Deadly ‘Witch Hunt’ on for Gays in Nigeria

Nigeria's Hisbah, or Islamic religious police, have vowed to track down all gays in the country following the signing of an anti-gay law by President Goodluck Jonathan.

AFP reports: Nabahani

The deputy head of the Hisbah in Kano state, Usman Nabahani (pictured), told AFP that the new law banning gay marriage and civil partnerships was a "welcome development". "Definitely, we will work tirelessly toward the enforcement of this law by the special grace of God," he added…

The Hisbah has in recent months cracked down on prostitution and drug addiction in the majority Muslim city and pledged to do the same against homosexuality.

"Obviously, we will embark on similar raids on gays and lesbians in Kano," he added, vowing to work "hand in hand" with security agencies to enforce the national legislation. "From now on, we will go into every nook and corner of Kano state to ensure that (the prohibition of) prostitution, gay marriages, marriages of the same sex and consumption of alcohol… is fully complied with, so that we can have a decent society….We are given more power, we are given more support now to wage serious war against these issues."

AFP also has some new information on numbers:

Dorothy Aken'ova, the executive director of the International Centre for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights, added that the police in Bauchi had more than 160 names on a list and were planning arrests.

Since the law was signed, she said 24 people had been arrested in three southern states — 12 in Ibadan, Oyo; six in Owerri, Imo; and six in Awka, the capital of Anambra.

While exact numbers remain indeterminate, reports are emerging that several men are already on trial in the northern state of Bauchi in an Islamic court where they may face a death sentence by stoning.

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  1. Jay says

    “The Hisbah has in recent months cracked down on prostitution and drug addiction in the majority Muslim city and pledged to do the same against homosexuality.”

    One of these things is not like the others.

  2. woody says

    Nigeria is headed for civil war.
    The muslims in the north are insane.
    Jonathan has made a mistake giving into them.
    They won’t be satisfied for long with the heads of gay men.

  3. Pete says

    Let’s imagine instead of Gays, Jews were being hunted down in Nigeria:

    “Nigeria’s Hisbah, or Islamic religious police, have vowed to track down any Jews in the country following the signing of an anti-Jewish law by President Goodluck Jonathan.”

    What do you think the reaction of the US Congress would be? There would be immediate action to strip the country of its foreign aid and they would be demanding bombs falling on Lagos. The newsmedia would be in a literal tizzy.

    But Gays being hunted down? Ho hum.

  4. Chevytexas says

    This appeasement by the government deserves what it’ll get: the overthrow and legitimization of Hisbah for all of Nigeria. Then they can all pay the price or come over here as they do now abd be cab drivers. Nigeria deserves itself. Gays should escape now.

  5. Deee! says

    Wow, and I thought that place sucked when I left two years ago. Definitely not going back now. Jonathan is doing this because he is an incompetent fool and has very low approval ratings. He is attempting a move used in proto-Nazi Germany: scapegoating. The people in Nigeria are mostly impoverished and unhappy. If he gives them someone to blame (the godless gays bringing death and disease, for instance), and then is seen to be trying to extinguish the “threats”, he’ll be in like Flynn. The sad part is that it will work, because my people are senseless and superstitious.

  6. richard says

    People say that the Christian evangelicals have caused this anti-gay witch-hunt in Nigeria but the reality is that the Islamists are much worse. Much, much worse.

    This is an emergency situation. We need to kick Nigeria out of the UN. Impose sanctions.

  7. rallyxx says

    Im just going to watch how their country will implode. It’s a shame how religion has been used by nutbags as a weapon. I mean, how can you be a true man of God if you are not afraid of killing?

  8. Daniel says

    So the international LGBTA community can take any and all measures necessary to end the human rights violations in Nigeria since the Nigerian government is without any doubt guilty of the crime of genocide.

  9. Randy says

    “wage serious war” (says the representative of the “religion of peace”)

    Make no mistake. It is a war, between religion and humanity. Gay youth in Africa and Russia are merely the ones who are going to be most visibly harmed by it in the near future.

    Our side probably will not save their lives in the short term (but must try). We were late to this, even though we were doing things that were necessary.

    Our side must win the world in the long term. Attack the problem directly, at the root. Spread secular education in these places. Directly mock religion and other superstitions everywhere. Support the tools of free speech that allow such messages to be heard, and allow thinking people to seek out unauthorized ideas.

    If you knock out the legs that homophobia stands on (Julia Gillard being the exception), it becomes possible to end it (and a great number of other ills). But at a time when being gay can get you murdered by your own government, turned in by your own family, the usual gay strategy of coming out is not going to be useful for most people.

  10. jamal49 says

    @PETE You nailed it. Thank you.

    Folks, it’s time we get off our asses and start hounding Congress and the United Nations to protest this impending genocide of LGBT people in Nigeria by imposing sanctions of the severest kind. We also need to get on the cases of any organisation–corporate or not-for-profit–that does any business in or with Nigeria and tell them to get the hell out or face the consequences. Lives will depend upon what we do.

  11. Who's really to blame? says


  12. says

    The murder of these innocent men can be placed squarely on the American Evangelicals that went there spreading their message of hate and their comrades in the US that keep fanning the flames with vitriol.

    Scott Lively, Brian Brown, Bryan Fischer, Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher, Peter LaBarbra. We all know them. It’s high time they were made to face the reality of the world they’ve helped create and to be held accountable for their actions. Murder as part of ‘God’s Grace’. Any words of condemnation from the new gentler, kinder Pope?

    Leaders of every democracy that affirms equality need to be called on to grant immediate amnesty for these helpless Nigerians. The UN, Amnesty International, other African leaders need to step up. Turning a blind eye is a death warrant.

  13. DannyEastVillage says

    @ WHO’S REALLY TO BLAME? – The Roman catholics are not the only group that “evangelized” Nigeria. Anglicans and protestants of various stripes have also brought the Western message of hate to them.

  14. says

    I haven’t heart any out cry from Conservative Christians who profess that Islam teaches hatred and violence…. Oh wait, my bad….it’s just the gay correct? Ok then that’s alright, the same thing happened to the Jews at one time if my memory serves, and the Conservative Christians here in the USA didn’t seem to take notice until after millions were killed, along with others minorities, ironically including gays, who ironically ran the Nazi regime in the eyes if Scott Lively who travels to Africa and Russia, his BFF’s, to help motivate to make laws criminalizing gays. So come to think of it, it’s business as usual in the world of Conservative Christianity in the USA. Though I’d like to know how much “aid” the USA sends Uganda, India, Nigeria. I hope that fund for local schools in the USA to have GSA’s isn’t cut so money can be sent to those hell-holds. I doubt much will change seeing as Africa is ripe for drilling and there’s not a that human-rights red-tape to get through like in the USA. Oh well, another day another dollar for the 1% at the expense of all others. It is the American Way, after all.

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