Leader of Russian Vigilante Group That Tortures Gay Teens is Back in Russia and Under Arrest


Maxim Martsinkevich, the leader of the homophobic vigilante group "Occupy Paedophilia" that has lured and tortured a number of gay teens in Russia, was recently arrested in Cuba on an international warrant.

LGBTQ Nation reports that Martsinkevich, also known as Tesak or machete, has been transported to Russia and is under arrest:

A spokesperson for the Russian Federal Security services told LGBTQ Nation that Maxim Sergeyevich Martsinkevich, also known by his street nickname “Tesak” (or, the “Cleaver”) arrived at the Russian capital’s Sheremetyevo Airport after a direct flight from Havana, and was immediately detained by Russian law enforcement.

Martsinkevich had been formally charged and arrested in absentia on Dec. 13, 2013, by Moscow’s Kuntsevskiy court.

He is being held on charges of committing a crime under Art. 282 of the Russian Criminal Code – incitement of hatred or enmity and human dignity with violence – in connection with videos that his anti-gay Russian group “Occupy Pedophilia” had posted online.

Martsinkevich faces a possible sentence of 3 to 5 years in prison depending on the outcome of the trial.


  1. Fine says

    Are we sure he’ll even SEE a jail cell?? I’m thinking it would be more plausible that he is awarded some Russian Peace Prize or something.
    They could make a big bronze statue of him and put it in some kind of ‘central square’ in Sochi or something, for all the international travelers who are there to support their wonderful wonderful athletes to see…

  2. Seattle Mike says

    The classic example of a self-hating homophobe. You just know this guy really, really wants some man-on-man loving action himself but can’t accept that, so he fills that need with man-on-man violence.

  3. Brandon h says

    Whats really infuriating about this guy is that his mistake wasn’t that he tortured and harrased gay men, it was getting noticed. Russian authorities wouldn’t give two shits about him if it wern’t how western media brought light to it.

  4. Bill says

    (Not the same person using Bill above)

    If he does want a career in gay porn, he’s starting off with name recognition + a nickname that will serve as a “porn name” or whatever they call the fake names they use. Plus, with a few more years in “training”, he could probably give advise on how to represent the inside of a Russian prison.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    God,I hate to say. I sure hate to say it. But that motha’ f.cka’ looks good.

    I sure hate to say it.

    Maybe his stuff stinks. That would change my mind.

  6. anon says

    I think all the comments about the gay porn career are more or less on target. If only he’d known about that option when he decided to start “targeting” gay men with his attention. He wouldn’t be in jail, he’d have some money and his “victims” would have been in on the action. With uniform/fatigue/camo porn you don’t even need to take off your clothes.

  7. says

    a) the article is incorrect, in that the charges against him have nothing to do with Occupy Pedophilia or his anti-gay movement. The charges were brought for “extremism,” neo-Nazi views and supporting violence based on nationality (supporting the Biryulevo pogroms).

    b) He started as a fascist and was imprisoned for that before he got into the anti-gay violence.

  8. OfCourse says

    As soon as I saw this, I just new at least one (or more) self loathing nutter would have an insipid comment about this d_bag’s looks. Derrick From Philly never disappoints.

  9. Randy says

    3-5 years does not seem sufficient for what he’s done. He is the leader of a multi-city criminal movement.

    In prison, would he be regarded as hero? If Russia encourages prison rape like the US does, I assume he’s going to enjoy his time.

    This guy should be in solitary, so he cannot be viewed as a hero, and cannot take advantage of the vulnerable.

  10. MuchMuchMunching says

    He’s not going to be the hot guy he is now after years in Russian prison. Putin could have this guy thrown under the bus – as a way to assuage public outrage at his laws.

    ‘See, we protect lgbt people, so long as they leave our children alone.’

    This guy is not so Clever.

  11. SpaceCadet says

    If he gets sentenced to prison and is thereafter abused there it certainly would be karma wouldn’t it? Perhaps he’ll even engage in the same kinds of homosexual acts he targeted gays for.

  12. Derrrick from Philly says

    @ “As soon as I saw this, I just new at least one (or more) self loathing nutter would have an insipid comment about this d_bag’s looks. Derrick From Philly never disappoints”

    OK, you’re right. I deserved your comment. Actually, I didn’t even read the article.

    But tell me what is it about him that made you know some “self-loathing nutter” (like me) was going to like the d_bag’s looks? Whatchu’ thinkin’?

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