Canadian Olympic Bobsled Team Shows Some Skin: PHOTO


Captain Justin Kripps tweeted this photo of James McNaughton, Tim Randall, and Bryan Barnett, his teammates on the Canadian four-man Olympic bobsled team, proving that in winter sports there is still room to show some skin.

Said Kripps: "Double checking our race weight for the 4man Sunday."


  1. Robert says

    Love how buff the bobsledders seem to be here and in other countries. Didn’t think this blog showed anything other than twinks and circuit boys! (Is that even the right term? I live in Indiana, so…)

  2. n.b. says

    Sounds like you’re bitter (and projecting). Those dudes are objectively attractive. All of them are at least 8/10s. No need to bring others down just because you lack self-confidence.

  3. George F says

    They all look great…but that guy with the black bushy beard & black pants…just forces me to write stupid droooling comments on the internet even if I am superbusy here!

  4. Paul says

    Always wondered what Bobsledders and Lugers looked like without their clothes – liking it A LOT – wish they’d gotten the thighs in though – they always look massive when they push off!

  5. Griff says

    I’m curious- am I supposed to be commenting on every picture of hairless twinks regarding how unattractive I find them..? Because if I am, I’ve been seriously neglecting my duties.

    (Seriously though- if you don’t find this particular body type attractive, STFU and scroll down. It’s not hard.)

  6. EYE ROLL says

    There is ONE person using several different names posting “enough with the besrds”…how about you shut your mouth. Enough of you already. Pathetic troll.

  7. stranded says

    Posted by: George F | Jan 23, 2014 4:20:46 PM

    Black busy beard and black pants guy would’ve actually been attractive had he not chosen to wax his chest. Why is he fighting the hot like that? What a disappointment.

  8. canuck duck says

    @stranded– I love a hairy chest (like LOVE) but this guy is still damn hot even with a smooth one. How do you know he waxed it though, maybe hes naturally smooth?

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