1. jason says

    There has been such an increase in tacky, disposable stories on Towleroad lately. Often, they have Andy Towle’s name below them. Tacky is as tacky does.

  2. WW says

    Juan Pablo isn’t the only ”Bachelor” who has problems dealing with gay marriage. Sean Lowe, who just got wed on TV Sunday night, was asked by Greg Hernandez (of Greg in Hollywood): Did he think that gays should be able to get married on TV or anywhere else? Lowe: ”Because of the political nature of the question, I’d rather not answer.” Lowe added that he’d need an hour to respond properly. Coward.

  3. David R. says

    I love it when straight folk like Fallon are just as sassy about pushing back as we (with the notable exception of the cowards amongst us like Jason/Rick) are.

  4. UFFDA says

    Well (with huffs and puffs) that was CERTAINLY vulgar, wicked and naughty. However I think it is culturally tonic for people to get completely used to weenies and what can be done with them. Giving and receiving pleasure deserves to be celebrated and many straight men understand perfectly well that giving another man pleasure can be a two way street. Too bad it’s often so scary.

  5. doug says

    Don’t you realize what Towleroad appears to be doing? It appears to be promoting homophobia for the purpose of increasing clicks. Where would Towleroad be without homophobia?

    Look, I realize that homophobia does exist and needs to be challenged. But when you get Towleroad promoting shows or people who don’t really like us, you have to wonder if Towleroad is marketing that which it claims to oppose.

    Just a bit of food for thought for y’all.

  6. Oscar Mayer says

    Okay, I agree that this story was kind of low-brow. But on the other hand, I didn’t really mind either. Good to see Fallon atoning a bit for the shameless Mitt plugging.

    Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind seeing someone putting weiners in Mitt’s mouth.

    Doubt Fallon has the stones for that though.

  7. Paul says

    Nice of you to jump to the WRONG conclusion from my comment that I think this a-hole is gay.

    “wishful thinking” you say? B!tch please! There’s nothing more nauseating to me than a closeted homophobic homosexual, but nice try!

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