1. joel says

    I know he’s not in the slammer because of some sort of technicality with the drugs the cops found littered throughout his house last week but someone needs to step in or he’s going to be a blot on the pavement in no time. I don’t feel bad for him, he’s an entitled fool but he’s obviously out of control.

  2. jjose712 says

    When you are 15 yo star and start to make outrageous comments about religion, virginity, homosexuals and abortion, you know how it’s going to end.

    He is surrounded by a lot of people who couldn’t care less about him and couldn’t care more about his money, so this was bound to happen.

    And this could end even worse, because he is spiralling without control.
    The curious thing is that he was able to do the transition to adult artist with his last album, something that it was not easy (most teen singers fail to become adult singers).

    When you become famous so young it’s easy to lose the perspective of reality

  3. wwolffus says

    He’s human. He’s a young kid doing stupid things. And he’s surrounded himself with other stupid kids who want to be around the cool kid. Unfortunately his antics are blasted all over the world. He needs some adults to guide him, and tell him when something he wants to do is not a good idea. Maybe this arrest will be a wake up call.

  4. robertL says

    Where are all the Bieber followers now. Oh he’s only 19 years old. Oh the press is hounding him. Oh he is just growing up. Understand, this man/child has the ability to kill someone. Please accept the fact that he has every right to self destruct but, he has no right to endanger others on his destruction ride.

  5. Den says

    Most teenagers if they are in work have to obey the rules and orders laid down by older and mostly wiser people who are paying their wages. With Justin its the other way around. He is the moneymaker and is surrounded by adults who have to obey him. Added to that, virtually unlimited funds at his disposal its a recipe for immature anarchy and ultimate disaster.

  6. Todd B says

    I know there is some weird thing with felony DUI’s in Canada- like if you have one here in the states you cant travel to Canada??? Maybe its the felony?? I had a friend that had a DUI in the US & was turned away @ the border going to Vancouver because of it.
    He’ll check himself into a luxury re-hab & get this wiped…. Too bad- I wish we were rid of him- Let Canada have him back- PLEASE!!!!!

  7. says

    We’ve seen it before. We saw it coming with Justin. It’s not a guessing game. We spoke out in concern and all the standard excuses were offered up. OK. Now what you gonna say? Who’s fault is it this time?

    How you gonna fix a man/child with money to burn and a broken moral compass?

  8. Michaelandfred says

    So dangerous. I live directly around the corner, two streets over. Pine Tree is a narrow, two lane road with houses on both sides and barely a sidewalk. This could have easily ended very badly for both of them and people living close by.

  9. bluedogjim says

    Yes, this kid’s a twit, but the cynic in me feels that we are all being played by a craven p.r. team that’s seen the writing on the wall for his soon-to-be-over career, and this is all a ploy to “make him over” into some sort of gangsta thug hoping it will turn him into a hero to a whole for a new audience. And we all do our part, myself included, by following his every stupid antic.

  10. C.J. says

    smug little punk. His grin in his mugshot speaks volumes of who these young “stars” think they are – untouchable. I hope this doesn’t just get brushed off.

  11. kdknyc says

    “Gangsta thug”? Justin Bieber?

    I don’t think this is a thought-out re-branding to find Justin a new audience, it’s just an out of control, stupid kid, with loads of money.

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