1. Dean says

    Towleroad, you need to turn in your cub reporter badge and go back to editing Cargo magazine.

    It’s one thing for John Aravosis to post an amusing anecdote on his blog about encountering a toy that seemed like it was saying Heil Hitler, but it’s still just a personal anecdote. It’s amazingly irresponsible for wide-eyed Towleroad to spread “disturbing” but really just idiotic rumors around like they’re actually true. The headline is disingenuous as well (but I understand that the real goal is page views.) This kind of easily disproved crap just waters down the real arguments against Phil Robertson’s actual statements (btw, the clock is of Uncle Si, not Phil.)

    Obviously Duck Dynasty isn’t going to record Heil Hitler on a toy clock, and obviously a toy company isn’t going to produce it, and obviously WalMart isn’t going to sell it. The clock in the video clip if you even watched it is obviously broken and doesn’t even sound like Heil Hitler (to me at least). If you’re interested, a 4 second Youtube search reveals several videos that play all 8 sayings (none of which involve any world leader from earlier than 1983.)

    I’m really curious what you’d think if the Fox noise machine randomly claimed without proof that the new Tom Daley talking action figure (isn’t for sale yet, I checked) said “Heil Hitler”. It would likely rev you up for three or four outraged posts at least.

  2. q says


    why don’t you enlighten us all and tell us what he is saying.

    ‘Cause you know what I hear, over and over again?

    Heil Hitler. Nothing else. No Hi Hppo, Not Heidi Ho, Not High Happy…

    No. Just Heil Hitler.

    So tell us all what he IS saying.

  3. Dean says

    Q: He’s saying “Hey, it’s on like bingbong, Jack”, but the soundchip is broken. I’m truly sorry that you can listen to that clip and only hear something like “Heil Hitler”.

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