1. lalala says

    IMHO, I would rather watch Yanis Marshall dance to Beyonce music than watch Beyonce dance to Beyonce music. He is much more stimulating, and not just because he’s a guy. I honestly don’t think she could keep up with him in heels, hehe.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    I see Jason is working overtime tonight….

    Beyonce and Jay Z were great. Oh, and Beyonce would have been nominated, but her album came out too late in the year to make the deadline.

  3. Icebloo says

    Am I the only person sick of seeing lip syncing overrated Beyonce 24 hours a day on TV, commercials, radio etc etc etc ?

    She only has to sneeze and they give her a Grammy !

    ENOUGH ! She can dance but she cannot write music and she cannot sing !

  4. Icebloo says

    @DERRICK – If you were a true fan you would know Beyonce lip syncs to a “specially recorded live version” of her songs. That is why it is not exactly the same as on the album. Beyonce cannot sing live. Deal with it. There is no Santa Claus either !

  5. Icebloo says

    @SAM – they are allowed to sing it because Beyonce and Jay-Z are billionaires who have a LOT of power within the Grammys. That’s why they win every time they are nominated. That’s why they camera was on Beyonce more than the people performing on the stage.

    The Grammys are so superficial and crappy now. It’s all about rewarding popularity and not talent. Beyonce is the queen of having a career based on no talent but a rich husband who owns the record label & pays for endless promotion ! The real talent in Destiny’s Child was Kelly Rowland but she didn’t fu%k the guy who owned the record label. Beyonce saw how Diana Ross did it !

  6. Icebloo says

    …and as usual Beyonce gets special treatment here too on Towleroad. There were dozens of live performances tonight on the Grammys so why did you only do a special story on this performance ?

  7. JMC says

    Why is Beyonce the only pop star who gets a pass for blatant lip syncing? Anyways, the performance started off fierce but got boring fast when she didn’t do anything.

    Also, Icebloo, what are you even talking about? Destiny’s Child and Beyonce have always been signed to Columbia records which Jay-Z has never had anything to do with in his entire career. Get a grip you clueless misogynist.

  8. brian says

    I have to agree about Andy Towle failing to give coverage to much better performances than Beyonce’s. Andy has his favourites, which he is determined to foist on us regardless of quality.

  9. Mike says

    Hold up, calm down everyone. Beyonce is way more loved by gay audiences than the other performers, it only makes sense the blog would post only her performance and Macklemore’s. Lorde…Sara Bareilles & Carol King…Metallica. Who else did you guys want Towleroad to post?

  10. JJ says

    Trashy Trashy, beyonce getting to old for the stripper routines, enough already. How about singing live in a nice dress and impress us with your voice. My daughter loves music but couldnt watch because Beyonce is just too much.

  11. Blake says

    Wait a minute! Beyonce performing an exotic routine in a chair is too risque/trashy? What about 30 years ago when Tina Turner, who was FORTY-FIVE YEARS OLD for her ’80s comeback, sat in a very similar chair and sang “Private Dancer” just as provocatively? (A song that, for the record, is LITERALLY about being a prostitute.)

    Also, no–the irony isn’t lost on me that “Drunk In Love” references the “Eat-the-cake-Anna-Mae”-scene from WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT.

  12. Pratyush says

    Er… The post talks about the Grammy opening performance. N Beyoncé opened it… So that’s why it’s about her. Having said that…. This Showgirls/Flashdance inspired performance has to the most boring rip off she’s ever done.

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