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Lance Bass Forgives TV's 'Bachelor', Still Thinks 'He's Cute'

Lance Bass forgives TV's Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis for saying that gays are "perverted" and therefore a gay-themed version of The Bachelor would not set a "good example" for children, the Miami Herald reports:

Bass"I don't hate him at all. I still think he's cute...Of course it's disappointing, because you don't want someone who (you) actually love to have those thoughts.

Bass says Galavis was brainwashed by his Venezuelan culture:

"When you grow up in a place like that, you get brainwashed into thinking that way, you know, you can't help what you grow up with...I mean, I grew up in Mississippi, so I know how people can get brainwashed into thinking really, really awful things. So hopefully, he will learn from this and get educated."

Galavis has since apologized twice for his remarks and will be meeting with GLAAD and gay families.

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  1. "you can't help what you grow up with"

    Sure you can. It's called adulthood, Lance.

    Posted by: Randy | Jan 24, 2014 4:47:54 PM

  2. I stopped watching "The Bachelor" as soon as I read the comments by Juan Pablo. His BS retraction that the comment was somehow lost in translation is just that - BS! (Pervert = pervertido en espanol.) I think that his candid anti-gay feelings are more indicative of what he of truly believes than the back-pedalling retraction that his handlers no doubt crafted for him.

    And for him to call gay people perverted - when he is screwing up to 27 women to find a wife (and mother for his little girl) - is irony at its best!

    As I am doing for all things Olympic, I will be boycotting "The Bachelor".

    Posted by: John | Jan 24, 2014 5:00:05 PM

  3. P.S. - Lance Bass, by giving Juan Pablo a "pass" because he's cute, you're an embarrassment to gay people.

    Posted by: John | Jan 24, 2014 5:01:35 PM

  4. Reminds me of the white gays who consider themselves well educated when it comes to racism and sexism but don't call out their friends when they say racist/sexist things. They'll forgive anything for a "cute" face. Although if you ask me the current bachelor isn't worth a second glance.

    Posted by: Derrick | Jan 24, 2014 6:24:00 PM

  5. Lance has shyt for brains. And to say "he's still cute" on top of that? Wow, talk about the stereotypical sad gay man where looks are more important than anything else.

    Posted by: Pigs | Jan 24, 2014 6:30:56 PM

  6. What a vacuous nitwit.

    Posted by: EchtKultig | Jan 24, 2014 7:04:58 PM

  7. I grew up in and still live in Mississippi, and I don't forgive that idiot Bachelor. Lance is an idiot too.

    Posted by: mododavid | Jan 24, 2014 8:23:40 PM

  8. Lance Bass is a typical GAY MORON! Forgiveness comes because the guy is cute? First off, he's not cute. He's very generic looking. And Galavis is a ball-less wimp for claiming his "english is not so good, it's his second language". If you say something so stupid, it at least own up to it and don't pussu out!!! By the way, the new bachelor looks gay as hell!!!

    Posted by: Bass is an ASS | Jan 25, 2014 2:26:03 AM

  9. WOW!

    Lance Bass is terrible because he thinks Galavais isn't a devil just for saying something stupid off the cuff.

    What pleasant people are attracted to TowleRoad.

    Posted by: David C | Jan 25, 2014 3:13:23 AM

  10. Does Lance know anything about Venezuela to refer to it as a "place like that"?

    Posted by: Gabe R L | Jan 25, 2014 10:14:18 PM

  11. or maybe Lance doesn't want to spend all of his free hating people that disagree with his lifestyle. Maybe he understands that not all people agree with it and also understands the fact that some people are not going to change their minds. sometimes the reason why people believe what they want to believe is because of how they grow. if their parents, peers, and so called religious people are saying certains things are wrong, then most likely everyone else is going to agree also. oh and by the way Lance helped executive produce this documentary called Kidnapped for Christ. Look it up. It just won an award also. Lance is an advocate for lots of things. Aniamls, the environment, equal rights,gay marriage. Lance seems to be a very happy person. why don't you guys just what people say and move on. Live your life. Ignore those ignorant homophobic racist people. they don't belong in your life. eventually you will be the ones with the happy life, not them

    Posted by: cassie | Jan 26, 2014 3:56:53 PM

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