1. dishy says

    While Underwood can handle the vocals, she absolutely cannot act in the slightest – cringeworthy

  2. Jay says

    What a hot mess. Underwood’s acting was on the level of a mediocre high school production. The captain was almost as bad. Thank god for Audra. I could go on but why. A major disappointment from an incredible team of talented people.

  3. dommyluc says

    My favorite part was watching the gay documentary “Bridegroom” on Netflix, so I wouldn’t have to watch that saccharine, diabetic coma-inducing “The Sound of Music”, starring a singer I cannot listen to and written by Richard Rodgers, homophobe supreme.

  4. will says

    I watched the whole thing last night. I’m not much of a Carrie Underwood fan, but she’s fine as an actress: understated and natural. She had me rooting for her. They surrounded her with a few Broadway pros. The kids in this are better than the children in the Julie Andrews movie. It was Broadway revival quality. Laura Benanti and Christian Borle and Audra McDonald rose to the occassion. I hope we have more live television like this. I’m tired of reality shows and heavy edited dramas. Stephen Moyer is dreamy. The play is too long. It’s scmaltzy, but you can’t take away the schmaltz without ruining the show. Refreshing to see good Broadway actors plying their trade in our living room. arrie & Lauri Benanti are both gay marriage supporters and Audra is a huge one (on Twitter, she even uses “equality” in her name).

  5. johnny says

    Caught about 15 minutes of this. Sound production was abysmal. The mics on Underwood were far too low, you could not hear her above the instruments, especially in critical spots (low notes, back toward camera, etc.).

  6. Wavin' Dave says

    I’ve replayed scenes several times and still wonder: does Underwood have a speech impediment, was she wearing invisalign braces or uncomfortable veneers? Every time she uttered or sang an “S” it sounded like an “SH?” Maybe I need a new TV.

  7. says

    I agree with Will. Stephen Moyer is dreamy. Christopher Plummer was yummy in the original, and Moyer is a worthy successor to the dreaminess.

  8. tiger says

    omg, i couldn’t do it. i tried. i didn’t know much about Carrie Underwood before this but she should absolute NOT do any acting on stage or screen. Stick to american idol or country music or whatever she does. Her vocals were okay but the acting was awful. And i agree with the above posts, the sound was really bad. something was wrong with the mics and levels.

  9. JKM says

    Was such a disappointment. What a waist of potential. No one will ever be able best Julie Andrews or the original production. Wish I could bleach last night’s “extravaganza” from my memory.

  10. Dback says

    I’m with Larry–Christopher Plummer was a handsome man, but Stephen Moyer? Swooooooooooon. (I’d like seeing him a pair of those tight pants, but then I remembered on “True Blood” I can see him completely naked!)

  11. Will says

    The entire show is old and tired. Julie Andrews wore it out. I tried to watch it, but finally changed channels after 20 minutes.

  12. KJ says

    Snark, snark, snark. Yes, most of the criticisms above, IMHO, are accurate, but NBC attempted something that I remember very fondly from my childhood – Live theater. That’s a good thing, and I hope they do more of it.

  13. QJ201 says

    Was Madonna Underwood’s acting coach?

    It was PAINFUL. I think Madonna in Shanghai Surprise gave a better acting performance.

    Should have gone with Anne Hathaway.

  14. Bart says

    While this certainly wasn’t epic, I am glad NBC did it. I would love to see more live musicals on television. It is so retro it is new again.

  15. DrMikey says

    I suppose that for the $9 million NBC spent, every detail should have been perfect. But as in live theater, that’s a longshot on the night of a first preview (as this was equivalent to). Glad to see they returned to the original score rather than miss the songs cut for the film. Sound Of Music was the very first Broadway show I ever saw as a boy, with the great Mary Martin – so I always seem to watch it from a child’s perspective.
    I do wish that American TV would take a cue from our more civilized European brethren and show more live theater, opera & classical concerts on a regular basis. It would perhaps better educate a new generation who venerate the Katy Perrys & Rhiannas of the world.

  16. Robert says

    Carrie isn’t much of an actress, but I still loved it and bravo to NBC for doing it. A wonderful revival of the live TV events from my childhood. The kids were absolutely wonderful, and the rest of the cast terrific.

  17. Mick says

    It was so cool to see a live production of a musical on TV, kudos to NBC!! Would love more live specials like this. I was surprised by Stephen Moyer’s great performance and sex appeal as the Captain. And, as usual, Audra McDonald was incredible!

