1. redball says

    Love him. He made tons of GREAT points. I’m Nigerian American and I’m proud to call him my brother! Thank you, Bisi.

  2. Who's really to blame? says

    I love how gay united and took a stand agains Russia and the Olympics being held in Sochi. Oh wait, that involved WHITE GAYS! Funny how when it comes to BLACK GAYS there is no outpouring of anger or sympathy. Clearly gay whites still harbor the same prejudice as the heterosexual counter parts!!!! Hypocritical indeed!

  3. Thomas Cardellino says

    As a man now going on 61 years-of-age, I was completely unwittingly blessed to be raised in a Philadelphian Suburban School System in Abington Township, PA. There, we were educated to the incrementally destructive years-long program of Hitler’s “Master Race” to hijack an entire nation’s politics, and then to literally exterminate, as if these humans were mere vermin, MILLIONS of political “underdogs” that these newly empowered Nazis found offensive for so many reasons eventually. But, as will always be important to emphasize, it started with the German Jews, many of whom served the Kaiser with valor in World War One. Even the most heroic of the newly formed Nazi State were so easily and quickly mere ”fuel for the fires” of political expediency.

    What does it matter, even today, when one group of self-isolated politically enraged violence preaching zealots target any smaller group within the wide range of fellow humanity for “criminal” status for nothing more than how they were born? This and other African occurrences of anti-LGBTI criminalization and imprisonment will, most assuredly not stop with the present targeted group only. If a people under the power of a nation state can punish to the point of death any minority in their midst, then who will they choose next? The most minority of tribal people within their borders? Will it be the minority Christians in their midst? In Nigeria in particular, will it be a replay of the recent late 20th century Hausa, Fulani and Ibo conflict over religious differences that brought upon a decades long famine upon their country? As an American agnostic, I will never understand the license to kill that any people justify by mere writings, new or olden, religious or secular, with known authors or those lost to antiquity, or even self-profiting self-anointed ministers of “The Church” or the latest radio personalities looking to assure their lucrative lives by purposefully NOT being journalists, but conveniently to their pocketbooks, being inciters of misdirected hatred upon a portion of the populace all too few in numbers to withstand the prodded into hate filled heat of the mobs to exterminate the fewer amongst them.

    And the shadow of shame falls upon me and every other American citizen because we knowingly allow the most deranged of extremist so-called “Evangelicals” the ability, without warning the host nations of their extremism, to visit vulnerable nations worldwide, the well-financed ability to scour the globe for their literal death-threatening ideologies to be marketed to the most politically nascent “democracies” still hungering from inter-tribal blood lust whether in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia or the vast expanses of the Asian South Pacific Islanders.

    When a refugee who makes it to America explains the demonic nature of their persecution, all of us as Americans should be on the alert to demand of our Federally Elected Officials that the US State Department start, haste with, to engage with and disengage the offending nations from maintaining their Human Rights Abuses along with the unity of the United Nations in the most esteemed name of, and on the ultimate behalf of all of Humanity. Nothing less will do!

  4. RexT says

    Clearly, both Christians and Muslims are thriving in their mutual religious based animus, Gays, the usual target. Bisi’s insightful comments are excellent, and much like anywhere, many have no idea what they’re busy hating about others, except their ‘book’ telling them it’s to be this way. Nigeria is already getting a great deal of blow back from around the world, which must escalate quickly if they continue down this criminal road.

  5. MaryM says

    No more idle western threats about cutting aid to Nigeria. The African nations don’t like hearing these.

    Stop the funds immediately.

    98% of Nigerians support this law.

    We have absolutely no responsibility towards them.

  6. ratbastard says

    Why so much attention paid to Russian gays, far less to Nigerian? Racism? Absolutely, to a degree. I do think many/most people expect white Euro people and nations to behave more PC and ‘civilized’ in 2014 vs a ‘backward’ African country. But, I also think many people are afraid of commenting on anything to do with Africa (or by extension black people in general) in a negative way, even when they’re just referring to SOME not all, for feast of being considered or called the R word, so they remain quiet. The ‘progressive’ leftwing especially in America, less so outside the U.S., is very uncomfortable discussing anything of a negative nature on the part of ‘oppressed’ people, like Africans.


    Hitler and the Nazis partially based their Eugenics program which morphed into genocide and mass murder, on environmentalism. They used the excuse that there weren’t enough resources for everyone and ‘bottom feeders’ needed to be dealt with coldly and clinically. Sound familiar? Planned Parenthood and radical environmentalist are as much connected to early-mid 20th century Nazism and Eugenics as are our corpocracy and all seeing and knowing police state and mighty so-called military-industrial warmongering complex.

    And speaking of Nazi ideology, look know further than a we’ll connected (and Jewish man) named Cass Einstein. Google Einstein and read some if things this man has espoused from a eugenics standpoint.

  7. Rowan says

    I have to agree with Rat. Rat, even as a black person I am afraid to comment about black people unless it’s literally my direct culture i.e black british. But you try commenting on Nigerians, Jamaicans or African Americans about some of the hypocrisy in their culture and they will fly off like no ones business on the biggest BS ever.

    Doesn’t stop me though but it gets tiring when you are dealing with cultures with innate short-sightedness.

  8. Daniel says

    @ Who’s really to blame?

    I’ve seen a lot of American gay people–black and white speak out against what’s happening in Nigeria and Uganda and demand action. But, you know what? It doesn’t get covered on the news.

    I suspect you’re seeing what you want to see here. I’m not saying there isn’t racism in some gay people–but to paint a whole group of people with one brush is just as bigoted as ignoring what’s going on in some African countries.