1. jason says

    Female boxing is disgusting and should be banned. These women need to realize that women’s bodies are not designed to sustain blows to the upper body. Just because you’re lesbians, it doesn’t mean you should be celebrated for such a disgusting sport.

  2. SpaceCadet says

    I think we should just ignore the troll commenter. He’s obviously an idiot or trying to get a rise out of everybody or both because everything he writes is the exact opposite of what a rational human being would think and is just laughably stupid!

  3. Mikey says

    I’m not a fan of either male or female boxing, because I think it’s barbaric, but I am happy for this two in their personal lives.

    Also, Jason, you are the worst.

  4. Luke says

    You mean boxing is one of those sports where you don’t expect to find gay MALE competitors.. If females are boxing you’d think it’s likely they are lesbians. Anyway, good for them :)

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