1. Paul R says

    For various reasons I can’t really stand The Daily Show or Colbert anymore. They’ve become repetitive, which is a strange thing to say about shows that follow the news of the day. I couldn’t even watch all 5 minutes of this clip.

  2. Paul R says

    Well thanks for the news, Hansel! Gosh, who knew.

    Also, I was commenting more on Stewart’s repetitive shrieking, Jewish jokes, and gay jokes. For Colbert, his fake persona just isn’t so funny anymore. It’s predictable.

    They’re both talented comedians, I don’t question that. They’ve just gotten dull. If I didn’t have a DVR I could hardly watch an episode of Colbert, because the screaming of STEVEN for 30 seconds at the start of the show isn’t remotely funny. I guess you’re more patient.

  3. Luke says

    Paul, I get what you are saying, I sort of feel the same way, but only about Jon Stewart. Stephen Colbert is much funnier by nature. Stewart is getting kind of stale though.

  4. Bob says

    @ANKERICH –“Liberals have no problem making light of Gay Persecuation…is that a good thing really???”

    YES — the more ridiculous they make it to their straight audience, the more general awareness of the persecution — THINK!

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