strange?

  3. Dave says

    We’ve had it both ways but in Sept. my partner was told to go back in line, very rudely i might add, the officer said that those relationships aren’t recognized and I told my partner to stay right there – after 23 years this was my mark in the sand – I was ready to have a rosa parks moment – he sensed the standoff didn’t say another word and stamped our form – if the federal govt recognizes us for tax purposes…

  4. ac says

    i’ve always been told to go through customs as a household – whether when living with my fiance/husband or just roommates. every single time they’ve stressed “household,” in seattle, nyc, houston and LA

  5. says

    We’ve gone through in the past, too. Maybe it was up to the discretion of the individual officers, though I’m sure at least one officer told us if we live at the same address we can go as a household.

    We may find out tomorrow, when we return to the US.

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