1. james st. james says

    She probably thinks he’s a blues singer with the group President of Nigeria. You’ve heard their new release, right?

  2. Bill says

    @Lucca: she was born in November 1945, so she is 68 years old. While not true of everyone that age by a long shot, it is possible that she had a “senior moment” and didn’t remember what was in the news about Nigeria (or maybe she isn’t keeping up with current events).

  3. Mikey says

    Let’s all calm down before the torches and pitchforks come out. Jesus, not everyone is up to date on the almost countless atrocities happening around the world at any given time. Is this unfortunate? Hell yes. Should she be vilified? No. Calm down, anonymous internet activist.

  4. NYCguy says

    Regardless of her ignorance, I’m sure she has people working for her that could tell her it’s not the best career move to meet with the president of Nigeria.

    Love the movie Overboard, though. Still so sad for the LGBT community in Nigeria.

  5. bandanajack says

    is the air that rarefied in celebrity land that she is unaware of current events? has no one contacted her since?

  6. Reality says

    I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t know the issues … with that said, I hope she responds somehow.

  7. Paul says

    agree with you Reality – Goldie will be given a lecture by her supebrly hot husband Kirk tonight!

  8. joey boyd says

    someone better educated her real fast. Hard to believe she’s that out of touch and ridiculous.

  9. Mick says

    Ouch!!! That does hurt. I’m hopeful she was ignorant of the issues because I love Goldie Hawn, and always felt that she loved me back. My heart goes out to the LGBT communities in countries like Russia, India and Nigeria.

  10. Lexis says

    @Paul – Husband? I think you mean her “longttime companion” … at least that’s how The Malibu Times referred to him when the duo sold their beachfront property last year. 😉

  11. Randy says

    Wow. How can a person be either so out of touch, or so uncaring?

    So what’s she got to do with Nigeria anyway? Her Hawn Foundation claims to support improvements to education, through a particular technique. But what is she doing to restore the secular nature of Nigeria’s public schools, and what is she doing to help protect students from Boko Haram attacks? These are two of the biggest problems with Nigerian public education.

  12. Rich says

    You’d think that if Goldie, bless her heart, had the wherewithal to travel all the way to an international event like Davos, she’d be a little on top of the news, with the help of her people, if not her own reading, to understand the headlines if not the nuances of what’s going on in the world.

    Then again, maybe she’s in perfect agreement with Nigeria’s current laws. I don’t know Goldie’s politics.

    Can’t wait to see her tweet if someone introduces her to Putin or al-Assad.

  13. edude says

    The best reading I could come up with for this would be that the tweet was an example of deadpan irony, i.e. “wonderful” = “not wonderful.” Sadly, though, the smile on her face belies that interpretation. I will be interested to see if she comes up with an apology and, if so, whether Shia Labeouf will co-opt it.

  14. Sean Maloney says

    For all the people on here coming to her defense because maybe she didn’t know, blah, blah, blah. Where is she? Living under a rock?! And Mikey, you’re about as anonymous as a million guys on the Internet named “Mikey.”

  15. Mikey says

    Davos is the ultimate business meeting, admirably summed up by London mayor Boris Johnson (who is attending) as “a constellation of egos involved in massive mutual orgies of adulation” and it kicked off on Tuesday night with a special award for movie star-cum-philanthropist Matt Damon for his work with Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Florez is also getting a gong – the prestigious Crystal Award – for his charitable work with youth orchestras and choirs in his home country.

    But one particular crowd-puller – and hugely important for all those stressed executives who are a little short of me-time – is likely to be actress Goldie Hawn holding forth on the merits of meditation. The star of Shampoo and Private Benjamin is part of a “mindfulness” panel – one of 25 sessions that will cover mental health and wellbeing.- The Guardian

  16. JMC says

    I refuse to believe anyone who starred in The First Wives Club is a homophobe. Blissfully ignorant, I hope.

  17. JMC says

    I refuse to believe anyone who starred in The First Wives Club is a homophobe. Blissfully ignorant, I hope.

  18. Icebloo says

    What do you expect ? These spoiled, over-indulged and under worked “stars” are arrogant, self absorbed and completely out of touch with reality. Goldie is an idiot.

  19. Icebloo says

    …and for all of you silly queens who think Kurt is a nice guy just because he is hot – you do know he is a REPUBLICAN don’t you ? Goldie claims to be a democrat but Kurt has always been a REPUBLICAN. You know the REPUBLICAN party – it’s the one that despises us and wishes we were all dead.

  20. arch says

    The answer is simple; make use of her decision to associate herself with this man. Get her to address his policies on gay rights and the dreadful consequences of the new law.

    One assumes that eventually she will have to deal with the issue if she is now bombarded with questions and enquiries about Johnson’s policy.

    Either she will have to disown him and the policy or else somehow try to justify it, which will be shown up to be the nonsense it plainly is.

    Start sending her and her agent copies of the growing number of news stories about gays being persecuted by the state and mobs in Nigeria.

  21. alex says

    Sometimes people forget that some people don’t go online. As such, they might not be 100% up-to-date on every world event.

    Why not wait a day for a response before publically lynching Ms. Hawn?

    As I recall, people on here were furious when Carly Rae Jepsen was announced as a performer at a Boy Scouts of America event. But, once she learned the facts, she did the right thing. (And, backing out of the event ended up garnering more publicity for “our” side.)

  22. jjose712 says

    celebrities really need to read the news (or at least somebody of their entourage) and they will avoid being ridiculed or doing things they will inmediately regret

  23. John Roberts says

    She has been a supporter of AMFAR, so I doubt that she would have overt homophobic views. My guess is she got caught up in a moment and was unaware of his policies. He, no doubt, was charming, as he was being introduced to an Oscar winning beautiful actress.

  24. ChrisQ says

    She has already apologized profusely and by her own words is “horrified.” She’s an ally who stepped in it. Not everyone follows every detail of gay news and politics – even in Hollywood.

  25. Hylas says

    I don’t see an apology on her facebook account. I can’t believe she’s such a hatemonger.

  26. RayJacksonMS2 says

    She had to say it. He flew her over there and fed her a sandwich. She hasn’t worked in so long you know she couldn’t of afforded to go on her own …… or eat regularly. Hasbeen.

  27. Esteban says

    Just saw a post of a tweet where she says she was “deeply embarrassed I was misinformed and do NOT support this horror!” More at Boy Culture, the site where I got this.

  28. PircedOne says

    11:25 am on Jan 22 she’s on Fox Business right after Sundance and at 3:41 pm Jan 22 she’s with Nigerian presidient. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE: Fake

  29. Fox says

    Kinda dumb though to refer to someone as “wonderful” just because you shook their hand, but don’t really know anything about them.

  30. susan says

    Goldie is just concerned for her daughters career… Hollywood is not kind to anyone who doesn’t think and act just like the status quo in that town. Nor anyone who has parents who might have an original thought. There is nothing worse than seeing old ladies with wrinkles and age spots trying to keep in the spotlight.. Joan Collins puts herself together better than this shriveled up prune..

  31. Paul says

    Give Goldie a break – mainstream news is not covering this issue at all – the first mention of it here in Toronto was in yesterday’s Toronto Star.

  32. Bored With You in less than a second says

    Mike Wilson. If you can type her name here, you can type into google as well. Do you own f*cking legwork.

  33. Jimmy Palmieri says

    I love her. I think she was caught up in th emoment and didnt realize what he has done and is doing to the glbt community. One thing she w=should remember is not to use pleasant adjectives to describe strangers. She is guilty of nothing but schmoozing, and probably getting shuffled through a crowd.