What’s LGBT On Kickstarter: Three Projects Worth Looking At


Being gay is punishable by death in Iran. Poet Payam Feili knows this. He grew up there and his first book got censored by the country's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. He has had to publish his subsequent works outside of the country just to be heard.

He'd like to translate his most recent book The White Field into English so that readers around the world can know the hope and despair gay Iranians faces amid the love and brutal homophobia of Iran.

BEST REWARD: £10 gets you a 2GB USB drive with a digital copy of The White Field on it — score!

FUNDING GOAL: £7,000 by Thursday Jan 2 at 8:54am EST. 


MASSIMADI, Montreal's annual Black LGBT Film Festival needs your help! The week-long event takes place during Black History Month and focuses on films depicting African and Caribbean LGBT life.

Last year, the event had 200 volunteers and 8000 attendees involved in seven days of panels, conferences and support gatherings with filmmakers, actors and activists.

Black voices are amongst the least heard in LGBT media. MASSIMADI helps keep those voices thriving, but an event this big and groundbreaking doesn't happen on its own. Your donation could help the festival have its sixth successful year.

BEST REWARD: $50 Canadian dollars will snag you a Twitter and Facebook shout out from the festival, your name in the official program and an unlimited festival pass — not too shabby!

FUNDING GOAL: $5,000 CAD by Friday Jan 10 at 11:59pm EST. 


Face it—most gay web series are about guys cruising for c-ck in New York or LA. That's good and all, but it can leave committed couples feeling a bit under-represented.

Mollies and Tommies wants to change that. It's a 10-episode web-comedy that follows four friends — one gay couple and one lesbian couple) as they navigate relationships, work, and prejudice in suburban St. Louis. Oh and it reportedly takes its influence from Golden Girls — "Thank you for being a friend!!"

The director Peter Lilly says, "The plots and settings aren't based around big city living… It will be written and starred with normal people. The actors are beautiful people, but no models here… It seems you have to live in New York or LA to produce great films. Help me prove the system wrong."

BEST REWARDS: For $25 you get a digital copy of the series and for $125 you can make a 3-minute guest appearance on the show (travel to St. Louis not included), plus a bunch of other behind-the-scenes goodies.

FUNDING GOAL: $80,000 by Wednesday Jan 8 at 11:00pm EST.


  1. Two dads says

    I also am touched by the Iranian film project about translating his book on film. That sounds beautiful. I’ve known Persian gay people and have heard just how brutal their experiences have been. Their stories need to be shared.

  2. Dev says

    If Peter Lilly should read this, I want him to know that I support what he is trying to do. There is a real need for a show focused on ordinary gay people in solid relationships and in “flyover country” and not in NYC or LA. So the idea is there.

    But honestly, the Kickstarter proposal is terrible. You have no promotional video, even though you are promoting a web-based show. You don’t have much more than some ideas scratched out. You don’t give anything more than the most generic description of the plot. You acknowledge that this is your first film making project. So anyone reading that will have real doubts as to whether this project would actually get off the ground, let alone completed. And in that context, you set a goal of $80,000?

    Ridiculous. You have a good idea. Hash it out more. Create a better proposal, with more details, with a video. Show us a sample scene. If possible, get someone well-known to lend their name as executive producer. And then reduce the target to something reasonable. If you can’t do 10 eps on a reduced budget, shoot for 5 eps at first and then build an audience for a further 5 later.

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