  18. Rad says

    Well, considering Walmart underwrote the production and Carrie Underwood has been their corporate shill… you get what you pay for. I was also rather disgusted by the “family” commercials of the breeder hoard; by the last break I kept thinking, “Dude, you should have had a vasectomy a long time ago!”

    She never made the role her own. I wish they would have cast Kristin Chenowith, but she has too much of a GLBT following.

  19. Jeremy says

    NBC and Live Theater?

    I suppose NBC needs practice at televising genocides…aka Sochi.

    So I guess The Sound Of Music is the perfect vehicle for that test.

    Almost too perfect.

    Someone needs to remind NBC that the Nazis LOSE in TSOM.

  20. sjaeger says

    I agree about the issues with the production, those are all problems with live events, focus, sound off, booms in the view, etc.
    It’s great to do live events, but if we want live events why doesn’t NBC hook up with Fathom Events and show some of the Opera productions we can get at the movie theaters. They are usually shown in the middle of the weekdays and most of us can’t go. Reminds me of the old live at the Met opera productions on classical / public radio. I learned much of my knowledge from opera listening to those. Now with broadcasting capabilities do those in the evening.
    Stephen Moyer was a surprising delight, Audra McDonald, though a major singing voice, seemed to be overacting in her discussion with Carrie (a la William Shatner). Carrie just sucked. The boy playing Rolf, I didn’t see that shot carving the tree, but I got stopped at his chiseled, dimpled chin.

  21. Van Essa says

    Let’s face it,,,in this version, Von Trapp so totally should have hooked up with Baroness Schraeder and sent Maria (Entenmann’s coffee cake hairstyle, Sankt Pauli drndl and all) packing back to the convent to finish being indoctrinated by her coven of cloistered lesbian nuns…

  22. Ricco says

    Lets see my favorite moment? My favorite moment. Hmmmm.

    I guess that would be when I turned to my partner and said, “Would you mind if we turned the channel? And he agrees. This was during the scene when Marie “slash” Carrie Underwood was telling the Captain “slash” Bill the Vampire about the different characteristics of his children and their great need for their father to take the time to get to know them. God! That scene was so painful to watch! I kept wishing Stephen Moyer would revert to his “True Blood” character, Bill Compton, and rip out Carrie Underwood’s vocal chords with his bare teeth, because it wasn’t just her acting I found grating.

    Really, I was being extremely patient watching as long as I did, because by the time I switched the channel I had already suffered through Underwood’s “My favorite Things,” “The Lonely Goatherd” song with nair a marionette in sight – SIGH!, the very enthusiastic attempt at “Do-ray-mi” up and down the stairs that was more manic than truly captivating; and worst of all was Underwood’s attempt at singing the iconic song “The Sounds of Music.”

    It wasn’t just the comparisons going on in my head between Underwood and Julie Andrews which was difficult to turn off. There was also the comparisons between the two women in how they each portrayed the character of Maria von Trapp; but those comparisons actually only took place in my mind before the actual airing of NBC’s “The Sound of Music.” Those comparisons shut down, utterly, when Carrie Underwood uttered her first sentence.

    The Hills are alive! Think of the lyrics and you will understand why Underwood’s performance was so very underwhelming. Think of a young, pretty, innocent, enthusiastic, nun on top of a mountain in Austria surrounded by the Swiss Alps, with a blue-blue cathedral sky arcing high above her head. If you understand that much then you will understand why Carrie Underwood was totally inadequate to convey the majesty and timeless beauty of Maria Von Trapp’s surroundings. Can anyone honestly Do blame me that the comparisons between Underwood and Andrews once again reared its ugly head?

    The emotion behind Carrie Underwood’s performance was adequate if she had been, say surrounded by the hills of a motocross racing track with the screeing sounds of motorcycles zipping by to her left and to her right.

    So I asked myself, if not Andrews, who? Who could possibly feel Dame Julie Andrews ginormous shoes?

    Christine Chenowith. For sure Christine has the vocal gravitas to pull off ALL the songs in “The Sound of Music.” Unfortunately too old; and even a young Chenowith might take more acting chops than she has to make the television viewing audience believe that Chenowith was a virgin.

    What if they had Christine Chenowith sings the songs, and Underwood lip synched the songs, like Audrey Hepburn did in “My Fair Lady?” That might have worked.

    Naah . . . the unrealistic, over-inflated, egotistical gall it must have took for Carrie Underwood to think she could, or should, even attempt the very nuanced role of Maria Von Trapp, going from a young postulant wanting desperately to take her her solemn vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience only to discover that she has (GASP”) fallen in love with a man!!

