George Michael Announces Live Album, Returns to Twitter After a Year

Standard Album:
1. Through
2. My Baby Just Cares for Me
3. Praying for Time (available for free download)
4. Let Her Down Easy
5. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
6. Feeling Good
7. John and Elvis Are Dead
8. One More Try
9. Cowboys and Angels
10. Idol
11. Brother Can You Spare a Dime
12. Wild is the Wind
13. You’ve Changed

Deluxe Album:
1. Through
2. My Baby Just Cares For Me
3. A Different Corner
4. Praying For Time
6. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
7. Feeling Good
8. John And Elvis Are Dead
9. Roxanne
10. One More Try
11. Going To A Town
12. Cowboys and Angels
13. Idol
14. Brother Can You Spare A Dime
15. You Have Been Loved
16. Wild Is The Wind
17. You’ve Changed


  1. David From Canada says

    George needs to change that old, shaved-head look and let his hair grow back in. And stay off dope and drugs and booze once and for all. Moderation. It will help him to stay out of trouble. After all, he’s not a kid anymore………..Come on George, time to act like an adult now……

  2. Oliver says

    Saw him twice, in Europe, when he was on that Tour. Amazing. I went with several friends and we were all spellbound at how many HITS he has had….one after another…and that voice!
    Truly one of the greats!

  3. Henry Holland says

    This is one of the very greatest things ever in the history of everything:

    My gawd, what a voice at 1:29 and at 3:59!!!

    He had 75,000 people eating out of his hand, how can “real life” compare to that?

    Would love to see him if he tours America for this album.

  4. Jerry says

    @David from Canada:

    Sweetie, George Michael will turn FIFTY-ONE in six months. Dihydrotestosterone has likely already set in, so keeping his hair short is probably the most prudent choice for an image-driven gay man in the public eye, unless he wants to go all Joey Fatone on his head.

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