1. Daya says

    OMG! It was all to familiar! Especially the part when they got caught. We didn’t get caught but by best friends Mother put her key in the door and you thought teenagers couldn’t move FAST! I ended up with his underwear…

  2. ChicagoR says

    That was sweet and funny. And the shaking part triggered a vivid memory of my first time, which also included barfing in the bushes of a church while I was walking to the rendezvous…

  3. Randy says

    It’s OK, but I’m not real impressed with the sound. It sounds like some of it was recorded live, and some was dubbed. I know Glee has really lowered our standards of what to expect from sound, but I do still expect better.

  4. donny says

    that was creepy. terrible acting and one of the boys looks like he is 30. also cliched and pointless dialogue from the adults.

    this isnt what coming out is like at all. these boys act like jaded gay men in their 40s who have lived in the Castro for a couple of decades. there are real gay and lesbian youth who post their coming out stories on yt. those are real. this is fake.

  5. Romeodawg says

    Wow. I’m amazed at how far we drop the standard of what’s acceptable because it’s got a gay theme. If this were about 2 straight teens, would we really buy this writing or acting or directing? OY.

  6. Kieran says

    Hollywood today rarely captures the realism that this short film does. Imagine, a teenager in a film that actually shows signs of acne. Brilliant. Exceptional. Touching. You don’t have to be Jewish or gay to appreciate this. More please.

  7. emjayay says

    Yeah, gluten free and hook up are sort of anachronisms for 1999. So was the kitchen. All maybe possible, just not very probable. Hook up was first cited in the urban dictionary in 2004. And while puberty can strike in a range of years, these guys looked far apart in age. The older guy looked younger in some shots, but the director did not know enough to shoot and light him consistently to make him look younger, if casting him was a given. And the writing was kind of amateurish. And the sound. Charming but very flawed. I don’t know where it would get awards – maybe at some provincial Jewish festival.

  8. emjayay says

    Oh, and Morse code machine? Um, why? If some nerdy kid actually did put it together (and a fourth grader could do it), the conversation would be a lot different. I’m tempted to write a demo scene right now….oh never mind.

  9. says

    Vel I’ll tell you… it was well done,the kids were good actors… and I can imagine there’s hope being in the 21 century. As a Jewish kid I remember me and my best friend “fooled around”. He turned out straight in life and I gave it a fling and discovered who I was early.I liked the fact that they showed how the religious indoctrination can play guilt feelings in adults about the future of their families and the effect it could have on the kids. Thumbs up!

  10. Liam says

    You can always tell something is good when 15 minutes feels like only 5 minutes. The characters are authentic and the acting unforced. Capturing the innocence and vulnerability of the teens while contrasting it against their jaded and vapid parents is wonderful to behold.

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