    Maybe it was the dollar signs in Carrie Underwood’s eyes when she thought of all the money she would make off the Wal-mart sponsored sound track. Surely all her fans in Nashville would line up like a bunch of lonely goats to buy that horrible sound track.

    So, again, if not Underwood, who, who? I asked myself.

    And I know you will think I am just being a purposeful little bit*h when I say that Ewan McGregor popped into my head. Remember? Even while surrounded by the faux 1900 Montemarte Quarter of Paris, France when Ewan McGregor belted out just the first two lines of the “Sounds of Music” he had me believing that he was atop a mountain surrounded by the majestic Swiss Alps etc, etc. etc.

    Why not, I asked myself, Ewan McGregor? They could have done a Shakesperianesque production and had Ewan McGregor as playing the love interest of Stephen Moyer’s Captain / Baron von Trapp.”

    It could work. McGregor has the musical gravitas to pull off all the songs, and both actors have had loads of practice playing romantic leads with other men. You could even say butt-loads of practice.

    Seriously, there has to be someone with both the pipes and the acting chops to pull of Maria von trapp.

    But the powers that be at NBC were never seriously looking for a real actress and truly accomplished songstress to take on the iconic Julie Andrews role.

    This was just like that time Warner Brothers tapped Lucille Ball to take on the musical version of the iconic Mame Dennis, rather than the incomparable Angela Lansbury, who despite being a three-time Oscar nominated actress, felt she did not have the star power to pull in an audience.

    It was never about talent, and all about star-power. Thus we suffered (or not, for those of us smart enough to change the channel) through Carrie Underwood’s. mediocre musical interpretations, and terrible-terrible acting, as well that ridiculous lump-of-a-braid on top of her head. Don’t they cut of off a postulant’s hair, or is that only after they take their solemn vow. I’m not sure. I will have to ask one of the Sister’s Of Perpetual Indulgence.

    Anyway, I imagined and wondered what it must have felt like to be the audacious Carrie Underwood, the country singer, singing “My Favorite Things” opposite the amazing Audra (Mother Abbess) McDonald (who has won FIVE Tony awards, the only actress other than Angela Lansbury and Julie Harris, to win so many Tonys) and if she actually, for a moment, thought she had pulled that little scene off. You had to wonder if she was perhaps a little embarrassed looking back on that scene, when later, Audra McDonald is belting out, in Underwood’s ear no less, “Climb every Mountain.” It may have been the only authentic moment when Underwood did not look like she was acting. Really, just standing there listening to Audra McDonald singing in my good ear. Even I could have done that scene!

    If I have any regrets changing the channel, it was missing that performance. Luckily there is Towleroad, and YouTube. I did not have to waist my time watching the show, or my money on a mediocre sound track.

    It was totally unnecessary to put myself, and my partner through 3 hours of painful acting, singing, with a very bare few good moments of real singing and acting, to say nothing of Wal-mart’s kitschy commercials, and their gross exploitation of the lily-white Brook’s Family because, again, I have Towleroad I can depend on.

    Since NBC was so unconcerned with talent, perhaps their biggest mistake was surrounding Carrie Underwood with major Broadway talent. It might have been better had they produced the musical with an ALL country singer cast on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennesse, and instead of the Swiss Alps they could have painted a faux background of the Great Smoky Mountain range.

    Lets see. Kenny Chesney could play Captain von Trapp. LeAnn Rimes could have played trashy version of Baroness Schraeder, as Underwood’s rival for the affections of the Captain. LeAnn is great at fighting over men so the role would have been a natural for her. It would have been totally believable, and satisfying to watch as this time around LeAnn would not get the man.

    And who for Mother Abess. At first I was thinking that perhaps Naomi Judd or Barbara Mandrell could come out of retirement to take on the role of Mother Abbess . . . then I realized who would make a better Mother Abbess than Dolly Parton: 1) she can actually act and sing, 2) two, could you imagine Dolly’s rack underneath a nuns habit? I’d watch a Nashville production of the Sound of Music just to see Dolly’s obscenely huge rack beneath a nuns habit.

    And they could get Taylor Swift to take on the role of Liesl von Trapp, and even have her compose an original song dissing her boyfriend, Rolf, for being a whistle-blowing-Nazi snitch.

    As for who they could have tapped for the other precocious children, I’m not sure, but definitely Honey Boo Boo as Brigitta or Marta.

    Yes! I Would totally have tuned in and stayed tuned in for a live country camp production of the “The Sound of Music” staged in The Grand Ole Opry.”

    I am certain just such a production would have totally engaged me, pulled me, and all the while left me uttely unencumbered by any Carrie Underwood / Julie Andrews comparisons.

