1. anon says

    It’s Murray Bartlett…. his is the character in the show that is worried about turning 40!!!!!!!! Do you see anything there to be worried about? I don’t!!!!!

  2. crispy says

    I recently watched a movie on Apple TV with a really hot guy in it that turned out to be Murray Bartlett. It’s called August, pretty interesting movie.

    He’s gay in real life too.

  3. Paul R says

    I’m not defending the show’s demographics, but SF is about 42% white, 33% Asian, 15% Latino/Hispanic, and 6% black. Whites tend to be the most visibly out because it’s more culturally accepted. (I’ve never met a closeted white guy, but have met closeted members of the other three groups.) And for geographic, social, economic, or whatever other reasons, there is sadly little interaction among these groups. The most is among Asians and whites, but even then places like the Castro are almost entirely white. (Not that I spend much time there; it’s pretty dull.)

    I’m not defending or promoting it, but that’s the way things remain, even in 2014.

  4. Christopher Williams says

    Sorry, Paul, I lived in San Francisco for 15 years and didn’t know any group of gay men that wasn’t culturally/ethnically diverse. As Chuy wrote, this seems like an alternate universe from the city so many of us lived, loved, and partied in.

  5. Tatts says

    I wish they had paid 10% as much attention to microphone placement as they did to the “set design” (pots of grass).

    Seriously, absolutely all of the content is in the audio (there’s no other reason to do an interview), and that’s the last thing they pay attention to. The video needed subtitles in order to get the information across!


  6. says

    Just what the gay community needs. Another gay show shoving Whites as the epitome of gay male beauty in our face. And the morons of gay media and its dimwitted followers acting like it’s something new.

    It’s the same old crap, just different White (or light) faces. And before any moron tries to say, “the cast isn’t only White”, if such is the case,…the why does Instinct, Out, The Advocate, and every gay media source keep using pics of a White cast member to promote this “show”?

    And I put “show” in quotes for those very reasons. It’s a waste of television for waste products to view.

    KISS THE RAINBOW, people!

  7. L G. says

    Love all the back seat drivers in the comments
    YOU get a show up and running? K?
    Have seen Groff on stage LIVE in London….quite a remarkable actor, starting off with the “Glee” life
    Wish the show success

  8. Reality 101 says

    aww look all the angry minority trolls who fem bash the gay community, say things like ‘queen’, are often CLOSETED, are often on the down low scene, and are often very religious. Ethnic minority gays are some of the most self hating ever.

  9. IonMusic says

    Simple. Asian and white gay men often COME OUT. Some latino and many black gays are only out to a select few, if out at all. Latino and black LGBT are raised in very religious atmospheres that promote an unrealistic mentality of machismo thinking which further traps them in a closet. Maybe if more of these men would align less with their religious machismo culture and actually come out, then they would be represented too. Hard to represent you when you don’t even represent yourselves.

  10. Max says

    Ignore the side blabber on here.

    Back to the show. I saw an advanced screening and it was promising. A few kinks need to be worked out, but overall, it actually has soul and I can see the character development evolving as well.

  11. Cahnneling says

    Lenair Xavier….don’t watch! and better yet, stop visiting these ‘rainbow’ blogs. Clearly you’re fixated enough to still come here and pollute it with your bitter presence.

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