Fox News Contributor Todd Starnes Has Twitter Meltdown Over Grammy Weddings

Todd Starnes Twitter freakout

For those who were watching last night, the 34 gay weddings officiated by Queen Latifah at the Grammys was a groundbreaking event.

StarnesHaters will hate, as they often do, but Fox News religion "reporter" Todd Starns – who accused Duck Dynasty protesters of being "anti-straight" – just about blew a gasket and proceeded to have a very public freak-out on Twitter. In addition to sounding like grandpa on the porch complaining about this "rock and/or roll" noise and throwing a fair amount of slut-shaming:

He proceeded to completely lose it when the gay weddings came on: 

When a man whose views are so vile that even other Christian bloggers call him out for being a liar, one really can't help but indulge in some schadenfreude.


  1. sam says

    I agree with Todd Starnes about female Grammy performers dressing like floozies. I don’t see the male Grammy performers dressing in revealing clothes so I don’t see why the women should be allowed to get away with it. It’s sexist and demeaning to women in an overall sense. I loathe it when gay men support this sort of sexism.

    I also agree that the Grammys were used for political reasons. The best representation that the gay community can get is to actually have openly gay male singers winning Grammy awards. You won’t see it because the music industry won’t allow it. The Grammys won’t allow it.

  2. Julie says

    I’ve seen lots of comments about how people “thought the Grammys was a family show”. It IS. Only now it’s for ALL families!

  3. sam says


    I think the “family show” comment was meant to be critical of female performers who dress like skanky hos. I totally agree with the criticism. I don’t see male performers dressing in clothing that reveals their behinds etc. I don’t see why the female performers should be allowed to get away with it. I don’t tolerate double standards.

  4. Julie says

    Sam, No, the comments I’ve seen and were referring to were about the same-sex marriage aspect of the show and Macklemore’s performance of Same Love, etc.

  5. bkmn says

    Yet another fundie who is fixated with gay sex. It’s about time to hire a private eye and find out how deep this guy’s closet is.

  6. sam says

    I think the gay marriages were a gimmick but I don’t think they were anti-family. Far from it.

    However, I can only repeat what I said before : the best way for gay people, particularly gay men, to make their presence felt at an awards show dedicated to music is to actually win music awards.

    When male performers can be openly gay and have hits on the charts for which they win Grammys – a concept that is very rare in America – only then can we say that we’ve progressed.

    P.S. I find it strange that gay people were applauding the Grammys organizers for allowing the gay marriages when you consider how much these same Grammys organisers have enabled homophobia over the years. Just look at how many awards they’ve given to homophobic rappers.

  7. Jack M says

    I wish I could cry for the whole world to witness whenever the world doesn’t conform to my idea of what it should be.

  8. john patrick says

    These antigay people sure have a fixation about teh gay being “crammed down their throats.”

  9. Wavin' Dave says

    Does this blowhard’s TV have an On/Off button on the remote? He could’ve used it at any moment. I use mine quite regularly when anything but THE SIMPSONS is tuned to FOX’s channel.
    Oh, and, what credentials does one need to be a “religion reporter?” Isn’t that a rather oxymoronic job?

  10. Markt says

    It is a common tack of conservatives to start with a reasonable (or arguably reasonable) middle-ground criticism and then manage to do a connecting slide into a “basket to hell” conclusion. Can be effective on unsuspecting, ambivalent, middle-of-the-roaders.

  11. kit says

    “Cramming it down our throats”? 1.) you always have the option to turn off your teevee. 2.) lol

  12. DN says

    Despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the NALTs, this is just hum drum christianity. If you don’t all go out of your way to accomodate us, we’re being oppressed.

  13. tristram says

    Hahahahahaha. Get over yourselves homophobic ‘Christians’ – you don’t own marriage.

  14. Hey Darlin' says

    First of all they weren’t “gay marriages”. There were all types of marriage, if we apply the antiquated standard that they still have categories. His version of God isn’t of public concern, that’s between him and his fiction within the greater Christian community.

    As far as anyone “mocking” the imaginary Christians he has dreamed up, they were also included in the service and he is doing his brothers and sisters an awful disservice to mock and their ceremony and religion.

    The God of truth shall prevail even with attempts to marginalize him in favor of the God of fiction used as a dividing point.

  15. crispy says

    “The best representation that the gay community can get is to actually have openly gay male singers winning Grammy awards. You won’t see it because the music industry won’t allow it. The Grammys won’t allow it.”

    Vampire Weekend won the Grammy for Best Alternative Album.

    Sogoblowitoutyourass, troll.

  16. crispy says

    What’s up with the frying pan in his Twitter pic? Is that what his father used to beat him and his mother with?

  17. jjose712 says

    I find amazing how delusional this type of christians are.

    Your marriage is not about you and your husband is about them and mocking their religion.
    Sorry guys, but you are not that important

  18. anon says

    Conservative Christians have been roaring against “devil music” (read: black music) since the mid 1950’s and this is no different. The fact that teens buy music their parents don’t like makes the industry a very easy target for conservatives, and of course they know all about this but figure it’s easy publicity.

  19. Victor says

    I love that gay guys feel that they have a right to tell women how to dress and what that says about their morals.

    Good to see some of you have learned a lot from the Taliban and Fundamentalist Christians on how to oppress and objectify women.

    Boo! Hiss!

  20. says

    Oh you poor man! All those mean homosexuals were forcing you to watch the Grammys! Did they threaten to touch your Bible, thus infecting it with gay cooties? Won’t somebody please soothe his sore anus!?

  21. anon says

    There are many, many reasons to hate the Grammies, but this isn’t anywhere near the top of the list.

  22. FFS says

    No, I’m pretty sure it’s the ignorant, illogical and contradictory twaddle that comprises The Bible which marginalizes it.

    Hold on to that job at Faux News, Dumbtard. Diminished mental capacity is a hard sell in most other workplaces.

  23. northalabama says

    what electronics company manufactures these republican tv sets, the ones without a remote to change channels, or a power off switch?

  24. David says


    The Christian Post story to which you link is a good one, and Professor Noble makes many valid points against Starnes in his interview. However, that deals ONLY WITH Starnes’ reporting on Christmas cards at the VA — a matter you didn’t mention. Furthermore, nothing in the Christian Post story suggests that Starnes’ views are “vile”; it is simply stated that his reporting on this one matter was misleading.

    None of the concerns of Starnes you actually mention in your post — the use of the Grammy’s female dress at awards shoes, same-sex marriage, the mocking of God and Christianity — are addressed in that report at all.

    To point to that news report and suggest that Starnes is rejected by other Christians for the nastiness of his views was far more misleading than Starnes report on the Christmas cards. Starnes lied by omission; you just out-and-out lied. Shame on you.