    I’m sure of it!

  23. Ryan says

    Stephen Moyer was the only really good thing about last night’s show. The rest was mediocre, forgettable or just plain god awful. The acoustics alone were shockingly bad, to say nothing of how poorly everyone started.

  24. Howard says

    Carrie’s acting was atrocious, but her singing was not bad. It won’t make you forget Julie Andrews, but she did alright. It’s too bad this kind of live theatrical event is so rarely done these days. It used to be more common during the early days of TV in the 50’s and 60’s.

    A valiant effort by NBC and all involved. Hope the negative reviews don’t halt any future efforts to do more events like this. After all practice does make perfect.

  25. TANK says

    Wow, I can tell that some of the bitchier tired queens around here forget to take their meds. What is with all the hate? Tank watched this show and thought it was well-done. It wasn’t without its flaws but I’ll take it any day over some dreary police drama or reality tv slop. We need more live shows on TV that might bring a love for musicals to a whole new generation. I just love me my Carrie Underwood and thnk she was fine. I adored the Mother Superior, and while I hate to sound crude, I think the Rolf dude had a sweet voice, was really cute, and had a great caboose!

  26. Dane says

    Speaking of “tired queens”,,,I feel so much better knowing Tank has anointed this dinner theatre level production a gay man’s fantasy,,,NAZI’s, nuns and lederhosen served up in generic bland, blonde fashion worthy of a Disney theme park.

  27. Waleed says

    The guy that played Rolfe suffered more unnecessary “manscaping” than any self-respecting gay man needs to…those bat wing brows, the cleft chin implant and all that concealer…REALLY??

  28. DANE says

    Upon further consideration, I think my negative comments about Tank and about that wonderful NBC musical production were an unfortunate symptom of my sexual frustration. I guess I just tend to write bitter comments when I’ve gone without lovin’ for too long. Anyhoo, while I can’t agree with Tank that this was a good production, I think I was probably a bit harsh in my initial comments.

  29. Bev Scenna says

    @Tank, In a generation that’s come to accept “Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s” and “Real Housewives” as “quality entertainment”, I guess you consider this quality programming and CH a great talent. You keep lowering that bar! You’ll eventually scrape the barrel bottom or should we say “caboose”…

  30. Dane says

    Dear Tank, If you’re going to impersonate me making fake comments using my name, you’ll have to do better than that.

  31. D.B. says

    Good on NBC for taking a chance and broadcasting a live theatrical event. However, did no one at the network notice that Carrie Underwood could not act? She was OK when singing, but was absolutely cringeworthy is any dialog scenes. Given the caliber of the supporting cast, one would think that your leading lady should have abilities beyond those of a typical high school production.

    But Audra was wonderful as always.

  32. DANE says

    Okay, this is Tank here, and I’m gonna try to keep it even more real than usual. Yes, I will admit that this was not a first-rate production of the kind that one would have seen during the golden age of live TV, but I think it was overall a find production and I think it would be a good thing for the vast viewing audience to see more shows such as this one. No show is perfect and one can always nitpick and find little things to criticize but overall I think that my Carrie and the whole company deserve praise for their fine work. While not A worthy, to fall back into my university professor mode, the show was definitely a B+ and not a C or D as some malcontents around here would posit. Michael Campagno, the singing and dancing lederhosen guy, however, deserves an A+ as he is truly a talented young man, bitchy comments by some people here notwithstanding!

  33. TANK says

    That last post was actually be me, TANK, and not by Dane, whoever that is! I think someone is trying to hack my towleroad premium commenter account in order to discredit me. Well, it won’t work! To my fans here and the people who write me encouraging words, sorry about the glitch. To the people who don’t like Tank, well, thank God it’s still a free country and you have every right to criticize me all you want. But please, do so with a bit of dignity and self-pride, okay? Have a great weekend, everyone!

  34. Dane says

    Hey TANK! Next time you post a comment you might try to take the time to CHANGE the my name back to YOUR NAME before posting as the real you. Caught with egg on your face much?? LMFAO!

  35. Dane says

    Hey Tank! Next time, try “keeping it real” by remembering to post under your OWN NAME instead of forgetting and leaving MY NAME in the “Posted by:” citing. Schmuck!

  36. Dane says

    It must b great living in a “free country” where TANK can impersonate and commit fraud against others and live by his own set of warped rules…#pathetic

  37. Andrew says

    Well, this comment section is once again filled with bitter bitches. You guys should put on a 3 hour live production. I’d love to see what you come up with. God forbid we actually appreciate theatre being brought into people’s homes for a change instead of total garbage. With ratings of 18.5 million people staying tuned for the whole 3 hours, and winning every timeslot of the night, it was an unbelievable success. Underwood was fearless knowing she would have to deal with the non-constructive bitter criticism from all the mouth breathers of the world.

