1. Ben Trovato says

    Umm. The Matthew Shepherd joke is really, REALLY awful. Would you post a video jokingly reenacting jews choking to death in a gas chamber?

    If it were me, I’d take this video down.


  2. Hari says

    This is awful…jokes about incest, rape, an immigrant who says men in his country have sex with animals…this isn’t satire, its a juvenile & offensive skit that lost its topic.

  3. Steven says

    Oh faux outrage. The joke is not about Matthew Shepherd, it’s about the ignorance of people outside the community defining us by a few historical sign posts. In that case relating all gayness to being a target of violence.

  4. AJ says

    It’s parody. Get a clue. However, the first one is much better. The only one I liked in the second one was the blonde girl talking about being a rotting corpse at his wedding.

  5. Paul R says

    I’m with AJ, the first one is better. In both, the female characters are much funnier than the male ones.

    The second one definitely has some tasteless moments. Sex with animals isn’t really ever funny.

  6. Robert says

    Who the hell are these people? First off, no way would he ever have to come out. Second, these ‘people’ are just stereotypes found on tv. I’ve never met a single one and I’ve lived 15 years as a gay man in 5 different states.

  7. Chris in Kansas says

    Uh! Uh! OHH! These jokes are mildly tasteless! You can NEVER be tasteless in comedy!! Someone remove this clip from the internet IMMEDIATELY because people might SEE it! UHHH!! Could I clutch these pearls any HARDER??

    Grow up.

  8. emjayay says

    Besides the fact that everyone would already know that actor was gay already, I’m only saddened that Chris in Kansas (Kansas, really? What’s that like?) stole the pearl clutching line before I got to it.