1. Luke says

    I’m a Phoenician as well ASCANIUS1! This morning I was trying to decide whether or not I needed a hoodie over my t-shirt, but decided against it. Supposed to be close to 80 today :)

  2. cdubios says

    I am so disappointment by how hot it’s already getting in Phoenix! I was hoping to be able to wear cute winter outfits for another month!! : ) I’ve already packed away the jackets and heavy sweaters. Summers here effect me the way winters effect people on the East Coast. I get so depressed with the oppressive heat, I need a summer home away from this nonsense…

  3. Rrhain says

    @REAL MAN, so I see you’re fascinated.

    After all, if you found it tedious, you wouldn’t have even bothered to read the article let alone watch the link and comment upon it.

    Hint: Those who make a point of displaying their masculinity aren’t.

  4. MrConscience says

    Ugh. Just say no to those damned Canada Goose jackets. First, they’re lined with real coyote fur and second they were bought by Bane Capital back in December ’13. Two reasons why they ought to be left on the racks.

  5. ratbastard says

    How to deal with the extreme cold we get off and on in the northeast and Midwest during winter:

    Going outside for more than 15 minutes at a time? Layer….I wear a T-shirt, under a thermal underwear top, flannel shirt, regular underwear, under long underwear, pants/jeans/etc., And on really cold days, the heavy winter parka,neoprene face mask, hat/cap under hood, two pairs of gloves. Feet: two pairs of thick/thermal socks and a decent pair of insulated winter boots. No, it doesn’t look like you’re just off the Milan catwalk, but you’re cozy. BTW: Many western Europeans and South Americans simply don’t fully appreciate how brutally cold and get here during winter. They’re usually the ones you see walking around in their club clothes when it’s 5 degrees F, with a wind chill well below 0 F, very well below 0 C.

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