  38. TANK says

    Dane, TANK is not a fraud. Tank is for real! The haters will not triumph against his wisdom, so have no fear. But please, let’s all focus on the main topic and not get sidetracked into these petty little pursefights. Tank, for one, agrees heartily with Andrew. It is so easy to criticize and so hard to actually create art! As a struggling writer, Tank knows of that struggle at first hand. I’m’ so glad to hear that my Carrie’s show was a hit! Wahoo!

  39. Nina says

    @Andrew, If this hackneyed, clichéd, campy old musical is great, then I’d say you’re the one who should stop breathing through his pie hole.

    As for the ratings, The Kardashian’s get just as high ratings. Ratings do not determine audience sophistication. I suspect many people tuned in to gawk and laugh from a “this is so bad, it’s good” perspective.

    It’s no wonder WalMart(the great American worker exploiter) sponsored it as trailer trash fodder for their masses.

  40. Andrew says

    @NINA, firstly, I don’t see the word ‘Great’ anywhere in my comment. I don’t know if maybe there is another Andrew you are responding to, since you obviously didn’t read what I said. Secondly, a 0.01 second google search shows that the Kardashians highest ratings were less than 1/10th of these ratings. I understand what you are saying, but I don’t understand the need to be so angry when you say it. My entire point is that we should be supporting the idea of art being a focal point in pop culture instead of reality shows like the Kardashians. More love. Less hate. Have a good day.

  41. danielw says

    I loved it. It was great live television we’ve not seen in many years. As with any live production, it has its flaws, but overall it was terrific. Carry Underwood wonderful!

  42. dommyluc says

    RICCO – loved that review!
    And I just cannot wait for NBC’s live production of “Cabaret”, with Taylor Swift as Sally Bowles and Toby Keith as the Master of Ceremonies. Willkommen, y’all!

  43. Nina says

    @Andrew, Get a clue, that was not art, just a mediocre diversion worthy of a high school musical,,,you really need to get out more if you consider it so. Now have another bucket of KFC as I’m sure that’s what you consider “good food” to be.

  44. Chip says

    Ugh. Why would you cast the two leads with singers who simply are not up to the task? If you must cast famous people to draw an audience, give them the smaller roles, so their lack of talent relative to the actual professionals doesn’t ruin the entire production.

    Yes, Underwood and Moyer are good singers. They are not, however, excellent singers. Thank goodness for McDonald and the other excellent standouts in the cast.

  45. Ricco says

    Thank you, DOMMYLUC. I worked very hard on writing that review. But I know most people think anything longer than 14 words is basically a novel, and won’t read it. So thank you for taking the time. Have a good day.

  46. jarago says

    I enjoyed it once you stop comparing it to the movie (and wisely they did not try to copy that classic) Rolf seemed a bit old… but he has a great voice not too mention that ass.
    The show has gotten great ratings- any attempt to bring the great American musical to a wider audience should be encouraged.

  47. says

    We all know that there is only one Maria and that will forever be Barbra Streisand…huh …what…oh sorry, I meant the one and only Maria will always be Natalie Wood! huh? Oh I have my 1960’s musicals all mixed up. Time for my meds again… Anyway Julie was wonderful last night…. gotta run Rolf is at the door with a halfagram just for me….and him.

  48. Andrew says

    @NINA Again, I was talking about ‘the arts’ in general. I never called it art. I hope that you are trolling me, and not honestly being so rude. I think if we could got comment sections that aren’t anonymous, people would be a lot less quick to be so nasty, and there would be a lot more positivity.

  49. bravo says

    Reese Witherspoon was terrible, but she sang really well. No chemistry with a sexy Captain. Loved the Baroness, Max, Audra, and ‘heil’ to Rolf’s ass.

  50. TANK says

    Who is this Dane character and why has he declared a jihad against Tank, one of the most beloved trolls at Towleroad?! Every guy I’ve ever met named Dane has been cute, so Dane of Towleroad, please go out and find a fellow hottie to date and stop trying to belittle Tank. Such efforts are doomed to fail! To get back on topic, let me just repeat again that this show was very good and well worth the time invested in watching it. And yes, Rolf was uber-hot!

  51. Kevin thor says

    Garbage. What is next? Audra as Tevye, Audra as The King in King and I? This pathetic miscast production is about right for 19,000,000 tasteless Americans!